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Almond Oil for Beard Growth: Benefits & Must-Know Tips

Growing a nice-looking Beard has become a must within male styling in modern times. Eight out of ten men have a beard today. Growing a beard has never been so popular and so have the products and tactics that help us to get one.

If you look at your beard-growing kit, you will notice that many products have Almond Oil as one of the main ingredients. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as almond oil is one of the integral pieces that help men get a good-looking beard.

But does almond oil help you grow a beard? To help you understand the use of almond oil for beard, we decided to explain everything up close to you and help you know its good sides as well as tell you about some negatives.

If you are looking to fix a patchy beard, you will know after reading this article if almond oil is the solution.

Does It Help Beard Growth

Most people are interested in almond oil to help fix a slow-growing beard. Almond oil is rich in nutrients and minerals that nurture our hair and help it grow stronger.

There is a good reason why almond oil is the main ingredient in many beard care products. Our facial hairs are mostly made out of proteins, 90% to be exact. The main one is keratin, which almond oil has an abundance of.

Therefore, it is only natural to nourish facial hair with the stuff it needs the most. Almond oil also contains a lot of fatty acids, which help in retaining moisture which helps our beard get the desired shine. Almond oil also contains magnesium and biotin.

The lack of magnesium causes skin dryness, ultimately setting a bad ground for beard growth. On the other hand, biotin is a natural cure for damaged hair caused by dry skin conditions.

Ultimately it means that almond oil will prevent our skin from going dry and allow it to nurture the hairs coming out of it in a profane way. More so, almond oil reduces dandruff and thus prevents beard itchiness.

It helps to get a softer beard and reduces the split ends one may get with a dry beard. However, it does not directly promote beard growth. It affects the skin and beard in a variety of positive ways that will create the perfect conditions for growing a better beard.

Unfortunately, it does have its bad sides, which are luckily fewer than the positives. Almond oil is much more prone to oxidation than any other carrier oil and does come with minimal DHT-blocking effects. But these can easily be avoided with the gradual use of almond oil for the beard.


Almond oil is highly beneficial for beard growth. It has various positive effects that will allow you to grow a much stronger and better beard. Whether you are using beard soap or not, you should include the use of almond oil due to the following reasons.

  • Promotes Beard Growth: Even though it does not affect beard growth directly, it nurtures the hair by giving it all the proteins and minerals it needs to grow nice and healthy. At the same time, it improves the conditions of our skin, making it the perfect ground for growing long beard styles. Additionally, it enhances the look of your beard, making it softer and glossier.
  • Reduces Dandruff: Dandruff is caused by dry skin and dry beards. Using almond oil locks in moisture on your face and prevents beard and skin dryness from happening. This also reduces the number of dead skin cells. Preventing dry skin also helps alleviate and fix all other problems that may come with this sort of condition.
  • Prevents Inflammation: Almond oil contains fatty acids and vitamin E, which are perfect for preventing inflammation. Thanks to the fact that it softens and moisturizes your skin, it will also improve blood circulation. The skin will produce enough of its oils and stop inflammation from ever happening.
  • Strengthens Hairs: You will also be able to find linoleic and oleic acid within almond oil, which can serve as a lubricant for follicles. This prevents friction when styling or braising your hair, making for a lot stronger long goatee. The oil also has enough proteins and nourishment to strengthen your facial hair.
  • Fights of Acne: Almond will not close pores and comes with emollient properties. It helps to keep the skin free of acne breakouts allowing you to have a smoother face.

How to Use Properly

There is a clear and proper way to apply almond oil, which has the most effect on your beard. You should know that when you wash your face, you also clear away all the oils from it, making it prone to dryness. Therefore, you are going to want to moisturize it.

This is done by applying various moisturizing products, making it soft again. As far as the beard goes, the situation is almost the same. You need to replenish the moisture within your beard after washing by applying almond or coconut oil for your beard. Not doing it will make your beard dry. 

Here are the necessary steps on how to properly apply almond oil:

Step 1 – Dry off your face and beard first

Put a few drops of almond oil in your hand. Rub your palms together and spread the oil on your palms.

Step 2 – Apply to the root and over the hair

Be sure to apply the almond oil to the root of your beard. But do not forget to apply some over the hair as well. Apply a comb or brush to distribute the oil over your beard evenly.


Does almond oil thicken your beard?

Almond oil will not directly make your beard thicker but will create the best conditions for it to become stronger, look better, and perhaps get thicker. Almond oil, the same as castor oil for beard, has a lot of nourishments that will allow you to get a much healthier beard.

Are there any side effects to using almond oil for beard growth?

There are only a few side effects of using almond oil, which only happen if one uses it too much. When applying the oil directly to their skin, allergic men will probably get a rash or experience some redness.

Does almond oil block DHT?

Studies have shown that almond oil is a DHT blocker. But the amount that it blocks is currently unknown. The usage of almond oil will still not cause damage, as its benefits are far greater than the negatives.

Blocking DHT is not suitable for beard growth, but since it happens in a minuscule proportion with almond oil, it is something that can be disregarded.


As you can see, almond oil for the beard is a potent and valuable supplement that helps nourish the beard. It has many healthy and beneficial properties that will satisfy even a beard on a heart face shape to thrive.

All you have to do is to follow the steps in applying it and not overdo it and soon, you will start to experience the enormous benefits of it.

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Almond Oil for Beard Growth: Benefits & Must-Know Tips


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