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Day 182: New Business

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So much has happened that I didn’t post for 6 months. Someday I’ll break this into smaller chunks, but some notes:

Day 2: Welcome to the neighborhood, locals visit. Setup wireless.
Day 3: Ribbon cutting ceremony (sort of — no giant scissors). Family visits. Putting up the first decoration.
Management along the way..transparent pay, fronting money. Learning which signs to put up. Maybe a fire inspection. Posting a to-do list. Doing the survey. Running a background check. Getting insurance. Setting up the phones.
Trade-off between the floors.
history mysteries: who is Bessie, a person’s name listed on the threshold, etc.
imagining a loading dock.
Someone’s granddaughter had an art gallery downstairs one day.
Building had an old school fireplace to heat it.
There’s a heavy satellite that needs to be removed.
We negotiated over door removal and replacement, getting the HVAC fixed, doing the roof, etc.
There’s an antique recliner for break time.
Learned to bring water to job site, eating tuna fish standing up.
can’t figure out which thermostats do what.
the inspection.
posting employee signs.
wrong address at post office.
wiring everywhere from server room.
making employee handbooks.
whiteboard messages still on wall from old Business.
stairs don’t have insulation, can hear walking.
can play soccer inside.
figured out how to open windows.
sandbags without bags used to block water leaks.
old school scale to weigh things, the red light from an old train.
never buy property on first time, always comes back.
day 4: old business partner calls early, tells me to get out of bed.
i fall asleep really easy now.
day 5: an employee isn’t very independent.
someone crashed a car into the outside of warehouse (seriously), car hit the poles blocking a propane tank.
ordering window film, etc.
day 6? sister gets stopped by police in front of store (small town). employee asks if I really expected him to show up.
it’s hot.
up to day 14:
moving cabinets, broken countertop
lessons learned
first paycheck
system for processing receipts
dog hangs out
fire inspection warning
… help from old boss
finding out my job: keep others productive
day15: notice of intent to forfeit right to transact business. jesus.
8/25/14: filing for sales tax, DBA, change of address, getting commercial auto loan, etc
(in between) .. quotes from plumbers, electricians,
9/12/14: office day with dog.
9/18/14: Bees, electricians, plumbers
9/22/14: The kitten story, cash flow, taking forever to get distributors, etc
Finished building a custom trailer. Delivery truck is repaired.
At some point, a key employee had a stroke. Seriously. I take him to ER after he won’t go, wonder what the hell is going to happen now.
11/19/14: F the bank. My disdain for most of the bankers I have met could be it’s own blog someday.
up to 12/5/14: alternate banker. opened the doors. nobody came for 2 days. the phone didn’t ring. got the first sale. a few walk-ins. taking marketing material everywhere. realizing being gone 2 weekends in a row. insane back spasms.
Logo design went awesome.
Made a big sign out front, hung it myself.
12/10/14: Absolutely crazy sales tax, pay or else. Gotta love Texas.
inbetween: key employee quits (too long a drive). same employee almost crashed into someone’s front gate.
industry people refer me to others. driving truck around making deliveries.
12/18/14: Worst day of my life. Got terrible news, stopped sleeping completely. Started jumping rope to relieve stress, could have set a world record, I couldn’t break myself physically. Next day still no sleep even with sleeping pills every hour midnight to 4am and glasses of wine. Around noon curled in ball on floor of bathroom for an hour, realized I tried and failed at this business, had to go see my daughter and family for a Christmas event, vomited and got over it.
Responded to the bad news person with something like “Thanks, I’ll liquidate and find some new way to survive by New Years”. I was advised to just respond in business manner, I waited 24 hours, but then went after their character and integrity for what they were doing. It might have got them to back off. I’ll be glad when 2014 is over. That person then reversed their decision to completely screw me, I think. Merry Christmas.
I had an important realization that I never want to be poor or owe anyone anything, ever. I felt that way before, but now I *really* feel that way.
1/21/15: feeling like it turned, business picked up. then started doing some honest calculations on burn rate. went from ~$300 a day to ~$450 burned. Going to spend the day cutting expenses.
1/30/15: the savior arrived? i was going to scrap inventory and he rebuilt it, probably worth $1k in an hour’s work. Tried to pay him immediately, he wouldn’t take it. We’re going to do business together.
Oh crap, owe a W2 for that employee who quit.
Joined chamber of commerce, splitting a billboard ($130/month, pay 1 year in advance).
I haven’t done taxes yet, but think I should show some horrendous losses for 2014. Not even sure how to do these taxes yet.

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Day 182: New Business


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