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Humans are social animal

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Humans are social animals

I do this because I think it is correct…… Why should I bother about what others say…… How can one person change the whole society?
Well, we have heard so many arguments like these from many quarters just to justify our own actions. This is just an attempt to dissect such thoughts and check its validity.

By closely examining all the living beings on earth, human beings naturally lack all the physical features/strengths that most of the other animals possess. We do not have natural furs to protect us from the cold, or huge jaws to tear apart our food, man cannot even walk bare footed in all climatic conditions, he cannot naturally stay alive in adverse weather conditions. This has made humans biologically capitalistic, meaning, they must invest their time and efforts in tools and techniques to increase productivity and most importantly survive. A fish can be caught using hand but we consider it ineffective, we can plant our food without tools but not effectively. Humans need to invest their time on the creation of tools(capital) hoping for a much better productivity in future. Looking at it in a different perspective, he has to depend(and of course contribute), on whatever or whomsoever, to get all the basic necessities for his well being, he has to depend on others to overcome his weakness. To put it simply, humans are designed to depend. This also creates a very strong need to co-exist, to a much higher level than other species. He is physically the weakest animal (the way nature has created him) on the planet yet he has made himself the most powerful by forming a SOCIETY!

This concept of society is not that matured amongst other species. Some species exist in groups in the form of herds but no where close to the human society where the interdependence is the way of living. One makes the food while the other makes shelter while some other makes the clothing and they all ‘trade’ based on the need. This can happen as long as humans co-exist as and the chain is maintained, there is no single individual who cannot go beyond this setup.

The social setup has evolved so much and it has been proven over thousands and thousands of years that humans do live in society, but this also has created an adverse effect. THIS LENGHTY PROOF OF THE SOCIETY’S EXISTENCE HAS MADE US BELIEVE THAT IT WILL EXIST NO MATTER WHAT AND IRONICALLY WE HAVE TAKEN THE EXISTENCE OF OUR SOCIETY AS GRANTED !

Humans have stopped realizing that human society is a chain, we no longer concur that we need to co-exist, we no longer realize that we need to contribute back to the society, we no longer realize that we do have a social responsibility. Humans are social animal, if you remove the society part from him, Humans are animals. We simply cannot survive like an animal, we are biologically too weak for it, we will perish faster than any other creature on this earth.

If we agree to this school of thought, let us all check our day to day actions with respect to the society, if we feel that we are doing something that will cause a harm to it, let us stop it, if not immediately (probably, because, we are used to doing it) let us device a ‘realistic’ plan and time frame in getting those thoughts and actions out of our mind and body. As a first step, let us all read the first three sentences of this article and answer those honestly……….

Let us put the society above us, just for our own survival !

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Humans are social animal


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