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These are the 20 Best Motorcycle Gloves of 2022


For some they may be just a fashion statement, but Motorcycle Gloves are a necessary piece of gear not only in case of accident, but also to protect your hands from the wind, bad weather and even the sun’s scorching hot rays in the summer.

It doesn’t matter what kind of motorcyclist you are or how fast you’re going, your hands are very important. If you can’t control your hands properly, you won’t be able to control your motorcycle properly. If your hands are cold, their movement is impaired and your time to react will increase, which is never a good thing on two wheels.


Even more so, in case you go down, your first instinct will probably be to put your hands down on the pavement in order to protect yourself. Should that happen, you’ll want to have some form of Protection.

So let’s take a closer look at our selection of the 20 best motorcycle gloves of 2022:

20. Rukka Argosaurus 2.0 Gore-Tex

Rukka Argosaurus 2.0 Gore-Tex

A Finnish company specialized in producing cold and wet weather gear, Rukka, has built a good reputation for making high end riding gear. Their Argosaurus 2.0 Gore-Tex gloves prove that. Though on the high side when it comes to pricing, they’re still not as high as the more established companies out there.

The second generation Argosaurus GTX have a primary leather construction, with a wind proof and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane that will keep your hands dry and warm in some of the worst riding conditions. The gloves are also touchscreen compatible, and have a few helpful features such as ventilated fingers and knuckles and visor wipe. You also get a two year factory warranty when you purchase them.

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19. Dainese X-Ride

Dainese X-Ride

Though expensive, Dainese are very well known for their quality. The Dainese X-Ride gloves are probably some of the best daily use gloves ever made. The Italian maker had a lot of input data from MotoGP riders which they then analyzed before they made these gloves.

The X-Ride are made from a single goatskin layer backed by goatskin overlays and goatskin reinforcements in the palm, thumbs and trigger finger areas.

Added to the solid construction is Dainese’s Distortion Control Protection system, which prevents the pinky from breaking in case of impact, Ergo-Tek knuckel armor, adjustable neoprene cuffs, touchscreen compatible fingertips and micro-elastic inserts for a perfect fit.

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18. Spidi X-Knit

Spidi X-Knit

Probably some of the lightest daily use motorcycle gloves at only 100 grams (3.5 oz), but without sacrificing too much protection, the Spidi X-Knit offer CE, moto PPE and EN certifications. They’re like your usual warm knitted gloves with full certified protection. The material they’re made of is a highly abrasion resistant suede microfiber.

The gloves also come with touchscreen compatible fingertips, padding along the palm area and on the sides and adjustable wrist closures. Impact protection won’t be the same without any knuckle armor, but considering how light and comfortable they are, they’re a worthy buy at only $53. They could even be great as driving gloves. 

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17. Alpinestars HT-7 Heat Tech Drystar

Alpinestars HT-7 Heat Tech Drystar

If the price of $450 doesn’t tell you, the Alpinestars HT-7 Heat Tech Drystar wireless heated gloves are among the most premium motorcycle gloves you could buy today.

The HT-7s are made from an ergonomic stretch micro ripstop soft-shell with goat leather on the palms and back of the hands, 80 grams of Primaloft insulation, dual-density knuckle armor, palm sliders, plus Alpinestars’ proprietary Drystar membrane to keep your hands dry.

The gloves also have a stainless-enameled copper-nickel heating yarn which allows for a more efficient heat transmission to the biker’s hands. And if that wasn’t enough, the wireless heating system detects when the gloves are put on, allowing for automatic turn on, or shut down when the rider removes them.

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16. Rev’It! Dominator 3 GTX

Rev’It! Dominator 3 GTX

Rev’It! is among the most known motorcycle gear brands and that’s because they don’t disappoint. Their Dominator 3 GTX gloves stand proof of the quality, continuous innovation and advanced materials and technologies used.

The $300 pair of riding gloves features a perforated drum-dyed goatskin leather construction with Pittards hairsheep diamond WR100X leather for the palm area, rugged Gütermann threading, Gore-Tex membrane with Gore-Grip technology, foam pad for the fingers, palms and thumb, ventilated dual composite armored knuckles and TPU hard-shell thumb protectors and palm sliders.

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15. Dainese Full Metal 6

Dainese Full Metal 6

Another premium glove, the Dainese Full Metal 6 comes fully packed with features.

Top shelf goatskin, carbon fiber inserts for finger joints, carbon and titanium knuckle inserts, Dainese’s DCP System, thermoplastic resin and micro-elastic inserts for the little finger, aramid fiber liner and stitching, quadruple elastic between knuckles and back of the hand for maximum mobility and the famous ‘Rossi Ticklers’ where the fingers meet the palm.

Should that be enough? Well, if they’re good enough for Valentino Rossi, they’re good enough for everybody.

