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How to Get Wavy Hair: 5 Quick Steps (Men’s Guide)

How To Get Wavy Hair: 5 Quick Steps (Men’s Guide)

What Is It

Wavy hair in men refers to hair that tends to grow straight before having curly and loose shapes. Most men love the classy look of wavy hair, especially if they grow it short. They also love how it falls under the most effortless flow hairstyles that are easy to wear and style.

They find wavy hair easy to integrate into other modern haircuts, including crew cut, undercut, fade, mohawk, and disconnected undercut.

With wavy hair, you even get the chance to experiment with the 70s hairstyles that are back now since your hair is so versatile. You can choose from numerous haircuts to maximize your wavy hair’s unique texture.

Tools to Use

Heat Curler

You need this if you have straight hair that you want to curl up. Ensure that you do not damage or burn your hair when using the heated curler. Choose a high-quality one and stick to its instructions when using it. Use a small-gauge curler overnight to tighten up your ringlets, too.

Bald Cap

Use a tight-fitting one. This cap is helpful if you need to leave some oil on your hair overnight.


Ensure that you are using a high-quality and premium brush. You need to use it to brush your hair before you take your shower so you can prevent clumping and matting. A great advantage when brushing before taking a shower is that it can add lightness and body to your hair, stimulating the wave or curl formation.

Microfiber Towel

Go for one that can eliminate frizz, too. That way, you are assured of the ability of the towel to absorb water profoundly and improve the shape of your wavy hair.

Hair Diffuser

Undoubtedly, this is the most useful tool for drying your hair immediately. It also can improve the definition of your curls and waves. Men can use this tool when turning their straight hair into a naturally wavy one. This is possible once the tool diffuses the constant spreading of air equally without resulting in frizzy hair.

How to Get

Step 1 – Apply a heat protectant before blow-drying

This helps in ensuring that the wavy hair you will get will look healthy.

Step 2 – Put on some hair cream

This product has a bit more grip and is strong enough that it can alter the shape of your hair. Let this product work into your hair. Add more styling by combing your hair in place or integrating a part.

Step 3 – Start making the wave

You can do that by twisting hair all over. You can expect the product you applied to your hair to hold the sections in place. Meanwhile, the hot air helps in locking in the shape or form, generating more volume and waves.

Step 4 – Blow-drying 

Use the built-in diffuser in case your blow-dryer has one since it helps blow out the air evenly, lowering the risk of frizz and improving the look of the waves. If your blow dryer does not have a diffuser, setting the device slightly away is advisable.

Step 5 – Scrunch the waves gently

Keep doing this until the hair is fully dry. After that, set your hair in place using salt or spray. Push it securely in place using your fingertips.

How to Style

Step 1 – Use a wide-tooth comb

This comb should be used in setting the curls or waves on your head.

Step 2 – Shape and style with fingers

Do this after combing but avoid pulling your hair.

Step 3 – Use an elastic band

To remove such tension on your tied hair, pull it a bit in the tension’s opposite direction. Do not also style your hair in a way that you will be forcing it to lay down. It may only cause damage or make your hair a bit unmanageable.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Rinse hair regularly

Do it every day. The goal here is to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your hair. In addition, it also ensures that your hair remains well-moisturized, which can contribute to encouraging curls and waves.

Step 2 – Don’t use shampoo excessively

Yes, you need to rinse your hair daily, but you should avoid using shampoo daily. The reason is that many shampoos can lead to dryness, which can negatively affect your effort to maintain wavy hair.

Wash your hair and apply shampoo only two times weekly or less. This can enhance the natural curls without dryness or damage.

Step 3 – Avoid using artificial heat to dry hair

Never utilize a hot air dryer when drying your hair, even if it is convenient. The reason is that it may cause your hair to be dehydrated, making it look unhealthy.

