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Anthology Of Heroes
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild The Anthology of Heroes is a compilation of character options for Dungeons and amp; Dragons fifth edition, from ENnie-winning designer Taron Pounds. Within… Read More
Dragonlance Encounters: Tier 1
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildFrom the creators of Tasslehoff’s Pouches of Everything Revised, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Black Rose and The Journals of Kaz… Read More
Fighter Devouring Beast En-US/pt-BR
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildHey everyone, how you've been doing ? My name is Renan. I’ve been playing Dungeons and amp; Dungeons for a few years now, and I’m raising funds t… Read More
Ravenloft: Villa Drosselmire
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildRavenloft: Villa Drosselmire Step into the heart of darkness and uncover the chilling secrets that lie within Villa Drosselmire. Ravenloft: Villa Drosselmire… Read More
Cocktails From The Portals (English)
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild (English version) Welcome to Sigil Immerse yourself in the bustling heart of the multiverse with "Cocktails From the Portals," a sparkling adventure set in… Read More
Beneath The Tidal Veil
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Beneath the Tidal Veil is tailored for second level characters. The adventure takes players into the fog-shrouded village of Vikstead, where they must unrave… Read More
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildTHE SPELLJAMMER, the greatest ship on space. The legendary vessel that gives the name for the campaign setting and one of the major mysteries of the multivers… Read More
Twenty Variant Monsters
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildIf your players already know the Monster Manual by heart, and you want to challenge them with challenging, yet easy to run variants of familiar creatures, thi… Read More
Weapon Type Vs Armor For D And D
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis short guide adds special rules and information is modifiy the effectiveness of Armor vs different types of attacks in relation to weapons. Including claw… Read More
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis supplement is intended to be a relatively simple means to engage your players in large format battles with their characters heading armies of soldiers, m… Read More
School Of Photomancy
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild In the heart of every adventurer lies a spark, a beacon of hope that guides them through the darkest of dungeons and the most perilous of quests. This t… Read More
School Of Phytomancy
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDelve into the verdant realms of phytomancy, where magic intertwines with the essence of flora to shape the natural world and beyond. In this tome, explore th… Read More
School Of Theriomancy
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildUnlock the primal secrets of theriomancy, where the spirits of beasts intertwine with arcane forces to grant wielders transformative powers over the animal ki… Read More
Dragon's Breath Tavern (Roll20)
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDragon’s Breath Tavern is a 3 to 5-hour adventure for a party of four to five characters of 3rd, 4th, or 5th level. "Once the action kicks off… Read More
BMG-DRWEP-OD-02 The Burning Of Aglarond
Publisher: D and D Adventurers LeagueThe Burning of Aglarond A Dreams of the Red Wizards: Obscure Devotion Adventure The gaze of Thay falls on Aglarond and you are called upon to interfere… Read More
A Spoonful Of Ghosts
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA SPOONFUL OF GHOSTS IS A SHORT and amp; QUEER ADVENTURE OF 12-16 HOURS. This adventure is written for a level 4 party, and it’s compatible with f… Read More
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildSPECIAL LAUNCH SALE - JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER FOR 25% OFF DISCOUNT From the minds who brought you the best-selling Factions of Phandalin and Factions of… Read More
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildOUTCLASSED 2 CLASS HARDER Another 250+ pages of NPC statblocks! These are based on the revisions to class features featured in the 2024 Player's Handbook. Wri… Read More
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAdventure Background Nobles and wealthy citizens are vanishing from Baldur's Gate, and their petrified remains are being fished out of the harbor at an alarmi… Read More
The Art Of Faith In D And D - Vol. 1
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildTHE ART OF FAITH IN D and amp;D Accomplish sacred rituals and complete divine quests to obtain unique powers for your Character !    Faith is the… Read More
PS-DC-MAR-01 Death, Taxes,  And  Maruts
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildIn a gripping tale of stolen identity, you suddenly find yourself ensnared in a heart-pounding pursuit by relentless Maruts, the indomitable enforcers of Sigi… Read More
EBERRON: Shadows Of Sharn
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWelcome to Sharn, the City of Towers, where the heights of ambition and the depths of despair coexist in a metropolis of breathtaking spires and shadowy alley… Read More
Druid: Circle Of Heaven
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe Circle of Heaven is a sanctified order of druids who draw their power from the celestial realm, the divine home of celestial beings. These druids devote t… Read More
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Detailed unique Shops and over 170 new Magic Items Detailed descriptions of eight unique shops, complete with: background lore, notable NPCs, security syst… Read More
200+ Backgrounds For D And D 2024
