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Med Pizza Menu Prices in Canada 2023

Med Pizza’s original 2-for-1 concept completely rethought the pizzeria business in Quebec, and the rest is history. As the first restaurant in Quebec to provide two pizzas at a consistent price, the Saint-Hyacinthe institution ensures that its clients always get more for their money. They use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to make their world-famous pizzas and other delicious dishes, and they always have the lowest prices around.

Med Pizza Menu

Menu Item
Price (CAD $)


Price for 1 Pizza
Nature Pizza$16.05$18.49$22.99$27.99
Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza $16.25$20.49$26.29$30.49
Hawaiian Pizza$16.25$20.49$26.29$30.49
All Dressed Pizza$16.75$20.75$26.99$31.29
Margarita Pizza$16.75$20.75$26.99$31.29
Mexican Pizza$16.75$20.75$26.99$31.29
American Pizza$17.29$22.99$28.19$33.25
Quebec Pizza$17.29$22.99$28.19$33.25
Vegetarian Pizza$17.29$22.99$28.19$33.25
Italian Pizza$17.29$22.99$28.19$33.25
Deluxe Pizza$17.29$22.99$28.19$33.25
Special Med Pizza$17.29$22.99$28.19$33.25
New York Style Pizza$17.69$23.19$28.69$33.65
Chef’s Special Pizza$17.69$23.19$28.69$33.65
Greek Pizza$17.69$23.19$28.69$33.65
Gourmet Pizza$17.69$23.19$28.69$33.65
Michigan Pizza$17.69$23.19$28.69$33.65
Health Pizza$17.99$23.49$29.99$34.99
Meat Lovers Pizza$17.99$23.49$29.99$34.99
Special Mama Pizza$17.99$23.49$29.99$34.99
Pizza Trios Cheese$17.99$23.49$29.99$34.99
Pizza Spaghetti$18.49$23.99$30.49$35.49
Shrimp Pizza$18.49$23.99$30.49$35.49

Pizza 2 for 1

Nature Pizza$25.95$29.99$37.99$42.29
Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza$26.99$31.99$40.49$46.49
Hawaiian Pizza$26.99$31.99$40.49$46.49
All Dressed Pizza$27.49$32.89$41.99$47.49
Margarita Pizza$27.49$32.89$41.99$47.49
Mexican Pizza$27.49$32.89$41.99$47.49
American Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Quebec Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Vegetarian Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Italian Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Deluxe Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Special Med Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
New York Style Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Chef’s Special Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Greek Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Gourmet Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Michigan Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Special Mama Pizza$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Pizza Trios Cheese$30.49$34.49$43.29$52.99
Health Pizza$31.49$34.99$43.29$53.99
Meat Lovers Pizza$31.99$35.49$45.49$54.99
Pizza Spaghetti$31.99$35.49$45.49$54.99
Shrimp Pizza$31.99$35.49$45.49$54.99

Pizza Combo Special

Choice of Pepperoni or All Dressed Pizza
Pizza & Fries Combo Special
10″ Pizza With Small Fries$19.99
12″ Pizza With Small Fries$23.99
14″ Pizza With Small Fries$31.49
16″ Pizza With Small Fries$34.99
Pizza & Poutine Combo Special
10″ Pizza With Small Poutine$24.99
12″ Pizza With Small Poutine$28.99
14″ Pizza With Small Poutine$36.49
16″ Pizza With Small Poutine$39.99
Combo 2 Pizzas, Fries and Beverage
2 Pizzas 10″ With Family Fries + 2l Pepsi$36.99
2 Pizzas 12″ With Family Fries + 2l Pepsi$40.49
2 Pizzas 14″ With Family Fries + 2l Pepsi$47.99
2 Pizzas 16″ With Family Fries + 2l Pepsi$54.49

Pizza Combinations

Choice of Pepperoni or All Dressed Pizza 8″
Pizza-French Fries$16.49

Worker’s Menu

Pizza 10″ (3 Ingredients) + 1 Soft Drink$14.49
Pizza 8″ (3 Ingredients) + 1 Soft Drink + Fries$14.49
Submarine 7″ + Fries$14.49
Big Regular Poutine$14.49
Big Lasagna$14.49
Big Spaghetti$14.49
8 Chicken Wings Platter$14.49
Hot Chicken$14.49
3 Chicken Fingers Platter$14.49
Big Caesar Salad$14.49
Big Chef’s Salad$14.49
Chicken Leg$14.49
Chicken Breast$14.49
Chicken Pita Platter$14.49
Gyros Pita Platter$14.49


