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12 Hot Comb Over Fade Haircuts: Here’s How to Get Them

Comb-over hairstyles are among the trendiest hairstyles today. The simple-to-maintain hairstyle was in the past common among balding men who used it to disguise their receding hair.

The hairstyle has since then lost its original meaning as men find ways to pair it with creative cuts like the fade. Comb over fades may feature low, high, or shadow fades. You need the right tools like hair clippers and products like hair pomade for styling to get a comb-over fade.

What Is It

A comb-over is a haircut that features short sides and back with the hair on the top left longer and parted to one side. Because of that, a comb-over is also referred to as a side part. The haircut gets even more interesting when combined with a fade on the sides.

When it comes to how you part your hair to the side, it all comes down to your hair growth pattern and personal preference. The comb-over is a timeless haircut that never seems to go out of style but instead gets better.

It is ideal for a night out or a conservative day at the office. It is also a perfect haircut for men experiencing a hairline recession.

12 Most Popular Hairstyles

High Fade

The sides and back feature a high skin fade with a high fade. Just below the hair at the top is a fade that blends the cut more subtly. The high fade evolved from military-style haircuts.

Mid Fade

The mid fade sits in the mid-region, not too high towards the crown or too low towards the hairline. The mid fade is about the length of the hair on top and a short tight length along the back and sides. The fade comb-over is ideal for men who like keeping it simple with their hair.

Low Fade

A low fade comb-over is achieved with fade hair clippers, resulting in a fresh look without going too short on the back and sides. A low fade sometimes gives the illusion of a triangular appearance so ensure your face shape can suit the style.

It’s a great hairstyle if you have longer hair at the top but still want to maintain some volume and length on the back and sides.

Skin Fade

A skin fade is achieved with a zero blade. The style originated from the military but has since evolved into several variations. Also referred to as a short and tight hairstyle, it is ideal for a round face shape.


The undercut comb-over fade features a mid-bald fade on the sides and back, noticeably shorter than the hair on top. The result is a trendy undercut comb over that you can enhance with blonde highlights. Run your fingers through the hair to add volume and definition to the look.


The taper comb-over was popularized by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis, and has become the go-to style for men who don’t want overly complicated hairstyles that are hard to maintain.

Side Part

The side part fade isn’t new in the hairstyling world and comes in several variations. If you are going for the side part, ensure you maintain a clean look at the part, as it’s the focal point of the fade.

Slick Back

The slick back hairstyle is a popular hairstyle but one that is easier to achieve with shorter hair. If you are going for the slick back comb-over fade, ensure you have a strong hairline to pull off the look.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk comb-over fade is perfect if you are going for a more jagged edge look. The cut will fit both formal and informal settings. Most men who choose this hairstyle go for the short faux hawk version rather than the longer one.


The pompadour hairstyle was popular in the 90s but has made a strong comeback with the modern man. The pompadour comb-over fade works perfectly for long hair.

Curly Top

A curly top comb-over fade will work perfectly for men with naturally curly hair. Rather than cutting the hair short of taming the curls, fade the sides and back and let the remaining long curly hair on top fall to one side. You can also use hair cream to soften the curls.

Textured Top

If you like experimenting with different hairstyles, you can go for more defined short sides. The hair on top is left long enough to sweep to the side. For an added touch, you can make the hair fall over your forehead. Use a hair dryer or hot iron to style the hair on top.

How to Grow and Maintain

Step 1 – Choosing a style

The comb-over fade is a flattering hairstyle that makes a face and head appear less round and circular.  It emphasizes your hairline, which means that thin hair will look even thinner.

If you are already balding, a Caesar cut fade or a buzz cut fade will look much better on you and if you have a long or thin face shape, keep the fade low. Also, a comb-over fade tends to elongate the head and neck, so if you don’t have the right face shape, it could make you look like a tortoise.  

Step 2 – Styling

Shampoo and condition your hair to get rid of dirt and oil buildup. Towel dry the hair and apply a dime-sized amount of pomade throughout the hair, and then use the leftover to mat down the shorter hair section.

Use a comb to emphasize a natural part by positioning it on the part and combing the hair away from it towards the side.

Step 3 – Maintaining

To maintain a comb-over fade, trim the sides and back every two weeks to keep the fade. Also, use the right hair products to maintain the style.

Step 4 – Products to use

To use pomade vs wax or gel vs clay when styling a comb-over fade? Some must-have products when you have a comb-over fade are hair pomade for styling or wet-finish gel, but hair wax and clay can also work depending on the style you’re going for. 

You also need to invest in good hair shampoo and conditioner to keep your comb-over clean and impeccable. If you have thinning hair, consider using hair tonics.


What kind of fade suits my comb-over best?

You can go for a low fade, mid fade, and high fade.

How long should hair be for a comb-over?

Hair should be 2 to 4 inches long for a comb-over.

What’s the difference between comb-overs and side parts?

 A side part emphasizes how the hair separates down the perennial ridge while a comb-over is longer and emphasizes the hair volume on top and how hair sweeps to the side.

Are comb-overs high maintenance?

A comb-over isn’t high maintenance and takes about five minutes to style.

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12 Hot Comb Over Fade Haircuts: Here’s How to Get Them


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