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A Guide On How To Buy Antminer A3 And Not Get Scammed (eBay vs. Amazon vs. Bitmain)

A Guide On How To Buy Antminer A3 And Not Get Scammed (eBay vs. Amazon vs. Bitmain)

In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to buy the Antminer A3 without getting scammed by increasing difficulty or by scam sites trying to phish for your money!

The Antminer A3 is the most powerful Antminer which mines using the algorithm Blake2B. This coin is algorithm is currently only employed by Siacoin. Siacoin is a coin that is used for a cloud-based storage platform which uses the Siacoin as a currency to pay for storage at a huge discount vs. Amazon S3 and Dropbox. Siacoin has huge potential itself to overtake other storage providers by providing greater security, better redundancy and fast transfer speeds for a fraction of the cost of other cloud-based storage providers. The Antminer A3 available now to buy is the most profitable miner as of today.

The Antminer A3 has recently released this January 2018.  The first batch owners were earning up to an equivalent per month of $21,541. After the first batch completely sold out, the profitability has gone down, but then in February, the profitability has gone back up. Currently, the Antminer A3 is the most profitable miner available today for nearly any coin on the market. At the current deflated price of Bitcoin and Siacoin, the Antminer A3 STILL outperforms the Baikal X10 which costs over $10,000-15,000+.  For an ASIC miner that costs under $5000 that can earn more than the most profitable miner available which costs over $10,000, we’ve gotta say we’re impressed with the Antminer A3!

Before you buy the Antminer A3 – Things to consider

  • Can the site I’m buying from be trusted? — It’s very important to choose who you buy from wisely. The popularity of Bitcoin has given an open gate to many scammers claiming to sell you high-dollar mining equipment ad a low price if you purchase with bitcoin, but sadly many of these sites are complete scams and they’re just placed to try and lure you in and steal your bitcoin. Since there is no recourse to get your Bitcoin back, it’s a scammers playground. It’s important that you ONLY buy from well-verified sources.  We advise buying from sites that use secure payment options like eBay or Amazon. These trusted sites offer protection, while other sites do not offer any protection and may scam you.
  • Where should I purchase my Antminer A3 from? Should I choose eBay, or the Bitmain? — The price may seem very tempting, but don’t forget to check the ship date, and don’t forget to account for the customs charges into your country and long wait times. While Bitmain’s prices are always cheaper, they don’t reflect the loss in profitability of that unit after the actual ship date. The Antminer A3 might be making $2000/month now, but after Bitmain ships, thousands of A3’s in the next batch, your profitability could go down to only $100/month which is virtually a waste of your money – This is why we advise buying from eBay or Amazon if the seller can ship immediately.  This way you will have buyer protection if the seller ships a defective or broken product, AND you can start mining right away before the difficulty increases so much that the miner is not as profitable. Bitmain also only opens their batches of products when the price of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is VERY low. This way, they receive your BCH at a terrible exchange rate.  When the price goes back up, you could have just cashed out and bought a more expensive one without having to wait as the difficulty rises and profitability decreases.
  • Increasing difficulty VS. lost revenue from late ship dates — Most people who buy the Antminer don’t think about what the profitability will be in the future. This way they end up buying at the wrong times and losing badly. Late ship dates = VERY bad for profitability. You can take it from us. Our team here at purchased 3 Antminer S9’s in December, 2017 for $2750 each, with a ship date of mid-February. We could have bought Antminer S9’s for about $5000 each on eBay and Amazon, but we wanted the cheaper ones for $2750.  The profitability was about $60/day for 3 of our Antminer S9’s in December 2017.  But our Antminers just shipped today (February 6, 2018) and sadly the profitability for the Antminer S9 is not only $15/day for all 3 of our Antminer S9’s. If we had purchased the ones sooner from eBay at a premium, we easily would have mined enough to cover the extra cost and more.  Now our $8000+ dollar investment is virtually a waste now that the 3X Antminer S9 is only earning $15/day.  We bought one of the Antminer A3’s for around $3000 in the first batch and we’ll most likely earn enough to pay for the initial investment in 2-3 months which is very good for any investment.
  • Siacoin price and possible new coins for Blake2b Algorithm — Siacoin has an actual use in this world as a payment method for the most secure and decentralized worldwide file storage service. We personally think that Siacoin being valued currently around 3-4 cents could be worth a lot more in the future.  In fact many people online believe it will jump to over $1 by the end of 2018 if it gets listed on Binance and other exchanges.  Siacoin has huge potential and is at a very low value right now for it’s current market cap standing. Although we can never see the future, we believe the price has more potential to rise exponentially than any other currency due to it’s utility and low price vs. market cap.

Our summary – buying the Antminer A3

It’s our advice that those wanting to buy the Antminer A3 should be very careful of Bitmain’s late Ship dates. There’s a VERY low chance that those who buy from bitmain now for the discounted price will ROI on their investment if they ship by the end of March. We personally advise eBay and Amazon for our valid points. 

We would advise people to pay slightly more if you can start mining right away. We’ve even seen some Antminer A3’s available for around $2000-3000 shipping immediately on Ebay. If you can pick up something around $2000-$3000 that can begin mining right away with the low difficulty, it’s far better than buying at a slight discount and forfeiting the low difficulty that miners are enjoying at this current time of writing.

We also STRONGLY do not advise paying ridiculous prices for the Antminer A3 – Some people on eBay think they can overcharge for the Antminer A3 by about 50%. Never buy the Antminer A3 for $10,000 please, it’s a waste of your money. Just keep your eyes open and you’ll find one for around $2500-4000.  If you cannot receive the Antminer within a few days, DO NOT BUY.  It’s very dangerous to buy pre-orders as you have no clue how the difficulty will be affected at that future ship date, therefore we advise buying only items that are on hand.  IN fact, eBay is now canceling many pre-orders on Antminer A3’s due to the extreme risk that they pose.

You can also read more about the Antminer A3 and how to buy antminer a3 below.

You can buy from eBay and Amazon and check the best prices below

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A Guide On How To Buy Antminer A3 And Not Get Scammed (eBay vs. Amazon vs. Bitmain)


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