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Homeschool Week In Review – Week 3

This week went by really for the most part. I think that I am finding that we are really able to stay on track and still are able to participate in other things as well. Wednesday my Daughter started to get a stuffy nose, so the rest of the week seemed to really crawl with her taking a longer time to get things done.

Math has been going well with both of the kids. My daughter is working on two lessons a day so we can catch up in Math as we had gotten a little behind last year. My son has been using a leveled math curriculum. That really has been helping. I am seeing him make wonderful gains in time. Don’t get me wrong he has his occasional mistakes but for the most part he is getting it. It feels good to almost be able to check something off that he has been struggling with for so long.

My daughter has been working on lists and comma’s this week. We utilized the white board a lot this week. She wrote some of her own sentences and others she had used for copy work. My son is continuing to use his leveled curriculum for both functional literacy and language. We are still have some issues with language as he struggles to remember some of the things he needs to remember. It is work in progress.

This week we utilized Minecraft to incorporate into our history curriculum. The topic this past week was Leif Ericsson and the Vikings. We also learned about different navigational tools that were used during that time. One was called a sunstone. I don’t know much about it and I think that is something we are going to look up and do a little research in. We also talked about sundials, the weather, winds, and the stars.

For science this week we have been continuing to work on our space theme. We have previously talked about solar and lunar eclipses so one of our projects this week was to make a solar eclipse. We are currently talking a lot about the International Space Station. We watched a short documentary about what the International Space Station does. There is so much different research. We are hoping to be able to see the astronauts dock at the space station this upcoming week via watching the NASA channel. I had no idea just how big it is suppose to be when it is done….the size of two football fields. We learned about life in space in the International Space Station. We will continue to work on that the next couple weeks.

Our Nature Study this week is still about Sand. We did look at sand under the microscope this week. My daughter drew what she saw. There wasn’t very many colors that we had seen under the microscope. We will look with some sand from Florida next week. This week we went to Point Beach State Park and we walked along the beach. We took notice of the black sand that we had seen and talked bout how sand was made. We also talked about the erosion and the sand dunes. Then we looked for rocks and we did find some corral.

Tuesday we had Homeschool chess. My daughter actually did play a couple games this week. She is still learning how to play the game. She is really enjoying learning how to play and I think she also really just loves to hang out with all her friends.

We had kickball on Wednesday. We only had about 6 kids so I decided to pitch so the kids could play. Let’s just say before it ended I had battle wounds…..I don’t remember if I was backing up from someone kicking or if I was walking toward to pitch, but I stepped in a hole in the field and I went down hard on my knees. It was swollen and is bruised pretty good. It was totally worth it so the kids could play kick ball.

Wednesday night we had a tween/teen game night at the local board game shop. The kids spent an hour and half playing different boardgames. You could hear a lot of giggles and fun to be had.

Fridays we work on flight. Our topic this week Bernoulli’s Principle. You can read about the Bernoulli’s Principle Experiment we did. So I won’t really go into much detail about it. We had a blast and it was such a great visual. It really gave us something to think about with air pressure and the air plane wings. It’s how you get lift.

That is our week in a nutshell. Hope you all had an awesome week!

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Homeschool Week In Review – Week 3


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