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What is in a Religion ?

Some of our thoughts are 'confirming', we are 'extremely' sure about our beliefs, this extremity rejects suggestions and makes us insist that our beliefs are pure facts – the core concept of fundamentalism. This is vehemently followed by the fundamentalists of 'both the extreme', both, one group which CONFIRMS with 'extreme surety' that 'Religion is the ONLY way to go' and the other group which CONFIRMS with 'extreme surety' that 'Religion is the cause for all the problems in this world'.

In lot of ways, both these people follow the same path (extremism/fundamentalism) except that they are marching in the opposite direction towards a different goal. People who belong to both these categories fight against others to protect their 'belief' about religion (whatever it is, for or against). Human emotions are weak and can be easily manipulated and this could slowly pull the normal people to one of the extremes. The world will then be a war zone where the majority of the people are fighting just for their beliefs. I personally have a very 'little' sympathy over the second fundamentalist group just because they were created due to the persistence of the first fundamentalist group (who say that religion is the only way to go), but can never support their thoughts of fundamentalism.

Fortunately, a majority of the people believe that truth lies "somewhere in between", which is "Religion has to be used JUST to make people more disciplined and more human and has to be a tool used for peaceful purposes alone", this is again my belief that majority of the people belong to this group (I can be completely wrong), there is no statistical proof to this belief of mine, the reason I make this statement is because the world still exists.

However, the 'strong' argument of the people who belong to the second group is that 'When religion is still causing so many problems, when it is enforced on us at birth, why have it, and will the world not be a better place without it ?' Which might sound valid, 'To tell you the TRUTH', let us take a deep breath and answer the following question "TRULY", I mean "TRULY TRULY", putting aside our egos and the fear of my beliefs being wrong.

Will the world be completely safe after eradicating religion ?

The natural answer from the second group of fundamentalists would be 'the world will be a much much better place than NOW', there is no way to prove this, because a set(let me not quantify this set with lot or less) of people are still following religion for peaceful purposes alone, religion has enforced discipline in them. But, for argument purposes "I still take the point that the world will be a better place as answer whole heartedly". "Assuming" that eradicating religion has made this world a better place, I have a series of questions, is religion the only thing that is causing problem of 'this magnitude' ?

NO, there are lot of other things that have been causing problems of this magnitude, Land Borders, Money, Color/Race, language, even Freeways etc., Eradicating each one of them might make this world better place than NOW, will we then be completely safe ??? The answer is no, we still will have a lot of problems. We are humans, it is our nature to seek pleasure and displeasure in every aspect of life

How do we know which is the greatest problem humans are facing(say among religion, land borders, money, color/race and language and Freeway) and what do we start eradicating first and why ? There is no answer to this and there is no practical solution either……. There are people who believe that our Land borders have created a lot of problems, as a result, our Nationality was forced on us at birth, like it or not we have to live with it, can we change our nationality as "World" ?. A freeway too was designed to take people from one place to another but it too has created a lot of deaths in the form of accidents, can we eradicate freeways ??? Then why blame religion alone ??? Should we start to VEHEMENTLY eradicate or implement everything that 'we' 'EXTREMELY BELIEVE' as a problem/solution ????? If so who defines that we, who is correct ? who is wrong ?

BTW, we never tried to answer the questions what if our assumptions are wrong, the fundamentalists on the other side too will CONFIRM that their beliefs are facts and will enforce that Religion is the only way to go. They surely will have ample proof to justify their beliefs. Both these teams will not even get into answering the point 'what happens if their assumption is wrong', they will refuse to even think from that angle !!

Since both the fundamentalist group claim that what they say is fact and by the virtue that they are exactly opposite, one thing that is obvious is that one of them is wrong, for sure, or "possibly" both !

The point is, for the fundamentalists on either 'extreme', Human life is all about victory (for them) and defeat (for their opponents) in implementing their beliefs, they are least prepared to travel to find the truth. 'To tell you the TRUTH', Human life is all about living alive or being dead, as simple as that. If only the people at both the extremes try to start analyzing from that angle, they would agree that 'the truth lies somewhere in between these extremes'. They will stop complaining/acting (could even be killing) against each other 'even though it is compelling to do that'. There are a lot of things that could be done peacefully to improve humanity, that is probably a better solution…………..

Bottom Line: Every concept designed by us as humans has lot of potholes and disadvantages(for the fundamentalists who oppose a human concept), we also should understand that none of the concept is perfect(for the fundamentalists who enforce a particular concept as the only way to go). We should learn to look at the bigger picture and live with it and not try enforce it in "EITHER" way !!

The truth lies somewhere in between……..

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What is in a Religion ?


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