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Should A Barber Or Hairstylist Cut Mens Hair


It's an age-old debate, should a man have his hair cut by a hair stylist or by a barber? Both barbers and stylists are highly trained individuals, but who is best to cut a man's hair? Let us have a look at the different qualifications and training that each goes through for their specialty.

Hair stylists

Hair stylists generally have a broader range of services. You may find that they specialise in color services or cutting. When a stylist starts their apprenticeship in a salon they will most likely focus on cutting and styling longer hair. Salon stylists are trained in all the trendy styles. It is a very large part of their job to be on top of the industry trend. 

A man getting his haircut by a salon stylist may be looking for a longer hair cut. They may also want a more fashion forward cut, not just a basic short back and sides. A hair stylist will most likely be more inclined to use their scissors over clippers. A scissor cut can get as short as clippers, however scissors do tend to give a softer finish and a better grow out, then clippers. So if you prefer a scissor cut, a salon cut maybe for you!

A stylist will also most likely have more knowledge on styling products and hair care.They will also be well versed in the art of styling hair, meaning they can show you how to use a blow dryer if you need to !

Mens colouring is becoming more popular, from bleach blonde hair or chunky highlights to subtle grey coverage, a man may find that the best place for him to achieve these looks is at a hair salon. 

At hair salons there may also be a different type of service. Most hair salons are by appointment. Some men may prefer this as you know exactly what time to be there and what time you will see your hairstylist. Most salons will start their cutting service with a shampoo. While some men may like the extra attention, others may shy away from it. They will also be offered other salon services, such as colour or waxing. This is not for every man and this kind of fuss may be why they choose a barber over a hairstylist. Men also may find it intimidating to be surrounded by women when getting their hair done and may choose a barbershop instead.


A barber's primary focus is cutting men's hair. Most barbers are trained in more traditional haircuts, like a short back and sides. A master barber can also use a cut throat. They are trained to do beard trims and hot lather face shaves. This is a skill you will find that only barbers will have. Traditional barbering includes an extensive knowledge of clipper cuts and scissor over comb. A barber is typically trained to use their clippers more often than scissors. They are well versed in clipper over comb and fades or even a military style cut. A hairstylist may not have as much training with a pair of clippers as a barber will. 

Barbers are also trained to do quicker cuts. Barbershops are more typically known for being walk-ins only. This may suit the busy man's schedule. He walks in, waits a few minutes, gets his haircut and is out the door in 20-30 minutes. Not all barber shops will have a basin to shampoo hair at. This means that if you're hoping for a nice hair wash, you may not find it at the barbershop.

But wait !

There is still another option. If you're a man who cares about the latest trendy hairstyle, but also wants a more male focused option you're in luck ! These days there is a big industry trend moving toward more upscale barber shops, or the men's salon. The modern barbershop is where the line between barber and stylists is becoming blurred. These barbershops and men's salons are known for focusing more on trendy styles and good service. Many offer a variety of services from haircuts to colour and even mens waxing. Those wanting to work in these barbershops and salons will most likely go through more training to make sure they are well versed in classic men's haircuts, current trends, beard trims, shaves and other services. 

We have mentioned waxing but also some of these men's salons focus on the entirety of men's grooming. You may be able to find yourself a men's manicure and pedicure, and some of these salons even have a men's spa. These Men's grooming salons are great for the man who loves to be pampered without being surrounded by mostly women. 

Which should you choose?

Well if you prefer a quick haircut with little to no fuss, a neck shave and maybe even a beard trim- Go to a barber ! You'll have good banter, a great traditional style haircut and save time.

If you have long hair, or want to try a new longer hair style, and you want the full treatment - Go to a salon. You'll walk out feeling refreshed.

And of course if both sound good and you're looking for somewhere that will blend traditional barbering with the salon experience, we definitely recommend checking out one of the many upscale barbershops that are now becoming so popular! 

The real main difference between all of these is how you want your experience to be. You will find plenty of barbers with incredible cutting skills and hairstylists with plenty of mens haircut experience. So the choice is up to you ! And now that you know all about barbers and stylists you can find what works best for you and your hair!

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Should A Barber Or Hairstylist Cut Mens Hair