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Gauntlet Legends arcade cheats 2020

Gauntlet Legends Arcade Cheats 2020

Cheat codes, secrets and hints can improve your gaming experience by helping you to discover a totally different aspect of the game. Not to mention the thrill that comes with advancing to higher levels and earning major rewards.

For instance, the following Gauntlet Legends Arcade cheats will keep you gaming for a long period, while enjoying every second of it. Check them out.

Gauntlet Legends arcade cheat codes

These codes help you uncover different things throughout the game.

  • Playing as Pojo the Chicken: Pick player 2 then enter the initials “EGG” and the PIN as “911”. Select Pojo the Chicken and you’re good to go.
  • Level 99 Valkyrie: To turn into level 99 Valkyrie, put COP as your initials and 012 as your PIN.
  • Level 99 Warrior: Enter JOE as your initials and 123 as the PIN, and you become a Level 99 warrior.
  • Level 55 Wizard: Enter the initials “LBE” and PIN “222”.
  • Saving your Character: Put “AAA” as your name and “123” as the password.
  • Punch Through Walls and not Get Hurt: Walk up to a wall, if there are Golems on the other end hit “FIGHT”.
  • Play a Nude(Censored) Valkyrie: Select player 2 and put the initials “NUD” and your PIN as “069”. Then choose Valkyrie.
  • Draining Multiple Deaths: The anti-death power-up enables you to take 100 lives away from a death. However, to make the most of this power-up, be careful to take as much from a single death without taking 100.

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Gauntlet Legends tips and tricks

Using magic:

  • To create a magic wall, press MAGIC + TURBO
  • To throw magic in a give direction, press FIGHT + MAGIC and aim in that direction
  • If you want magic to act like a bomb, just press MAGIC

By fighting:

  • During a fight, make use of your TURBO charged moves by pressing FIGHT + TURBO.

Super moves:

  • Using ATTACK and TURBO unleashes a super move.
  • The move unleashed will depend on the location of your turbo bar.
  • A green bar will unleash 1 super (Turbo Attack), yellow will unleash 2 super (Turbo Attack), and red will unleash 3 super (Unidirectional Attack)

Secret rooms:

  • You can get amazing freebies found in 4 different rooms spread through various stages of gauntlet legends arcade game.

How to beat the game:

  • Collect all the four KEYS by defeating each of the four world bosses (Djinn, Spider Queen, Dragon, and 3-Headed Chimera). This will get you to the demon Skorne, who you will defeat by finding all 12 Rune Stones which are scattered across different realms.

Suicide bombers:

  • Run away from suicide bombers.

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Perks of advancing to upper levels

These are the benefits you get as you move through different levels of the game using your Gauntlet Legends arcade cheats.

  1. Level 10: You get a secret character who are more powerful than their previous versions.
  • Wizard will be Jackal
  • Warrior will be Minotaur
  • Valkyre will be Falconess
  • Archer will be Tigress
  1. Level 25: You get familiar (a little pet at your shoulder)
  2. Level 50: You get the best possible weapon
  3. Level 75: You get Auto-Aiming familiar
  4. Level 99: You attain permanent growth (you can’t be knocked down by a Golem’s attack)


Whether you play Gauntlet Legends online or you were looking for Gauntlet Legends cheats for ps4, try out the ones listed above and watch your gaming skills improve significantly. Feel free to share others that you may discover along the way.

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Gauntlet Legends arcade cheats 2020


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