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14. Rev’It! Jerez 3

Rev’It! Jerez 3

Made from kangaroo leather, the Rev’It! Jerez 3 are some of the best motorcycle gloves you can have when it comes to protection. They come with FIM racing homologation and plenty of thick armor on the knuckles, a high gauntlet with secure fit for added protection and Rev’It!’s Harmonica construction that provides comfort and mobility.

While the quality is top notch and the gloves provide good comfort and weather protection, they are more oriented towards the track rider than the street one, as they might be a bit cumbersome for casual street riding. And let’s not forget the fact that they are quite pricy at $390.

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13. Speed and Strength Rust and Redemption Gloves

Speed and Strength Rust and Redemption Gloves

With an all leather construction and costing $70, the Speed and Strength Rust and Redemption gloves are probably one of the best option available if you think leather only. The advantages of these gloves are high quality and durability, very good abrasion resistance, hinged knuckle panels and a curved shape to make them fit as comfortable as possible.

On the negative side, they’re not waterproof and not a good option for hot weather riding. But if you think long term, given their durable construction, they’ll probably hold on for years of riding, so they’re a good investment.

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12. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2

Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2

Probably the best gloves for both track days and street riding, the Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2 gloves offer plenty of protection and premium quality. The gloves have a combined leather and mesh construction that ensures optimal airflow for those hot days of riding while not sacrificing protection.

Besides the thick and breathable material, the SMX-1 Air V2’s also feature a high end poly-blend reinforcement with extra padding for the palm and thumb area, plus the obvious knuckle armor. The fingertips are touchscreen compatible, and the gloves offer a good overall grip.

Despite the overall good build quality, expect a little less protection and durability in the mesh area, but that’s a compromise that had to be made in order to offer amazing comfort riding in the sun.

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11. Icon Anthem 2 CE

Icon Anthem 2 CE

At $40, the Icon Anthem 2 CE are the cheapest gloves on our list. But that doesn’t make them bad at all. They’re probably the best compromise when it comes to warm weather gloves. Flexible, lightweight and breathable, they have a mesh construction on the back of the hand with integrated D30 knuckle guard and a goatskin leather palm for increased abrasion resistance.

Among other features there are the neoprene cuff, Velcro closure, touchscreen compatibility for the thumb and index finger and CE certification. They come in a great selection of colors, for those who care about this aspect. One possible downside is the narrow fit in the hand area and long fingers, which means they won’t be a good fit for some hands.

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10. Joe Rocket Café Racer Motorcycle Gloves

Joe Rocket Café Racer Motorcycle Gloves

With a classic look and adequate protection for most situations, the Joe Rocket Café Racer Motorcycle Gloves are among the best options for those who look for a versatile pair of daily riding gloves. They’re aimed more towards the cruiser or retro motorcycle rider, but still good enough for that daily commute on any motorcycle.

Made from Napa leather, they’re soft and comfortable and come with double stitched padding in high impact areas and small perforations in the fingers for a little bit of ventilation. A big zipper on the back of the hand makes them very easy to take them on and off. And let’s not forget the price, which at $59.99 makes them even more appealing.

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9. Klim Vanguard GTX Short Gloves

Klim Vanguard GTX Short Gloves

Klim is another high end riding gear manufacturer, and their Vanguard GTX short gloves prove it. With a tough build, good insulation and waterproof outer layer, these pair of riding gloves are made for those cold weather days with heavy rain. Protection is high level too, with a leather shell, extra palm padding and hard armor on the knuckles.

The guys at Klim also added perks you wouldn’t see on other cold weather gloves like touchscreen compatible fingertips and visor wiper. Another advantage is the zipper, which makes taking them on and off a lot easier than with other gloves, especially on those rainy days.

Sure, they’re on the heavy side when it comes to pricing as well, but given the overall quality and features, they’re a must have for the touring and adventure riders out there.

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8. Alpinestars SP-8 V2

Alpinestars SP-8 V2

The Alpinestars SP-8 V2 are among the best overall motorcycle gloves. Featuring an ergonomic design, breathable materials and top protection, these Astars’ offer sufficient protection for your every-now-and-then track day so they’re more than able for any other ride. They offer CE-certified knuckle armor, plus soft armor for the fingers and EVA foam padding reinforcements on the back of the hand.

The full-grain leather construction ensures plenty of durability and abrasion resistance, while special materials on the palm and thumb make for increased grip. Despite all the advantages, casual riders may find them a bit too much.

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7. Gerbing Vanguard Heated Gloves

Gerbing Vanguard Heated Gloves

Aimed at those all season adventure riders who don’t shy away from riding in the winter, the Gerbing Vanguard Heated Gloves are a solid choice. Made from premium materials like Aniline cowhide leather, water resistant Aquatex and Thinsulate insulation, these gloves are very durable but flexible at the same time.

Also, they don’t sacrifice protection, thus offering TPU knuckle armor, gel pads on the palm and fingers, plus superfabric strips in some areas for high abrasion resistance.

