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DIY Potion Bottles With Lights

Remember in my last post I told you about using things you already have around the house to make glowing eyes and floating ghosts? Today, I have another tutorial just in time for getting into the Halloween spirit! We are making Diy Potion Bottles, and adding a super cool set of cork top LED lights.

Making DIY potion bottles only requires a few supplies and a little imagination
Witchy Business is happening with these DIY Potion bottles!

~Disclaimer: I got these lights at a discount for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Also, there are affiliate links within this post. That means that if you purchase something off of one of my recommendations, I might get a small commission at no charge to you. To learn more, please see Blog Disclosures and Such. Thank you.~

You Light Up My Life

DIY potion bottles with these handy little cork style lights!

To get started, you only need a few supplies:

Various sized clean dry glass bottles

Cork style lights (like these beauties that you can find here

Hot Glue

Simple Labels (My BFF made these on her sweet Cameo!)

Doll Heads (Barbie and Monster High Dolls are what I used)


Spiders and Webbing (the fake stuff)

Green leaves

Beads and Pearls

Witchy Business

Did I already tell you that we are doing a big “Haunted forest” this year? We have a graveyard, dead mans drop off and a witch table. These little DIY Potion Bottles are going to be at the witch’s table. All the labels are handwritten for an authentic look. Performing a quick Pinterest search brought up tons of inspiration, and it was pretty easy to put things together.

DIY Potion Bottles With Cork Lights

Each bottle is different. I made 6 of them. The great thing about the cork lights is that they are submersible, and you can put the bottles away after each holiday and make a new set. They are super white and bright, so they are perfect for using as a night light. Although I would not use any of the Diy Potion Bottles that we are making today for that purpose. (that might be a titch scary). Are you ready to see each bottle close-up?

Deadly Night Shade

DIY potion bottles, this one with fake "nightshade"

For this one, I found some holly trees and took a few of the leaves off. I put them in the bottle and topped it off with the cork lights. The label reads ” DEADLY NIGHTSHADE” and “fair trade organic”. I loved this bottle.

Off With Her Head

Off with her head DIY potion bottle

This one took the longest. I took the heads off each doll and then painted the face to look a little more dead. Then I had to cut the back of her head (at the base of it) and squish them into a smaller size. Getting the heads into the DIY potion bottles was the hard part. Next time I will not leave so much hair on and find more heads to add. The label reads “Potion # 107” “Off-With-Her-Head” and “with good witches heads for MAX results” This one is my favorite bottle.

Heads in a jar for a magical DIY potion bottle
The original name of this DIY Potion Bottle was going to be “Witches who’ve crossed me” Which do you like better?

Off with her head DIY potion bottle

Pearls of Wisdom and Beads of truth

Pearls of wisdom and beads of truth DIY potion bottle
I used faux pearls of course, and glass beads!

This amber bottle is smaller than the rest, but a perfect size for this DIY Potion bottle. I sorted out the pearls and glass beads to use and put them inside the bottle. The label reads: “Beads of Time & Pearls of Wisdom” and “Not For Men” and “sourced from the wisest grannies”

Lizard Brains

DIY potion bottles, with lizard brains!
Does anyone know if lizard brains are long and stringy? No? Asking for a friend

Truth be told, I have no idea if lizard brains are long and stringy, but I do know that this DIY potion bottle was so easy to make. I used my glue gun and a box with packing tape and made long lines (and a few short) lines with a wiggle to them. I wrote Lizard Brains in hot glue and went over it with pink glitter glue.

Souls Of Pixies

Originally, this bottle was going to have homemade teeth in it and was going to be titled “My what big teeth you have” but that was a no go. Do you know how hard it is to make fake teeth? No? Well, It quickly turned into Souls of Pixies. The label reads “Pure and Organic” and “Souls of Pixies” and (with dust!”

Spider Legs

DIY potion bottles with spider legs
Spider legs, you want them you pick them!

Oh, how I hate spiders. But they are a Halloween thing, so I decided to embrace them (but only the fake ones) and make them into a DIY potion bottle. I first put the webbing, then cut off the ring part of the spider and filled it up. I also make one hanging from the web by pulling a little out of the neck and wrapping it up around the spider. The label reads: “fresh SPider Legs” and “.10$ U-PICK”

Last thoughts

I am obsessed with these cork style lights and have so many more projects lined up. They stay pretty bright and work so perfectly in a normally used wine bottle. (you’re welcome. now you can justify finishing that last bit of wine)

DIY potion bottles with cork style LED lights. So easy and charming!
Pin ME!

Do you get crafty around the start of the holidays? Have you ever used cork style lights in your craft projects? What should I make next? I want to hear from you!

Until next time


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DIY Potion Bottles With Lights


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