Club Sandwich$15.99
Club Caesar OR Club Chef$19.99
Club Poutine$20.25
Hot Chicken with Fries$14.99
Cheesy Bread$10.99

Greek Food

Chicken Pita or Gyros only$8.99
1 Chicken Pita or Gyros Platter + Fries$12.99
2 Chicken Pita or Gyros Platter + Fries$18.99


Meat Sauce$11.99$14.49
Spaghetti Au Gratin$12.99$14.99
Spaghetti Pepperoni Au Gratin$13.49$15.99
Spaghetti Smoked Meat Au Gratin$13.49$15.99
Spaghetti All Dressed Au Gratin$14.29$16.99
Spaghetti Quebecer Au Gratin$14.49$17.29


Lasagna Au Gratin$12.99$15.99
Pepperoni Lasagna Au Gratin$13.99$16.99
Smoked Meat Lasagna Au Gratin$13.99$16.99
All Dressed Lasagna$14.49$17.29
Quebecer Lasagna$14.49$17.29
Garlic bread (2 Pcs)$2.50
Garlic Bread Au Gratin (2 Pcs)$3.99


Italian Poutine$13.24$16.24
Mushroom Poutine$14.24$17.84
Italian Sausage Poutine$14.24$17.84
Pepperoni Poutine$14.24$17.84
Ham Poutine$14.24$17.84
Smoked Meat Poutine$14.24$17.84
Sliced Bacon Poutine$14.24$17.84


Fries (Small)$4.89
Fries (Large)$6.49
Fries (Family)$10.49
Fries With Sauce (Small)$5.75
Fries With Sauce (Large)$7.75
Onion Rings (Small)$5.50
Onion Rings (Large)$10.99
Soft Drinks (Can)$2.25
Pepsi 2L$4.49


Caesar Salad$10.49$13.49
Chef’s Salad$9.99$12.99
Cold Chicken Salad$11.99$14.49
Caesar Salad With Grilled Chicken$13.99$16.49
Greek Salad$13.49$15.49


All Submarines Are Served With Lettuce, Tomatoes, Peppers, Sauce and Melted Cheese
Steak and Pepperoni$15.50$17.50
Pepperoni + Pepperon$15.50$17.50
Steak Plus Steak and Melted Cheese$15.50$17.50
All Dressed$15.50$17.50
Special Med$16.50$18.50
Chef’s Special$16.50$18.50
The Super$17.50$19.50
Smoked Meat$16.59$18.50
2 Submarines 10″ + 2 Pepsi 355 Ml$30.99
2 Submarines 14″ + 2 Pepsi 355 Ml$33.99
2 Submarines 7″ + 2 Regular Poutine + 2 Pepsi 355 Ml$35.99

Rotisserie Chicken

Served With Fries, Coleslaw Salad, Sauce B.B.Q. and Bread
Chicken Leg$13.99
Chicken Breast$15.49
Half Chicken$20.49
Whole Chicken$34.99
Half Chicken Legs$18.50
Half Chicken Breasts$22.99
Quarter Chicken (Spaghetti or Poutine)$15.99

Wings and Nuggets

6 Chicken Wings$10.29
8 Chicken Wings$12.50
12 Chicken Wings$15.50
16 Chicken Wings$18.29
6 Chicken Nuggets$12.79
8 Chicken Nuggets$14.99
12 Chicken Nuggets$17.99
Chicken Fingers Plate$17.50
6 Chicken Nuggets
Different Med Pizza locations can have different pricing. A store may change the price of an item.

Med Pizza History

Opening its doors to its first patrons in 1995, the Mondor Street location of Med Pizza immediately established itself as a Saint-Hyacinthe institution. Since then, it has maintained its endearing personality and original purpose by continuing to make and serve great pizzas (obviously), barbecue Chicken (perfectly roasted), skewers, souvlakis, steaks, by-products, salads, poutine, seafood specialties, pasta, etc.

Franchise sales for Med Pizza began in 2003. In the beginning, many of the Akyol family’s restaurants were opened by immediate relatives. The brand has grown to encompass 16 locations across Quebec and is actively looking to open more. We’re always looking for ways to improve our menus, service, and number of specialized offerings.

Med Pizza Gallery

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Med Pizza Menu Prices in Canada 2023


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