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A+ Interactive Math – Review

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My sons biggest struggle is with Math. For me it is hard to find a curriculum where I have access to different grade levels that I can switch to from time to time to review concepts. A+ Interactive Math (A+ Tutorsoft Inc.) has two different packages for math: Adaptive Math Curriculum Online and a Family Math Package. For this review we used the Family Math Package, both subscriptions are online.

Adaptive Math Curriculum Online creates an individualized program for kids, by using placement tests for a specific grade. These placement tests give a mini test of each major math concept to gauge the students skill. It automatically adjusts the level of difficulty based on the answer by the student. If it detects any learning gaps between the target grade level and the students skill level, it automatically creates a individualized plan. This is a skill based learning model. The program is completely automated and you cannot choose the lessons. This plan includes video lessons, interactive review, practice worksheets online, automatic grading, and tracking and retesting. You can use this with up to 10 students. This covers Grade 1 – 6 and Pre-Algebra.

The Family Math Package is what we used for this review. This program does not pretest your child. The grade levels covered for this package are Grades 1 – 6, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra. Keep in mine that each grade level has a full set of curriculum to teach. This package allows you the flexibility to switch between grade levels. So whether you finish a grade level early or are using for review you can move forward or back at your own choice. It allows you flexibility. This course also has video lessons, interactive reviews, practice worksheets, tests, and automatic grading. Not only are the lessons online you can print them off as well. You can use this package for up to 10 students.

The Family Math Package has a log in for the parent and a log in for the student. The parent is the one that can go in to change the grade level. You can preview the assignments so you know if they will have trouble in advance. The grading is instant and all online. You can go in and manually enter grades for the worksheets and tests, if you do them online it is automatic. You also can see a progress report that identifies the strength and weaknesses. The student log in the student can go through the courses. The one thing that I noticed that I liked about this was you can log when you completed the lesson. That is nice because it helps to keep your place.

How We Used It: 

I used this with my son during our math class approximately four days per week. I didn’t pick a grade level for him to start working through as he is in a transition stage at the moment and I have taken a break from trying to teach him all the math at a current grade level because of the frustrations he was having. So I decided to start working on real life math: such as time, money, measurement and so forth! So while we have been using the math I started at the very beginning in Grade 1 and worked my way through the Grade levels on the topic of money. It was one for review and two, for him to keep working on and practicing.

We started out watching the video lesson. The videos lessons are animated and they are straight to the point. The lessons are also step by step.  My son is very visual so having the example in front of him, and with the explanation being to the point, it really helps him. I might have to stop and explain things just a little bit more because there are times that he gets stuck, or he may even try to rush. I can tell if he is rushing by the score of the interactive quiz. I love the interactive quiz because you can go back and fix your mistake. I also like the fact that if you get it wrong, it will explain why the answer is wrong and show you how to correct it. There were some days we just worked on the video lesson. The days that he did good on the video lessons we just stopped. I didn’t want to overwhelm him or stress him out with to much. If he didn’t get a good score on the interactive quiz then I printed the worksheets out for him to use for practice. The nice thing about the worksheets is their are step by step solutions as well.

There are also curriculum books that you can print out. I love these because I can print out exactly what I need for what we are using.  You can also find reference sheets available as well. I think these are a nice addition to the online curriculum. So really you have everything you need at your finger tips. You can pretty much do everything online and it is all automatically recorded. If you print any of the worksheets and the tests then you have to manually enter them. I have a bad habit of forgetting to go back and add them. I am sitting right here when he is doing the lessons, prompting when he needs prompting, and I also see the worksheets when he is finished. So I see everything is he is doing. It is easier for me to monitor him that way.

Again I want to mention that in the Family Math Package you have the full curriculum for a each grade. So you can work at your own pace. You can also skip around and go back to review things in other grades if needed. Again there is so much flexibility with this package. Everything you need is all ready put together for you.

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A+ Interactive Math – Review


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