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Shree Danev Foundation: Being Truly Human by Caring and Saving Animals

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Irrespective of their breed, ownership status, or kind, all animals need our love, compassion, and care. Shree Danev Foundation (SDF), a non-profit organization, established in 2017 nobly envisions providing free medical care to sick and injured animals without any discrimination.

SDF and its animal hospital’s journey began with Purvi Rahul Shah, the Founder purchasing some parrots to set them free. However, upon opening the cage, she noticed only three parrots flew away while the remaining two stayed behind. Concerned for their well-being, she took the parrots to a veterinary hospital, where she observed a gap in the system. Not many hospitals were available for birds and animals who could not speak or express their pain.

With a deep love and affection for animals, Purvi decided to make a difference and began SDF animal hospital. She worked tirelessly to set it up with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to fulfill her vision.

Good Samaritans

Eventually, Purvi’s dedication and hard work paid off. SDF became one of the region’s most trusted and respected animal clinics. With a focus on animal welfare and a commitment to providing free medical care to all animals in need, the hospital has earned the loyalty and support of the local community.

Under Purvi’s leadership, the hospital has excelled in its niche, providing general medical care, emergency care, surgery, and specialized treatments for all animals. Moreover, the hospital gives equal importance to public awareness and conducts regular health check-ups and vaccination drives to ensure that the animals in the community stay healthy and disease-free.

Overall, Purvi’s journey and her love for animals have driven the success of SDF’s animal hospital. Her passion and commitment have significantly impacted the animal care industry, and her hospital continues to set an example for others to follow.

According to her, they offer free medical treatment to all kinds of animals, including newborns, calves, dogs, cats, horses, camels, and birds. She says, “Our foundation’s unique selling point (USP) is our unwavering commitment to providing free medical care to animals without any commercial motive.”

SDF takes immense pride in its state-of-the-art infra equipped with x-ray machines, sonography machines, operation theatres, ICU, ultrasound machines, brooders, egg incubators, and more. Its team of skilled veterinarians and staff work tirelessly ensuring every arriving animal receives the best possible care, regardless of its species, breed, or social status.

SDF primarily focuses on treating stray animals often neglected and suffering from medical conditions due to inadequate care. The Gujarat Government has consecutively recognized the foundation for its exceptional contribution towards animal welfare for two years. These awards testify to their tireless efforts to improve animal welfare and provide free medical treatment to needy animals.

They take immense pride in their strong network of volunteers and supporters who share SDF’s vision and help it achieve its mission. “At SDF, we envision expanding our operations and offerings to reach out to more animals in need and provide them with the best possible care,” says Purvi.

Hearts Full of Love and Compassion

SDF’s animal hospital is more than just a medical facility. It is a place where animals receive medical care, love, and compassion. What truly sets SDF apart is its unwavering commitment to providing free medical care to animals in need. The team of veterinarians and staff are dedicated to providing round-the-clock care to animals in need, and they conduct regular health check-ups and vaccination drives to ensure that animals in their community stay healthy.

They are proud to operate on a sustainable model that relies on donations from their supporters and volunteers to provide free medical care to animals. This model has allowed them to reach a wider audience and provide medical care to animals that would otherwise be left untreated due to financial constraints. Their commitment to animal welfare, state-of-the-art facilities, sustainable operation model, and focus on public awareness have helped them earn the trust and loyalty of their community.

For Animal Well-being

SDF is committed to providing compassionate and high-quality care to all animals under its care. Firstly, it prioritizes the well-being and comfort of the animals under their care. They believe in making every visit to the hospital a positive experience for both the animal and the owner. The veterinarians and staff take the time to observe the entire case and provide personalized care to each animal. Their emphasis on timely and frequent, rigorous follow-ups is uncommon, but it ensures faster healing and recovery of animals.

Secondly, they place a strong emphasis on professionalism and expertise. Their veterinarians are highly qualified and experienced professionals who stay up-to-date with the latest advances in veterinary medicine.

Thirdly, they are transparent and honest with their approach toward the people who have come to them to inform them about the animal. “We believe that even they are emotionally attached to that animal to an extent, and open communication is essential to building trust and long-lasting relationships with them.” They take the time to explain medical procedures and treatment plans to those people clearly and concisely, and they are always available to address any questions or concerns.

