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Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil By Victoria Featherlight #victoriafeatherlight #Review

Sea Buckthorn Oil is a powerful, nutrient rich oil which is used to relieve and even treat many internal health conditions. It is also used for acne and other skin disorders. Sea Buckthorn Oil is one of the very few oils that have more nutritional value besides the essential fatty acids. This oil contains Vitamin A, C, E and some B vitamins too, which is great from a nutritional value.This oil is safe to be used on the skin, and also when taken by mouth in small doses. Using it like a natural health supplement can improve general health and well being.

Sea buckthorn oil is obtained from Hippophae rhamnoides, which is commonly known as the sea buckthorn. It is a flowering shrub which produces orange colored berries. This bright orange color of the berries is a sign of high carotenoid content in them, just like carrots. There are many types of this oil, depending on what part of the plant is used to extract oil.

  • Sea buckthorn seed oil : This is extracted specifically from the seeds inside the berries.
  • Sea buckthorn pulp oil : This is taken from the berry pulp, discarding the seeds.
  • Berry with Seeds oil : This is the most common form of sea buckthorn oil which is made from whole berries, including the seeds.

All these oils have moderate differences in terms of their nutrition value, their color and aroma. They however have quite similar properties because they all come from the same plant.

Sea buckthorn oil possesses a host of therapeutic properties which make it such a versatile oil. It can be used for relieving the symptoms of many serious health conditions.

  • Antioxidant – This oil contains about 60 major and minor antioxidants.
  • Anti-ageing – regular application of any sea buckthorn oil reduces signs of ageing, like wrinkles.
  • Circulation booster – It has been identified to boost micro-circulation.
  • Skin cell regeneration – It improves the regeneration rate of epidermal cells. Epidermis is the outermost layer of skin.
  • Sunscreen – it naturally protects from harmful UV radiation from the sun.
  • Anti cognitive decline – It can slow down the rate at which cognitive powers of the brain decline.
  • Anti cholesterol – helps in reducing cholesterol levels, naturally.
  • Anti-radiation – this oil is used in some places to protect against radiation induced damage.
  • Anti fungal – acts against certain fungi species
  • Anti-bacterial – acts against some bacterial strains.
  • Anti-cancer – This is not evaluated in depth, but we know that sea buckthorn oil can improve health status in case of cancer.
  • Anti-asthmatic – relieves asthma and bronchial spasms.
  • Emollient – moisturises the skin.
  • Stomachic – tones stomach muscles and improves digestion.
  • Vulnerary – heals wounds
  • Rubefacient – along with its anti-inflammatory power, it also reduces redness on skin.
  • Expectorant – aids the body in expelling phlegm .

These properties make sea buckthorn quite useful in medicinal applications and formulas.

Uses And Health Benefits

Sea buckthorn oil is great for rejuvenating and regenerating the skin when applied topically. It is also healthy when consumed internally as a supplement, because of its nutrition.

Sea buckthorn oil for Skin
Sea buckthorn oil is an ingredient in some anti-ageing products. It can be applied directly to the skin in undiluted form. However, one should always do a patch test on non-sensitive skin to make sure that the oil does not lead to skin irritation or chemical burns. Applying sea buckthorn oil on skin provides the following health benefits.

  • Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Age Spots – It reduces the three major signs of ageing skin. The fatty acids and carotenoids in sea buckthorn oil penetrate into the skin and provide it nutrition. This external supply of nutrients keeps the skin supported and nourished.
  • Prevent A Sunburn – One can make a strong natural sunscreen by mixing zinc oxide, sea buckthorn oil and cream base. Zinc oxide is a potent sunblock and sea buckthorn oil enhances its power. Effectively, you get more SPF out of your natural sunscreen. This protects from getting a sunburn while you are sunbathing.
  • Heals dry skin – regular application of sea buckthorn oil heals dry, parched skin and moisturizes it.
  • Relieves eczema – Apply sea buckthorn oil diluted in aloe vera gel on eczema lesions. It provides relief from the itching and scratching sensation and also promotes the lesions to heal. Its vulnerary property promotes wounds and lesions to scab and heal, bringing new and healthy skin faster.
  • Rosacea – It combats rosacea, which is excessive redness on skin because of its Rubefacient property. The results can be seen within a week.
  • Acne – Sea buckthorn may be helpful in reducing the redness of acne pimples and diminishing their size over time. One can apply it directly on the pimples, or cysts ( if you have cystic acne) using a cotton swab.

If sea buckthorn oil is too strong for your skin to bear, just dilute in some common carrier oil, like olive oil, or coconut oil and then try to use it. One can also try changing the brand of the product and see if that works.

As you can read about, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil has a lot of benefits. I prefer the one by Victoria Featherlight as you see featured. I find that it’s a very high quality brands and upholds the standards to a quality oil. It’s Organic,Cold Pressed, Unrefined – which is what makes it such a good grade.

When using it, I found there was no odor. As much as I love a nice fragrance, this makes it to be user friendly for those even sensitive to fragrances. Also, while this is a small 30ml bottle, it will last because you only need a small amount for each use. One or two drops will cover both the front and back of both of my hands. At first, the application is a bit oily, but it gets absorbed into the skin in just a few minutes and no oily residue is left behind. Instantly upon using it, my hands were softer and smoother and remained that way for the rest of the day. So multiple applications is not required for regular use. For more severe dry skin, you may need to apply multiple times, however, I do not have severe dry skin to be able to state as such.

As a 29 year old woman who is also using products to prevent future fine lines and wrinkles, I have been applying this to my skin for that as well. This is not something I can honestly say if it works for that purpose or not (nor do I hope to have to report about that soon), but if it works as good for fine lines and wrinkles as it does as a moisturizer, then you won’t be disappointed. Overall I am very satisfied with my experience thus far and have no complaints.

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Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil By Victoria Featherlight #victoriafeatherlight #Review


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