The Gerbing Vanguards might look basic on the outside, but on the inside they’ve got a micro-wire heating system that manages to deliver plenty of heat throughout the entire glove, reaching even the tips of the fingers. Perfect for those cold days.

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6. Alpinestars SP-2 V2

Alpinestars SP-2 V2

Another pair from the Street Performance range of Alpinestars, the SP-2 V2 make track features available and affordable to the common rider. Featuring a full-grain leather construction, with sensitive areas reinforced with synthetic suede, solid leather in the palm area and perforations on the back of the hand and wrist for increased airflow, the Alpinestars SP-2 V2 are a great high quality option for those who have $140 to spare.

Protection comes in the form of injected TPU knuckles with intakes for additional ventilation, and a soft slider on the palm made from impact foam under double reinforced leather. Protection could have been a little bit better, with maybe a hard slider instead of a soft one, but the SP-2’s are still a great option at this price.

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5. Rev’It! Sand 4

Rev’It! Sand 4

Probably some of the best hot weather gloves around, the Rev’It! Sand 4 offer plenty of features and protection. There’s premium goatskin leather on the palms, fingers and lower wrist for abrasion resistance and the extremely durable PWRShell Mesh from Rev’It! with a 500D rating, which is good enough for a pair of summer gloves.

On the knuckle area there is a TPR injection formed armor, which offer good protection, high abrasion resistance, and excellent breathability. For even more protection, the thumb comes with extra armor, plus a hard TPU palm slider and triple stitched reinforced leather on the edge of the glove. The price is on the high side as well, but the quality and durability you get with the Rev’It! Sand 4 gloves matches it.

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4. Joe Rocket Atomic X2

Joe Rocket Atomic X2

While at the lower end of the price range, the Joe Rocket Atomic X2 motorcycle gloves are qualitative enough and offer good protection. Made from a combination of goatskin leather, stretch Spandex, neoprene and Chamude, these gloves feel super comfortable and snug, with enough flexibility so hand movements aren’t restricted while wearing them.

As for protection, they feature a 5mm high density padding around the index and middle fingers and leather for the palm and knuckles. Sure, they could have benefitted from some tough armor on the knuckles, but you’ve got to look at the price as well.

Also, there’s no waterproofing, so don’t expect them to keep your hands dry. While they have downsides when compared to the other gloves we’ve taken a look at, at only $40.49, they’re perfect for those casual riders on a budget.

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3. Alpinestars Megawatt

Alpinestars Megawatt

Another budget option, the Alpinestars Megawatt can tackle both on and off road riding. They’re durable, tough and come at a price most riders will love. Coming from Astars’, the quality is unquestionable. They’re made from perforated leather combined with stretch polyamide and synthetic suede.

The gloves come pre-curved, so they’re comfortable and don’t restrict movement at all. What’s also nice is the reinforced thumb and palm sections, thus offering a better grip, much needed in off-road situations.

They feature hard polymer knuckle armor for protection, extra suede reinforcements on the palm and other areas for added abrasion resistance, and foam padding on key impact zones. Despite the protection features, the Megawatt gloves are quite well ventilated.

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2. Rev’It! Quantum 2 Gauntlets

Rev’It! Quantum 2 Gauntlets

Coming back to the premium options, we have another Rev’It! pair of motorcycle gloves, the Quantum 2 Gauntlets. Derived from their MotoGP and World SBK counterparts, they offer motorsports quality at an affordable price.

The main construction is cowhide, with goatskin on the palms and synthetic layers for finger reinforcement. Protection also follows the one offered on track gloves, with armor on the knuckles, fingers, outer thumb, palm slide, edge of the hand and wrists. There is reinforced and double stitched leather on the outer side of the little finger.

When it comes to comfort, the Quantum 2 Gauntlets are balanced, with good comfort, but ventilation that lacks a bit due to the track oriented nature of the gloves. They come with a double closure, with writs cinch and gauntlet flap to ensure the glove won’t come off. On the other hand though, they need a break-in period because they are quite stiff when worn for the first time. All in all, it’s a very good pair of gloves, oriented towards the track or sporty street rider with lots of protection.

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1. Dainese Steel Pro

Dainese Steel Pro

The Dainese Steel Pro are another premium track oriented pair of gloves. Some call them the ultimate track gloves, so if track riding is your thing, these gloves will be worth the whole $279.99 you’ll need to pay for them.

They feature a tough goatskin leather construction with plenty of armor. Dainese has put composite and stainless steel inserts on the knuckle area, with thermoplastic armor on the fingers, so it’s no surprise these gloves are certified to CE – Cat. II – PrEN 13594 Standard lev. 1.

Despite all that protection, they feel supple and very flexible. The gloves feature elasticated sections, adjustable cuff strap, tightening strap, and come pre-curved, making for a snug fit overall, without any compromise when it comes to mobility and flexibility.

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There you have it, these are the 25 best motorcycle gloves in our opinion. Do you have any other favorites?

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These are the 20 Best Motorcycle Gloves of 2022


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