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildFrom Acrobat or Administrator to Zealot or Zoologist, this resource contains more than 200 unique and inspiring backgrounds to make your next character unforg… Read More
Leshy, Guardian Of The Forest
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildEncounter the Leshy in this introductive manual to this mystical creature. The Leshy is a creature from the Slavic mythology that embodies the spirit of the… Read More
Cruel Minotaur
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWelcome to "Cruel Minotaur," a short adventure and the inaugural chapter of the "Arcane" Lia's Game series—a gripping Dungeons and amp; Dragons Fifth E… Read More
The Eclipsed Heart
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild The Eclipsed Heart is tailored for third level characters. The adventure takes players into the village of Silverpine, where they must uncover the dark secre… Read More
Goblin's Idol Adventure
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildGoblin's Idol Adventure: A Quest to Break the Goblins' Curse Level Range: 3-5 | Playtime: 3-4 hours Deep within the Enchanted Forest, a tribe of goblins has u… Read More
Winterlight And Dragonfire
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildSave Tolhurst from a Dragon's Cruelty... The annual Winterlight Festival, celebrated each midwinter in the cozy town of Tolhurst, is about to begin.  Foo… Read More
Pet Perril
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA fun story I patched together (and it shows) from dndbeyond, but adapted to fit my needs. It does not matter the level of the players, since they get transfo… Read More
The Dragon Compendium (Roll20)
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild This is a module for the Roll20 VTT. If you are looking for the PDF - click here. From the author of the mithral-ranked best-selling title The Second… Read More
Weapons Of Myth
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Enhance your treasure hoards, villains, and shop keeps with unique and fascinating magical weapons! — A Bevy of Magic Weapons! — Weapon… Read More
Curse Of Strahd: Castle Ravenloft
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Castle Ravenloft (Curse of Strahd) Battlemaps Includes battlemaps for each level of the castle. Includes: Full Castle including walls and grounds for each le… Read More
FR-DC-DEATH Debilitated Dairy
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildFor a good adventure, cast Sending to 1-900-ICE-CREAM Adventurers Wanted! Meet in Hellsgate Dell, bring your armaments, prepare for battle, and steel your mi… Read More
Divine Blessings - Mielikki
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDivine Blessings is a series that aims to provide knowledge about the gods and items they might leave behind. Providing a story of the gods, their journies, t… Read More
Bard College - College Of Haikus
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildNEW BARD COLLEGE: COLLEGE OF GEISHAS Use your poetry to inspire your allies with this new Bard Subclass.  Subclass features: - Haiku Inspiration - Haiku… Read More
Monastic Tradition - Way Of The Torii
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildNEW MONASTIC TRADITION: WAY OF THE TORII Stand as sentinel between spiritual and reality with this new Monk Subclass.  Subclass features: - Guardian of t… Read More
Otherworldly Patron - The Shinigami
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildNEW OTHERWORLDLY PATRON: THE SHINIGAMI Follow a patron who is the pure essence of death serving The Shinigami. Subclass features: - Expanded Spell List - Soul… Read More
Roguish Archetype - Ronin
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildNEW ROGUISH ARCHETYPE: RONIN Be your own master and slay enemies with your sword with this new Rogue Subclass.  Subclass features: - Ronin's Resolve - Bl… Read More
Lockpicking Simulator
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA lock stands between your party and their goal. Whether it be a mysterious chest that could hold lost artifacts or a metal door that leads to the laboratory… Read More
Wielder Of The Elements Artificer
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWielders of the Elements are Artificers who have delved into the arcane mysteries of nature's primal forces, harnessing the raw power of acid, cold, fire, lig… Read More
The Dragon Compendium
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild From the author of the mithral-ranked best-selling title The Second Black Dawn, and art director of Thieves' Guilds, Vault of Magic, The Complete Hag, and Un… Read More
A Devious Deva's Deduction (PS-DC-DDD)
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA 4-Hour Planescape adventure, playable by D and amp;D Adventurers League Forgotten realms characters levels 5-10. In the bustling City of Sigil, not everythi… Read More
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildUse your knowledge and skills to devastate enemies and support your allies in this full archetype release for Rogues. Inside this supplement for 5th Edition D… Read More
Heroes Of Darkness
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis document contains subclasses for four of the Dungeon and amp; Dragons classes: Artificer, Barbarian, Druid, and Warlock. Artificer Specialist – Do… Read More
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Ten engaging boss fight with unique lore and tactics. For low level characters to epic level parties. A resource designed to enhance your gaming sessions w… Read More
The Inquisitor
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild It's time to Judge and Punish your enemies! Written by the author of the Adamantine Best-Selling Monster Manual Expanded series, this 25-page Player's Handbo… Read More
Derro Playable Race
Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildEmbrace your insanity and face the dangers of the Underdark as a derro adventurer! This supplement provides you with everything you need to create and play a… Read More