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6 Ways to Be Your Most Productive and Profitable Self

Being Productive is essential to getting things done in the office and home. Finding those extra bits of motivation can be what you need to handle any project effectively. The magic question is, how do you achieve peak productivity every day? The answer will likely differ for everybody, but you can try these six ways to be your most productive and profitable self.

Set SMART Goals

Do you ever find yourself coming up with goals but forgetting about them a few days later? Your idea may be great, but following through and executing them is different. One way to improve productivity is to start making specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely (SMART) goals. 

SMART goals are a tactic people use in many workplaces. They’re a terrific way to define your weaknesses and come up with ways to overcome them. You can use productivity as a good example. Say you work in sales and want to improve your numbers. You could set a goal of increasing your sales by 15% in the next quarter. This goal fits all of the SMART goal requirements by establishing a measurable, attainable, specific, and realistic goal that’s timely.

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Optimize Your Workspace

Do you work from home or in the office? Or do you bring a laptop to the coffee shop and work from there? Wherever your workstation is, you should evaluate how conducive the setup is to your productivity. Little things like lighting can make a big difference in your productivity. If you work from home, try incorporating more sunlight because it can help your brain’s serotonin production, keeping you awake during the day.

Another way to optimize productivity in your office space is to upgrade your technology. Consider upgrading with a second monitor if your computer only has one monitor. More screens can help you take less time to perform daily tasks on your computer. Another investment to consider is a hard drive upgrade. Expanding your storage and using a solid-state drive (SSD) can speed up your computer and make you more productive. 

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Start an Exercise Routine

Finding ways to exercise during the day can be challenging, especially for those who work long hours. But incorporating it into your daily routine can have many positive benefits. Those who exercise tend to have more energy. Working out causes your body to deliver more oxygen to your tissues, thus improving your cardiovascular health. Improving your heart and lungs gives you more energy to take on the day. 

Your workday can be stressful, so exercise can be an excellent outlet to take it out. Finding ways to work out can help you feel accomplished and happier with your day. The good thing about exercise is the numerous ways to do it. You can sign up for the gym, walk around the neighborhood, do yoga in your living room or do any other regimen you deem fun.

Eat the Frog

This step doesn’t require eating actual frogs to become your more profitable or productive self. Eating the frog is a tactic many people use. It involves tackling your most challenging task when the workday begins. It’s an excellent strategy for those who procrastinate often or feel overwhelmed by their to-do list. Eating the frog gets your most challenging task out of the way first. Once it leaves your mind, you can focus on other things throughout the day. 

Prioritize Good Sleeping Habits

Sometimes, it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day. You could use another couple of hours when you consider work, school, children, running errands, and other responsibilities. One way to make yourself more productive at work and in life is to get enough Sleep every night. 

Adequate sleep is critical to nearly everything humans do throughout the day. Going to sleep allows our muscles and brain to relax and wake up rejuvenated. Unfortunately, not all Americans prioritize their sleep enough. Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep at night. However, about one-third get six or fewer hours of sleep, often leading to fatigue and lack of productivity. Getting enough sleep for your body allows for a clearer head and a more productive mind at work.

Take Breaks

Sometimes, the American workplace can feel like a hustle and bustle environment. You may feel guilty if you take your eyes off the ball for even a second. The pandemic has caused some people to feel overwhelmed by work and made them less likely to rest during the day. If you’ve felt this, you’re not alone. About 40% of people say they occasionally, rarely, or never take breaks during the workday.

Contrary to popular belief, taking breaks can effectively maintain productivity during the day. Sometimes, people find good results from breaking up the day into chunks. You may have four things to do in eight hours, so you could take a break for a few minutes after you complete each task. Try stretching, eating a nutritious snack, or getting a few minutes of fresh air. Working eight hours continuously with no breaks is a tall task, so you don’t have to put that expectation on yourself.  

Improving Yourself Daily

Self-improvement is an admirable challenge that many people try daily. It’s challenging, but making minor changes to your life can compound and make you more productive and happier. These six ways are tactics you can implement at work and home to feel more comfortable and more in control.

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6 Ways to Be Your Most Productive and Profitable Self


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