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What is The Study Of Psychology All About?

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What is The Study Of Psychology All About?

I am sure that you all have heard about Psychology. But I can bet that very rare of you know what psychology actually is? Right? On social media you come across come sort of psychological facts but you probably do not know the reason that why is so? Psychology has its importance in this wide world which can help people with their health too. In this article you will get to know about What is The Study Of Psychology All About? So, let’s begin!

What Psychology actually is?

The Study Of Psychology

Psychology is basically a science of person’s mind and behavior, that what is going on in his mind and what is up to his behavior. This includes conscious and even unconscious phenomena as well as thought of a person. According to the social science its persuasion is to understand individuals as well as groups through establishing some sort of general principles research.

The Study Of Psychology is mostly done to deal with the mental health problems. The one who is concerned with the working of Psychology is known as Psychologist. They do researches and try to understand what is going on in a person’s mind. What circumstances is he going through? Psychologist just look at the patient for some time and can conclude his mental health. You probably will be thinking is it a joke or magic? But this is a study which very essential nowadays.

How do Psychologist Observe Mind?

The Study Of Psychology

This is a big question mark in our mind that how do psychologist do all this? Like if you are thinking that they cut the skull and look inside it. So this is not true. Inside the skull they will just find a brain and neither can they look into any emotions nor they can observe but will result in the death of the person! Like the nuclear scientist, psychologist observe by looking at the person, his behavior.

Branches of Psychology

The principles of psychology is in a wide-range. They can be categorize according to the behavior of a particular person either conscious or unconscious. The Branches of The Study Of Psychology comprises of:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology: related to memory or intelligence.
  • Social Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Occupational Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology.

Purposes of these Branches

However these branches are not just a name, there are some main aims of these branches of Psychology.

 Branch No. 1 – Cognitive Psychology

The psychologist use their science of psychology means Cognitive psychology in order to understand how the human mind thinks, learn and remember stuff. These scientist use their science of Psychology to know how a person makes decisions either it is good or bad for them.

Branch No. 2 – Environmental and Climate Psychology

The psychologist of environment and climate use their science of psychology in order to make good interactions of improved interactions among the people with their surrounding world.

Branch No. 3 – Clinical Psychology

The Psychologist of this field reconcile the science of psychology with the treatment of complicated human problems.

Branch No. 4 – Developmental Psychology

The Study Of Psychology includes the developmental psychology in which the psychologist of this field get to know that how people grow and adapt upon the course of their lives. These psychologist also help people to cope-up with the developmental challenges.

Branch No. 5 – Environmental Psychology

In the environmental psychology the psychologist scrutinize the processes which are going on behind a person’s or animal’s behavior.

Branch No. 6 – Health Psychology

The Study Of Psychology also encompasses of. In the Health Psychology the psychologist deals with the health of people to promote health and avert illness. These psychologist get deep into the emotions of people and make them encourage to choose healthy items.

Branch No. 7 – Social Psychology

The Study Of Psychology also comprises of social psychology and in this branch of psychology the psychologist learn how a person interpret himself in a relation with the entire world and how this discrimination affects a person’s choice, belief and behavior.

The Study Of Psychology does not only deals with this but it also deals with Psychological Problems (Mental Illness)

What is Mental Illness?

The Study Of Psychology


The Study Of Psychology also comprises of Mental Illness. Mental illness is a disease or we can say it is a condition that affect the way a person think, act and feel. The symptoms of mental illness ranges from mild to severe but they are different in person to person. This made the life of a person hard to handle.


As the mental illness vary from person to person. Doctors exactly know what the causes of Mental illness are but the common problems that are yet found in the people are biological problems, genes and life experiences.


Likewise the causes, the symptoms also vary from person to person. Some of its symptoms includes:

  • Mood Swings
  • Isolated
  • Hearing or seeing things that are not present there.
  • Not feeling enjoyable in which they enjoy a lot
  • Thinking to do suicides, or making someone or themselves harm
  • Sleeping issue (either too less or too much)

Psychological Facts

The Study Of Psychology


This was all about The Study Of Psychology. However there are some amazing psychological facts that are concerned with the brain. Here goes the list:

  • If you proclaim your goals to person to person, there are less chances of you to succeed in that goal, as you become less motivate.
  • If you think of a person before sleeping, it is more likely of him or her to come in your dreams.
  • 90 % of the people in the world types on message what they want to say but rarely say face to face.
  • The smarter people always underestimate themselves while ignorant people always think they are brilliant.
  • Singing reduces your depression and anxiety.
  • Among us there are people who are afraid of being happy as they think something bad might happen next
  • According to psychology it only takes 4 minutes to fall in love with someone.
  • It happens with 98% of the people. Whenever somebody says that they have to ask something, you start recalling all those bad things that you did recently.
  • The one who is hilarious is the one who is the most depressed one.
  • Tears of joy comes from the right eye, on the contrary tears of pain fell from left eye.

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So this was all about What is The Study Of Psychology All About? I hope you like my article. Comment in the section below and make sure to share.

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What is The Study Of Psychology All About?


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