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Birthstones According to Months, Zodiac Signs & Effects

The birthstones of your month and their meanings. The birthstones that correspond to you, reveal themselves in the guide of the Stones.

Table of birthstones:

Month of birth


























Although it was only around the 15th century in Poland that the practice of wearing birthstones began to take root, these gemstones had in fact already integrated Western culture much earlier, namely The breastplate of Aaron (Moses 2,28: 15-30). Aaron's breastplate was a religious garment worn by the Jewish priests during the ceremonies. It was decorated with 12 gemstones supposed to represent the 12 tribes of Israel and, at the same time, the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 months of the year.
Given that it is very difficult to differentiate stones of the same color if one does not have solid knowledge in the same field; gemstones have not always been classified according to their type of mineral. Many stones of identical color were formerly known under the same name. As a result, opinions today differ as to which stones were actually on the chest harness. There are now different lists of birthstones, depending on when and where they were made.

First Official List of Birthstones Established in 1912
The first "official" list was developed in 1912 by the Jewelers' Association of America (known as the American National Association of Jewelers). The list below was developed in 1952 by the Jewelry Industry Council and revised in 2002 by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). A birthstone is chosen based on the day of birth, birthday or other important date. But did you also know that in the past it was customary to wear a different stone each month? In the Middle Ages, people were convinced that the strength of the stones intensified during the month to which they correspond.

Thinking! Which stone corresponds to You? The list is below:

Birthstone of the month of January


Garnet is a symbol of loyalty and commitment. It is given many virtues. He would be protective, the Crusaders adorn their armor to avoid injury. It is said to bring prosperity. It is also the Stone of the Lovers, it would awaken the passions and would even have aphrodisiac powers.

Birthstone of the month of February

It is called the Stone of the Bishops. According to legend, it would connect the human with the Divine. It would be synonymous with positive energy, chase bad thoughts and prevent bad dreams. More amazingly, it is said that the amethyst would prevent drunkenness: in ancient times, it was common to drink in amethyst glasses in order not to get drunk.

Birthstone of March

The Aquamarine, it protects from the dangers of traveling at sea. Its beautiful color inspired our ancients, who would attribute purifying virtues to it. It is also said to inspire and bring creativity. It would protect the lovers.

Birthstone of April

The Diamond is the most prestigious of the stones in the world and at the same time the symbol of an eternal love, purity and solidity.
The legends around the Diamond are very numerous: in the Middle Ages at court, it was common to ingest diamond powder for its virtues ... It was soon discovered that this remedy was even worse than the evils.

Birthstone of May

There are many legends around the Emerald, most often associated with the Holy Grail, but also with Cleopatra, which distributed portraits of her engraved on emeralds to her high dignitaries. He is attributed with soothing virtues. It would strengthen Love and promote friendships.

Birth stones of the month of June

Rarer than the Diamonds, its price can align itself with its last. Discovered in the 19th century in Russia, the source is dry now, but it is also found in Brazil, Burma or Madagascar. It is the Stone of the ambitious, indeed this one symbolizes power, wisdom and justice.


Mythology, the Moon Stone, has often been associated with female divinities, which is why it is often associated with the symbol of maternity but also with eroticism and sensuality. The Romans thought that the brilliance of this Stone changed according to the phases of the Moon.


Like the Moonstone, the Pearl is also a relatively feminine stone. It is associated with Venus, sensuality, and perfect beauty.

Birthstone of the month of July

Ruby Represents: Love, Romance & Voluptuousness. The Ruby and its red color inflame the spirits. In a completely different spirit, it has often been used to commemorate the Passion. It is a stone with protective and curative properties. It also symbolizes courage.
This is the Stone of the Capricorns.

Birthstone of August

It is a fascinating Stone, and many legends are born around it: The Peridot is the symbol of Protection, the Pirates used it to make a good trip. It is also associated with medicine and is given curative virtues: the Egyptians were treated with this stone. It is said that it would also remove the grief of love and the evil eye.

Birthstone of September

More famous in its blue color, the Sapphire can assume many colors. It is often associated with fidelity, and it is fashionable to offer it as an engagement ring, Lady Diana was not mistaken. It is also a symbol of purity, wisdom and immortality.
It is the stone of the Scales.

Birth stones of the month of October

Numerous legends around the Opal, surely because of its incredible color play. According to many legends, this Stone would be a lucky charm, its Opalescence would be the reflection of the mood of its possessor. In the Middle Ages, it was thought that the latter preserved the thieves by giving them the power of invisibility.


Tourmaline has a strange power: it attracts the ashes of the hearth on which it has been heated since it is a static electricity carrier. Dutch sailors used it to clean their pipe. It is a symbol of serenity and one would lend to him soothing virtues.

Birth stones for the month of November


The citrine is a symbol of prosperity and glory, it was considered at the time as the Stone of the merchants. It is said to bring joy, and to transform negative waves into positive waves. It would also promote concentration.


The Topaz is considered a holy stone, being one of the twelve stones that allowed the construction of Jerusalem. It is a symbol of loyalty, offering a Topaz would be the guarantee of an eternal friendship. It would also bring serenity.

December Birthstones

The Tanzanite is most often associated with the Maasai people, the latter offering this stone to their newborns in order to bring them luck. It is a stone most commonly found in Tanzania, and very rarely in Pakistan.


It is one of the first gemstones to have been mined. -6000 BC! Due to its long history, there is a plethora of legends about it. Exchange currency among the indigenous peoples of the two Americas, sacred objects, it is a symbol of wealth and peace. It would also be a protective stone that would absorb negative energies.


Zircon is often mistaken for Zirconium. The Zircon is a natural stone, the Zirconium a synthetic stone. It has often been used in remote times as a talisman against burglaries. It is also said that he would heal the sorrows of love and favor the letting go.

Why offer a jewel set with a birthstone?
A birthstone is usually offered to loved ones, to loved ones. In addition to the symbolism of offering a jewel set with real birthstones, these jewels are elegant to wear and allow you to keep a real gift of high sentimental value, and keep it for life.

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Birthstones According to Months, Zodiac Signs & Effects


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