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8 Things You Should Know if You Want to Adopt a Border Collie

You’ve done all your research and finally decided you want to adopt a
Border Collie. Congratulations! Border Collies are smart, highly trainable,
social dogs that do well in single households and families alike. Here are
eight things you should know if you want to adopt a Border Collie.

1. They’re Super Intelligent

If you search ‘Border Collie’ on the internet, one of the first things
you’ll notice is that this breed pops up at the top of plenty ‘most
intelligent breeds’ lists. Because they’re so smart, they pick up on
everything, both verbal and non-verbal. This means they’re perfect to
train in things like catching Frisbees or running agility courses.

2. They Were Born to Herd

Border Collies are herding dogs. Herding dogs do great on farms and ranches
where sheep or horses or cattle need to be directed. For Border Collies
brought home as a house pet, this can be a problem as there are no animals
to herd—except you and your family. Herding is a natural instinct that
all Border Collies are born with, so you’ll have to be diligent in
teaching your Border Collie not to herd humans.

3. They Have The Eye

When a Border Collie stares you down, you’ll understand “the eye.”
It’s a stare Border Collies do when they’re controlling their flock but
they frequently give it to us humans, too. Don’t be scared when your
Border Collie breaks out their eye. Grab your camera and capture their
intense stare to share with the world!

4. They Need a Lot of Exercise

Border Collies are born with a lot of energy, stamina, and deep working
drive. For a house dog, these qualities can be a little harder to deal
with. Border Collies require a decent amount of exercise to stay happy and
healthy, so a quick walk around the block in the morning isn’t going to
cut it. Border Collies need two walks a day, and a nice long one in the
morning before you go to work.

5. They’re Well Socialized

Most Border Collies who are raised properly are well-socialized and get
along great with other dogs and humans. Border Collies are gentle with
children (when they’re not trying to herd them) and enjoy meeting other
dogs on walks and at the dog park.

6. They’re Prone to Certain Health Conditions

Just like other breeds, Border Collies are prone to certain health
conditions which all owners should be aware of (but please remember that
not all Border Collies will get any of all of these diseases). Some of the
most common conditions to affect Border Collies include hip dysplasia,
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), epilepsy, Collie eye anomaly, allergies,
and Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD) . Treatments vary and the best way to
make sure a Collie stays healthy is by visiting the vet regularly. For more
information about the aforementioned conditions, please visit the Border Collie page on DogTime.

7. They Need a Job

Border Collies were bred to gather and control sheep and to be able to
withstand working long days on the farm and ranch. Therefore, if you leave
your Border Collie alone all day while you’re at work and they have
nothing to do, they’re not going to be too happy. In addition to two
walks a day (see above), if you can’t get home in the middle of the day,
it’s a good idea to have  a pet sitter look in on your Border Collie or
take your Border Collie to doggy day camp where they can get attention all
day. You can also leave plenty of stimulating toys out.

8. They’re Not Cuddlers

As much as Border Collies enjoy being around family, they’re not big
cuddlers. Some dogs love nothing more than curling up next to you on the
couch and being petted. The Border Collie is not that type of dog. This
doesn’t mean they won’t want affection every once and awhile but they
are definitely not going to sit down for a cuddle-thon.

Adopting a Border Collie is an exciting decision, and with these tips,
you’ll be able to give your Border Collie a long, healthy life!

Author bio: Jessica Roberts is a freelance writer who offers blogging services for the pet industry. She works closely with businesses to provide engrossing and informative content that boosts Google visibility and social media ratings. When she isn’t writing, she’s walking her Border Collie/Aussie mix, Socks, and making a mess in the kitchen. For more of her services, visit her website,

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8 Things You Should Know if You Want to Adopt a Border Collie


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