Finally, they are deeply committed to animal welfare and social responsibility. They believe every animal deserves access to quality medical care. They provide free medical care to needy animals and work with their community to promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. Purvi adds, “Our emphasis on timely and frequent, rigorous follow-ups sets us apart, ensuring that animals under our care receive the best possible treatment and care.”

Tech Care Full Health

As an experienced leader in the animal healthcare space, she believes that adopting modern technologies like AI and ML can significantly improve animal healthcare outcomes. “These technologies can help us diagnose diseases more accurately, develop more effective treatment plans, and monitor the health of animals more closely.”

The clinic constantly looks for ways to integrate new technologies into its practice. For example, it implemented a digital record-keeping system that allows the team to track patients’ health more efficiently and accurately. They also use advanced imaging technologies to help them diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.

In addition to these specific technologies, they also strongly emphasize ongoing education and training for their staff. They believe that staying up to date with the latest developments in the field is essential for providing the best possible care to their patients.

She says, “I believe adopting modern technologies like AI and ML is essential for ensuring the animal healthcare space remains evolving and improving. By embracing these changes and staying at the forefront, we can provide the best possible care to our patients and ensure their continued health and well-being.”

Treating Issues

Like any industry, animal healthcare faces various challenges that can make it difficult to provide the best possible care to patients. One of the most significant challenges SDF faces is keeping up with the latest developments and techniques in the field, which can be time-consuming and require ongoing education and training for its staff.

In addition, they face other challenges, such as managing costs while still providing high-quality care. It can be particularly challenging when treating complex conditions that require expensive medications or advanced diagnostic testing.

To tackle these issues, they prioritize ongoing education and training for the staff to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care to the patients. “We invest in the latest technologies and equipment to provide the most advanced care possible.” With it, they can diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions with high accuracy and precision.

Moreover, one of the significant challenges they face is when animals accidentally break their beak or legs. To overcome this challenge, they have developed prosthetic beaks and legs, created using different materials according to position and breakage. They understand the importance of providing comprehensive care to animals and ensure that every animal under their care receives the necessary treatment to recover fully.

A Profound Advice

When considering philanthropic endeavors, budding entrepreneurs should not overlook the invaluable work of organizations like Shree Danev Foundation, dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured birds and animals.

Before making a financial commitment, it’s advisable to personally visit and scrutinize any NGO you’re considering. This not only gives you a firsthand look at the operation but ensures that your contributions will be put to good use.

Furthermore, ongoing engagement with the organization will keep you abreast of their activities and allow you to see the real-world impact of your support. Lastly, remember that financial donations are not the sole means of assistance; your time and skills as a volunteer can be just as transformative. Whether it’s offering business acumen or simply giving a few hours to help care for the animals, your involvement goes a long way in making a difference.

Offering the Highest Quality Animal Care

On envisioning scaling SDF’s operations and offerings in the future, Purvi reveals that at their clinic, they are always looking for ways to improve and expand their offerings to serve their patients and clients better. One of the key ways they envision scaling their operations in the future is by increasing their physical space and infrastructure. It will enable them to provide even more comprehensive care to their patients and accommodate more animals in need.

Specifically, they plan to set up a hospital for larger animals, such as horses and cows, requiring specialized care and equipment. It will enable them to expand their services to a wider range of animals and provide even more specialized care to those in need.

In addition to expanding their physical space, they plan to establish a separate department and care facility for permanently disabled animals. It will enable SDF to provide long-term care and support to animals with special needs, including those who require ongoing medical attention or rehabilitation.

She concludes, “Overall, we are committed to continuously improving and expanding our offerings to ensure that we are providing the highest quality care to our patients and meeting the evolving needs of our clients. As the founder of Shree Danev Foundation, I want to express how integral each supporter is to the welfare of the injured birds and animals we care for. It’s not just about rescuing; it’s about creating an environment where these creatures can heal, flourish, and hopefully, return to their natural habitats. Together, we can create a world where human kindness extends to all living beings.”

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Shree Danev Foundation: Being Truly Human by Caring and Saving Animals


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