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A Week In Our Homeschool – Week 5 – A Little STEM Fun

I can’t believe we are  5 weeks into the year already. Time just goes by so fast. We did have an interesting week with some fun things that were added. I even reorganized my living room. I don’t know about you, but my Homeschool stuff is scattered through out my house. I just need to get some better lighting and I will have an area in the living room to use for homeschool. It looks so organized now and not cluttered. It’s amazing how different an area looks when your able to make space. The next project to tackle will be my craft closet as I want to move some of it to the bins in the living room. My craft stuff is scattered through the house as well. In all honesty I can’t wait to find a bigger house! For now I am going to make use of our new space.

Monday we had a pretty normal day but I decided at the last minute my Daughter and I would head to the library in Two Rivers as they have the most amazing STEM programs for the kids. Well I was going to stop early and eat dinner. We started to order and I was digging through my purse and I realized that I left my wallet at home. So eating dinner was out at the banks were already closed. So we decided to head to the library and study about the lunar eclipse. We grabbed a book and sat down and read it together. It did spark some interesting conversation. Then my daughter decided she wanted to play with another girl in the play area until it was time to go in for the Newspaper Engineering class. Let me tell you we had a blast. There was three projects you could do: build a tower, build something that would hold a book, and build a chair to sit on. We didn’t have time to build a tower but we can do that any time. We started out by building our base for a chair. As we were working on it, my daughter placed a book on it and it held up. So we completed one of the projects, while working on another. I forgot to mention we were allowed to use tape and staples. If you follow me on instagram you have already seen the video of the result. If you don’t follow me then look up @a49erfangirl and you will see the video. You had to be able to sit on the chair and lift your feet. My daughter did that….until she wiggled….watch the video for yourself! I promise you will have a laugh. Some of the things I did while we built this…was to ask how we could support some of the corners, I also asked her to think of bridges and how they are supported. I tried to pick her brain as we were building. I pretty much let her go with her own way and her own design. She had a lot of fun.

Tuesday we met with some other homeschoolers and learned about the cardiovascular system. I thought it was very interesting that my daughter was answering questions. Well this isn’t something that we have worked on, and I was really surprised she knew the answers. Kinda blew my mind. We will be working on the human body, it just wasn’t something we have gotten to. A book was read to the kids and some discussion was done. The kids then did a art project with veins and arteries. Was a very cute art project.

The kids also did an edible blood candy experiment. Not many of the kids ate it…they just dipped there fingers in it. A sugar high is defiantly what would have been had if it had been eaten. Each ingredient stood for something. As we added ingredients we talked about each. The first was corn syrup that represented plasma, the second was red hots which were your red blood cells, next was marshmallows which were white blood cells, and finally you had red sprinkles which were your platelets. Now somebody did ask where this was found and I honestly don’t know because I didn’t plan this out. Someone said they found it online. It was a great visual to see what your blood is made up of.

For history my son has been working on Drive Thru American History. We were catching up on the curriculum that went with the videos that we already watched. We had a discussion as we read through it to make sure he was understanding. We talked about Columbus speech to the King and Queen of Spain. We also learned a little more about maps and Amerigo Vespucci. My daughter ended up watching an Antartica Expedition from the 50s.

My mom came over on Wednesday. We made cinnamon rolls from scratch and some pecan clusters. We were suppose to make these at Christmas but my dad was pretty sick and in and out of the hospital. It was great that my mom came and we got to spend some time together. Although I didn’t get anything else accomplished with the kids.

For our nature study we are continuing with birds. We learned how they moved on land, on water, and in the water. We also learned how to identify birds. The bird we studied was the Downy Woodpecker. We have a lot of them around here. One day last week I did see a female Downy Woodpecker in the pine tree. How you can tell the male from the female is that the male has a red spot on the back of its head. We learned how they nested and what they ate. One of the things I had her do was build one in minecraft.

We didn’t go to bowling this week because I got tired of doing things and being ignored. I had asked my daughter several times to clean up her room and she decided not to. So Friday she cleaned her room but she didn’t get it done before bowling. Saturday I wanted to go the Science Expo but we had a snow storm. We ended up with 6 inches. We did however have Youth Archery today. I didn’t take any pictures today as there was way to many people there. It was hard to get good pictures with people constantly walking in front of you. She had a great time! She did pop another balloon today on the first try.

I hope you enjoyed some of the highlights of our week! Hope you have a great week!

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A Week In Our Homeschool – Week 5 – A Little STEM Fun


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