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A Week In Our Homeschool – Week 4 – Enjoying a Day of Gorgeous Weather

Well all in all this week went pretty smooth for the most part. Tuesday took incredibly longer with Dakota as we had some things we needed to work on and focus. We also had cable out here and I spent so much time on the phone with cable that day as well. So by the time I was done with Dakota I was done for the day. So Wednesday Dakota had off and Brittany had to do her work. I normally don’t work like that. My mom was suppose to come out here Wednesday so I thought the way I had it planned was perfect. She ended up not coming because of the fact that we had a rapid thaw from it being warm/raining. My yard looked like a ice rink. Then we warmed  up again….We did take advantage of the warmest day. My yard again is a pond and my garbage and recycle bins were frozen in the water. That was fun trying to get them out while on ice.

Math – For Math one day this week we took a break from everything and played Qwingo. It’s a game where you spread out 10 – 50 under each color. There are five colors. You call out a number and roll the dice. Depending on color is where you put the number. It goes in number order. If you pick a bigger number at times you can’t put that number in there. You have to fill a column. Dakota said he sort of liked it and Brittany loved it. However, it’s not a game that we will play a lot during math. It was just a nice break from a normal day. Dakota has been working on real math yet, and he has been doing really well. Since I made the change I don’t get as much grumping as I did through out the day. So I clearly see that he was having trouble and very frustrated. Brittany has been swimming along in her math. She is doing very well.

Langauge – I have both the kids doing review at the moment through guided learning. We also added in typing, which is an upcoming review. Brittany has been doing well learning the keys. Before we go on to test it she still has to practice and master it. We are also working on cursive. I discovered I had a creative writing program I had forgotten about. I plan to use it with my Daughter. It takes you through the stages of writing a story. So I am really excited how this will turn out.

Science – My son spent time working on Oceans. He was learning about the different facts about each ocean. We didn’t have an inflatable globe to do the experiment this lesson. We will be extending our learning about the different oceans and each one has an experiment. We will be working on that this week. My daughter did her nature study on birds this week for science. We learned how they cleaned their feathers and the different type of feathers. I actually really didn’t know they had like three different types of feathers. This weekend we went to a eagle viewing area and we saw two bald eagles. They were out on the ice. They had a nest near by as well. Very cool to see!

Social Studies – My son has been working on Drive Thru History. My daughter has been working on Carmen Sandiego. Honestly, at this moment I can’t think of what it was that we learned about. My mind is drawing a blank.

My son did have his job explorer this week. His homework from last week was to fill out an application. So we did it together. We went through what each section was and he filled it out. Of course he could never turn in his copy as his handwriting is terrible. I had him sign my copy. The point was to have him know and understand what he was doing and filling out. We will practice more on the applications. He did turn it in and was given a 5.00 McDonald’s gift card. I don’t think he has any homework this week. They went over the applications in class.

Reading the kids are reading their own books. They are going to be working on book reports. My daughter should be starting her book report this upcoming week.

Friday we headed for the Valley to do some thrift shopping. I was on the hunt for games to use in our Homeschool. I did find both games for education and entertainment. I got a great deal on all of them as well. I even found a couple I was on a hunt for. It rained so it was the perfect day for it.

Saturday was  youth archery. This week they had the kids shoot like they were going to shoot leagues. They learned how to score. Well they gave away ribbons and trophies. Our little homeschool group who went to this, they all walked away with something. They all improved so much! I was proud of them all. My daughter walked away with fourth place. February will start the youth league. They also did the balloons at the end. My daughter was super excited that she popped it. Of course she was excited because that meant a candy bar.

We also headed to the Valley again to do a little more thrift shopping. We also headed to our favorite spot. We wanted to see if there was ice shelves. There was not and I was very surprised that there was ice left considering how warm it was. You could hear the ice cracking though. We did see a wind boat or something that glided on the ice. Not really sure of the name. We also saw the bald eagles and watched them. They were just sitting on the ice. I think they may have been hunting if there was any open ice. It was hard to tell. They were a distance away. We also did some pokemon hunting while we were there.

We had a pretty good week this week. Next week we have a couple events planned. I think I am forgetting something in this blog post, but I can’t put my finger on it. Either way I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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A Week In Our Homeschool – Week 4 – Enjoying a Day of Gorgeous Weather


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