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Top 30 Psychological Hacks You Should Know

Amazing Psychological Hacks You Should Know:

Today I will Tell You 30 Amazing Psychological Hacks That You Must Know So Check Out:

01. If, in a super market, you are looking for the cheapest product always go for the top shelves. As they never put cheapest goods at the eye level.


02. If you want the candle to light for a long time. Just put the candle into the freezer few hours before lighting it up. 

03. If you want to check your printer’s ink just print the Google Home Page. It has all necessary colors. This Psychological Hacks I Personally use.

04. Eating faster will gain you weight faster. According to Scientist, if you eat fast you gain 4 lb in a month. While if you eat slowly then you will gain 1.5 lb in a month.

05. If you are going to the zoo, dressed up like Zoo Employees. Due to this animals won;t be afraid of you.

06. Do You Know? Banana is known as “Fruit of Happiness”. Eating bananas in the early morning will lift up your mood, helping to cop up negative emotions.

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07. Having a cup of coffee before workout will increase metabolism and augment the fat burning process in your body.

08. Placing a hot spoon on the place where mosquito bites, will cease the reaction and itching. Most Useful Psychological Hacks

09. Taking nap during day will help improving memory, but sleeping more than 9 hours will affect your immune system.

10. Water melons dilate and relax the blood vessels in the body.

11. Listening to music while workout will assist you to lift 15% more weight.

12. Trying to remember something? Just clench your fist. This will improve your memory recall, boosting the brain activity.

13. Using your non-authoritative hand in regular task will revamp your ability to do varied tasks.

14. If you don’t know what do do around annoying kids. Just think of them as they are drunk!

15. Drinking green tea before going to bed will aid in burning your calories.

16. Facing difficulty in falling asleep? Blink your eyes fast for 1 minute.

17. Feeling Nervous? Eat Yogurt and 2 spoonful nuts. These ingredients contain amino acids that will make you calm down. 

18. If you would like to know how somebody perceive about you. Crossed legs and arm shows a defensive attitude. open legs and arms shows positive attitude.

19. Want to know if someone is stalking you? Just pretend to yawn. As yawning in contagious, if anyone is stalking you they will surely yawn too.

20. If you need someone’s favor, start with “I need your help”. 

21. Trying to get positive response from the one you are talking to? Nod your head while talking.

22. If you want to be impressive. Reduce the word “I think” during a conversation.

23. Best way to encounter a person’s anger is to stay silent.

24. To form a habit, a person takes 66 days.

25. The best way to recall something is to revoke with close eyes.

26. The sense of smell is interconnected with memory.

27. Lack of sleep increases the risk of Depression.

28. The people who give the best advice are most probably the one who faced most problems.

29. The mean time women can keep secretes is 47 hours and 15 minutes.

30. Travelling boost up your mind and reduces the chances of heart attack.

That’s it for this Article I hope You Like All Psychological Hacks 

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Top 30 Psychological Hacks You Should Know


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