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Beard vs No Beard Comparison: Detailed Expert Guide

Why Does Facial Hair Exist

Facial hair commonly exists among men. The reason behind it is the presence of androgens, a male hormone. Androgens stimulate the development of male qualities, including Facial Hair, which is why you can see it mostly in men.

This means that facial hair appears as a response to androgen. However, there are also cases when women produce too much androgen, causing them to have facial hair, too.

Despite that, it is more natural and common in men, who constantly need to use the best oil-free moisturizers and beard oils to keep their beard/facial hair well-groomed if they decide to wear one.

Pros and Cons of Having a Beard


  • It looks fantastic and unique. If you are searching for a way to look cool and unique, you should learn some tips on growing a thicker beard and apply them. You also have plenty of beard styles to choose from, allowing you to get the look you truly want. You will indeed look unique and different with your beard fully grown.
  • It offers protection against sun damage. With your beard grown, you can give your facial skin adequate protection from the damage that the sun may cause. Aside from protecting your skin from sunburn, it can also lessen the risk of severe damage as it blocks harmful UV rays.
  • Your beard acts as a face warmer. During the winter, your beard offers your face a layer of protection from the cold wind and weather. It serves as a blanket that can warm up your face.
  • It is a great way to express your unique personality. Note that there are many beard styles to choose from, each catering to men’s various attitudes and personalities in different parts of the world. This allows you to pick one that looks good on you while helping you express yourself and your unique personality.
  • Your beard makes you less prone to allergies and infections. It can prevent dust and pollen from reaching your respiratory system. Your facial hair serves as a filter, making it effective in stopping allergens from penetrating your throat and lungs.
  • It can make you feel more confident and masculine. Your beard will even serve as your bragging rights. It enhances your confidence and your feeling of masculinity, which is also suitable for attracting the opposite sex.


  • Beard requires maintenance. Plenty of care will be involved to retain your beard’s nice and neat look. You also have to spend time shaping and styling it. Moreover, you are required to learn a few methods to soften the beard and apply them. This may cause a lot of inconveniences, especially for busy and impatient men.
  • There is a risk of itchiness and patchiness. Your facial hair may grow patchy, so you have to learn how to fix a patchy beard. The patches may not also look good, which may hamper your confidence. In addition, the beard may become itchy, so you should invest in beard oil, premium beard pomades, and aftershave balm to prevent that from happening.

Quick Tips on Maintaining the Beard

  • Clean your beard. Do this every time you wash your face. Use beard shampoo regularly, too. Alternatively, you can apply a gentle face wash to clean your beard thoroughly. Cleaning and washing your beard regularly can contribute to keeping it fresh, shiny, and hydrated. It also helps in stopping and preventing beard burn.
  • Comb your beard. Use a beard comb that has small teeth in styling your beard. When combing your beard, move it downwards since it can help in increasing volume. Apply beard oil, too, to keep your facial hair securely in place and give it some shine.
  • Apply beard balm. This product can help a lot if you have a dry and sensitive beard that beard oil can’t seem to fix. Beard balm is thicker than beard oil and has saturated fats and beeswax as its primary ingredients. This makes it more beneficial than beard oils.
  • Trim. Do not ignore the need to trim your beard with sharp beard scissors and trimmers. Trim the split ends of your beard or facial hair regularly. Through regular trimming, you can prevent your hair from becoming coarse and unmanageable. It can also provide your facial hair with a clean edge.
  • Exfoliate and nourish your beard. While growing your beard, it would help to exfoliate it, too. This is necessary for preventing ingrown hair, redness, and irritation. To exfoliate the skin beneath your beard, use a beard scrub.

Pros and Cons of Having Clean Shaved Face

Men can choose to wear a beard or not. In other words, there is nothing wrong with deciding to wear a clean-shaven face. You might want to shave it off for the clean and fresh feel that a clean shave can provide.


  • Gives you a clean and neat look. Getting a perfectly close shave or shaving your facial hair completely can give you a clean and tidy look. This is good if this is the kind of look that you are after.
  • Easy to maintain. Your decision to shave off your beard means you no longer have to overthink styling and maintenance. It will be easy for you to maintain this look since it only requires shaving your beard every time they start appearing.

  • Gives you a younger look. Note that men who choose to have clean-shaven faces look more youthful. This may not be a good idea for those who are young-looking naturally and prefer to look old. If that’s the case, they may want to grow a beard. However, if your goal is to retain your youthful glow and complexion, then choosing to remove and shave off your facial hair is the best decision you can make.
  • Gets rid of dead skin. This is good for you, as dead skin can result in pimples and acne.
  • Makes you look more formal. This is a significant advantage, especially if you are part of the business and corporate world. With your clean-shaven look, people around you will most likely respect and look up to you.


