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How To Find The Best Nude Lipsticks For Your Skin-Tone 

Finding the best Nude lipsticks has been a challenge for a very long time. When we were not so privy to the color theory being applicable to our skin, we always had this one concern: –

How come it looks gorgeous on the model and not on us?

There could be a plethora of reasons for that. None of it is your fault! Trust us, there is nothing wrong with your beautiful reasons.

Lack of color representation in advertisements.

Heavy filtering of the ads and photoshopping of certain features on the models.

Lack of color theory.

You can have the perfect nude lip; all you need is some guidance. So, this is how you can pick the best nude lipsticks for yourself.

Picking The Perfect Nude Lip Shade 

What is the best nude lipstick?

Something that enhances your natural lip color while matching your Skin Tone.

Do not make you feel uncomfortable upon application, even if the color is beautiful.

Most importantly, doesn’t give you concealer lips. Something you can get from placing a color too light to your skin tone on your lips.

So, here is how you can prevent the above issues.

Tip Numero Uno 

Finding your correct lip color is the first tip.

  • First, go for a color that is slightly lighter than your own lip color. This helps you get the lip plumped and flushed look. Something the beauty world is going crazy with right now.
  • Second, this is a TikTok beauty trick that seems to have been working. That is, helping you find the perfect nude color. Begin with slightly pinching down the back side of your thumb. As the blood rushes to the surface, it flushes your skin. Not only is it your perfect nude shade, but it is also your perfect blush color.
  • Third, your nude is at least two shades darker than your facial skin tone. This is why it is important not to wear foundation when looking for the best nude lipsticks. This rule applies to classic skin nude shades but also to pink, peach, coral, and other shades.

Tip Numero Dos 

At number two, we have perfect nude lipsticks for pale skin. As we all know, picking the wrong nude shade as a pale-skinned person makes you look flushed out. That is, it can drain even the most natural color from your face and make you look tired.

According to color theory, you do not have any contrasting colors on your face to create a balance.

If you have excessively red blush, this can also ruin your makeup look.

  • First, whenever you are picking the best nude lipstick shade for your face, remember to use the same shade as your blush. This gives you that natural no–makeuplook.
  • Second, if you have a dry skin tone, do not go for liquid nude shades. Rather, add a creamy consistency to your lips. You can also add gloss for special occasions as it distracts someone’s attention from the dryness.
  • Third, avoid lip colors with a brown base color; this can also be inconsistent with your makeup. They are likely to drain the natural pink from your lips. Too many cool brown tones for a yellowish pale skin can give a grayish hint.
  • Fourth, the range and beige undertone are perfect to subtract the pale and add color to your makeup.

Tip Numero Tres 

On number three, we have our brown-skinned girlies (medium, dusky, and olive) who have always faced this challenge. Finding the best nude lipsticks for them is an hour’s worth of swatches. The first mistake you are making is swathes on the fairer side of your hand.

Because you are masking your beautiful golden brown tan, here is how you can find the best nude shades for your skin.

  • First, go for darker nude shades. Yes, you can still enjoy a little pink action. But go for mauve or taupe as your top pink shades. Colors like berry pink won’t show on your lips as the blue undertone of brown lips will wash it out.
  • Second, dusty nude shades look perfect on brown skin tones.
  • Third, avoid shades with no yellow or brown undertone; they will definitely give you the concealer lips.
  • Fourth, lip shades that are lighter than your facial skin tone. Remember, your face is of a different color than the rest of the body.

Tip Numero Cuatro  

Now, coming to the are black beauties (deep and dark) and makeup enthusiasts. The ongoing fight to find the perfect shade for your skin tone is enough. So, let’s not extend it by going out with concealer lips.

Plus, why do you always have to fix your lips with a lip liner? Although it looks beautiful, every beauty enthusiast has the right to slap on nude lipstick and call it a day. Rather than trying to look for the perfect lip liner, this will go along.

  • First, do not go for lipsticks with a light pink undertone. If you want the flushed glow on your lips, go for nudes with a red undertone.
  • Second, not every brown has to be darker than your skin tone to be the perfect nude. You can go for a slightly lighter brown; just avoid anything pink or light yellow undertones. Rather, pick browns with red and blue pigments. This blends with your natural skin tone better and does the work of a lip liner without the extra step.
  • Third, go for liquid lipsticks as they show the color more prominently, accentuating your skin color.

Best Nude Lipsticks – Our Favorite Picks 

When picking the best nude lipsticks, we have kept the above pointers in mind. So, here is the compilation from our team.

  • Maybelline Superstar Matt in the shade of Loyalist. (Dark skin tone)
  • Covergirl outlasts all day in the shade of Nude Flush. (Dark skin tone)
  • Wet and Wild in the shade of Bare your Soul (Pale skin tone).
  • Elf hydrating core lip shine in Blissful (pale skin tone).
  • Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Uncuffed. (Brown skin tone).
  • MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour in Impulsive. (Brown skin tone).

You will find all the above picks on

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How To Find The Best Nude Lipsticks For Your Skin-Tone 


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