  • Requires regular shaving. The need to shave regularly may be a chore for some men. This is especially true if you have facial hair that grows faster than usual.
  • Can be costly in the long run. Yes, it requires less maintenance, but you may have to spend money on the blades you will be used for shaving.

Quick Tips on How to Get Clean Shave

  • Put on some warm water on your beard or facial hair. This can help soften your beard and open up your pores, promoting further ease in shaving.
  • Put on some shaving foam or gel. Apply the product to your face. With the help of a shaving brush (make sure it is soft enough), form a lather from the foam or gel.
  • Get a clean razor, then start shaving. Ensure that you are shaving in the actual hair growth direction. Rinse with warm water.
  • Use aftershave. Consult a guide to using aftershave so you can maximize the benefits of this product. You can choose to put on either the aftershave cream or gel.
  • Never shave a dry beard. The reason is that this may lead to razor burns since the facial hair is not yet soft.
  • Apply pre-shave lotion or oil. This tip is the key to preventing razor burns.

Beard vs No Beard

Whether to sport a beard or a clean-shaven face will be entirely up to you. It will be based on your preferences and what you feel comfortable wearing. Note, though, that most men feel the need to grow a beard because it is the classic look.

It also seems to never go out of style. What’s even better about having a groomed and well-trimmed facial hair or beard is that it works in defining the shape of your face. It can also give you a different character. In addition, you will look manlier with it.

However, no one can deny how great having a clean-shaven face looks and feels, too. It makes you look neat, fresh, and clean. You can feel that, too.

Moreover, a clean-shaven face may be the best route for you if you work in the corporate or business world and prefer professional and clean-looking men.


Do girls prefer bearded or clean-shaven men?

Most women prefer men with a beard over those who are clean-shaven. This inclination towards men who sport bearded looks may be attributed to the fact that the beard truly helps display masculinity, power, and appeal.

How to take care of your skin without a beard?

One way to take good care of your skin, even if you don’t have a beard, is to clean your face regularly. Do this carefully. Do not let the water dry up on your skin, especially if you haven’t shaved yet, causing some stubbles to be around.

It is also advisable to use aftershave products. These include aftershave balm, lotion, and cream. Such products can help prevent the usual effects of shaving, like razor bumps, itchiness, rashes, swelling, pimples, acne, and irritation.

Ensure that you also maintain clean and hygienic conditions to keep your skin free from dust and dirt. Do not forget to moisturize as it can help retain the cooling effects on your skin throughout the process of shaving.

How to fix a patchy beard?

If you have a patchy beard, don’t worry too much, as there are still some things you can do to fix it. Here are a few do’s and don’ts when fixing a patchy beard.

  • Let your beard grow – Even if it looks patchy, you should still be patient and give it a few more weeks to grow. Probably, it would take around 90 to 120 days for your beard to have healthy growth minus the patchiness.
  • Stimulate beard growth naturally – You can make that possible by getting enough rest/sleep, exercise, and nutritious foods.
  • Supplement with biotin – Take this supplement if you think you can’t get the nutrient from the foods you eat.
  • Use the right beard brush – The best one you can use is that which has boar hair. This brush can help in directing longer facial hair over thinner areas.
  • Trim beard regularly – Ensure that the trimming you do helps accentuate your beard’s strong areas.

With all these simple tips, you will soon notice significant improvements in your beard and get rid of its patchiness.

What beard style is most popular?

The Balbo is recognized as one of the most popular beard styles preferred by many men now. This style is worn by Robert Downey, Jr., which also looks good on him since it perfectly fits his facial features.

To sport the Balbo, you should first work on growing a full beard. This will give you more than enough hair to shape your beard into this style. Avoid shaving for a minimum of four weeks until you have a fully developed and grown beard.

You can also go for the classic full beard, which is popular because many consider this the manliest beard style. You can expect to look more appealing and attractive with a fully grown beard that went through proper grooming.

The reason is that it highlights facial features well. It also perfectly suits those with triangle and diamond faces.

What is the best product for beard maintenance?

To maintain your beard, the best product that you need to have in your beard grooming and maintenance kit is beard wash. It is the most crucial product for maintaining a beard. The reason is that you need it to give your beard a deep cleaning wash regularly.

It is highly recommended to use it to wash your beard every 3 to 4 days. You can also maintain your beard correctly with the help of beard balm, oil, conditioner, and comb.


To sport a beard or shave it off completely is something you may need to decide on at one point in your life. Fortunately, you have the freedom to make your choice between having a beard or a clean-shaven look. If you are fond of beards, you can grow yours, so they look healthy, complete, and luscious.

However, if you prefer a cleaner look and don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to maintaining beards, then you can do yourself a lot of favor by just shaving off your facial hair and sporting a clean-shaven face.

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Beard vs No Beard Comparison: Detailed Expert Guide


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