12 Most Popular Hairstyles

Here are just a few of the most popular hairstyles suitable for men to give you an idea of what you can do with your wavy hair. You may also be able to get a guide to messy hairstyles from a dozen of choices you have here:

Textured Crop

The textured crop is one of the most basic wavy hairstyles you can try. This makes it an ideal choice for those who are still inexperienced when it comes to styling their wavy hair.

You can go for the textured crop that you can conveniently highlight with a low fade. This is also a good choice if you prefer to wear your wavy hair short.

Side Part

For this style, you must choose which side to part the hair on based on your preference and comfort level. The side part is a trendy haircut for short wavy hair.

Here, you can leave some length on top and then choose to have a side part. You also have the option to pair up this style with a fade at the back and sides.

Slicked Back

You can also have a slicked-back style if you have wavy hair. This will indeed look good on you because the waves will add some definition and texture to your waves. You can also partner this style with a fade on the back and sides, so you can easily maintain it.

You can also go for a longer slicked-back top. In that case, you can complement the style with shaved sides. Upon brushing through the waves atop to push them back, you can put on some gel, so they will be able to hold the shape.

Alternatively, you can use the world’s best curl pomades instead of the gel.

Long Waves

You can also choose to grow your waves long. The good thing about wearing a long wavy hairstyle is that it makes it possible for you to bring out your beautiful mane effortlessly. You can go for long waves and pair it up with an undercut so that you can wear it with ease.

Moreover, it does not require a lot of maintenance. You may also emphasize your long natural waves through contrast. Make the back and sides super short to focus on the S-shape waves and gentle bends found on top.

Wavy Bangs

The wavy bangs hairstyle is ideal for you if you are one of those men who prefer covering their high forehead. Undoubtedly, it is hard to maintain the neatness of wavy bangs. Fortunately, there is a way to go about it.

All it takes is cutting your remaining hair short, keeping it neat regardless of what you do, and letting your bangs look messy. Having wavy bangs also allows you to take advantage of some of the best perm hairstyles to try out.

For instance, you can use perms to add length to your bangs. You can apply some hair foam and use premium wave brushes to develop amazing wet curls.

Long Top Short Sides

The long, short sides style for wavy hair is famous for its versatility. You even have several options for styling your hair on top. As for the back and sides, you can style them with a taper suitable for men.

Just make sure to stick to the rule of making the contrast between the hair surrounding your hair and the top clear and noticeable.

High and Tight

Another fantastic hairstyle for men with wavy hair is high and tight. Initially, this style was recognized as a military cut. It transformed into a popular civilian hairstyle eventually, though.

One thing to note is that its primary feature stays a longer cut on top than the cut at the back and sides.

Faux Hawk

The wavy hair also seems to look incredibly significant with a faux hawk. This style looked perfect when Ryan Reynolds wore it, and it may look good on most men with wavy hair, too.

It is perfect for any man with short hair. You can get this style by making the back and sides appear tapered down slowly. Meanwhile, the top should look like you styled it into a temporary structure resembling a Fohawk.

Taper Fade

Combining the taper fade with waves can also produce great results. It is a fantastic way to highlight your wavy bangs on top. In that case, you can complement that haircut with a taper fade at the back and the sides.

You can add more appeal to this hairstyle by putting on some highlights in blue shades. This can create a combination of a chic appeal matched with your bad-boy outfit. It would be great to make the topmost part slightly messy so that you can enjoy a casual yet fun finish.

Brushed Back

This brushed-back hairstyle will look even better with a fade. You can choose to have different types of fades as a means of highlighting your waves. By sporting a low fade for your wavy hair, it will appear more defined and prominent while still not appearing on top.

Do you want to make this particular haircut more impactful? Then complement it with either a high bald fade or a high fade.

Wavy Mullet

The wavy mullet is an edgy, unique, eccentric, and rugged haircut. It also looks a bit messy but in a beautiful way. You can opt for this style if you prefer sporting a unique look, similar to when you are wearing the best grease for waves recognized for their distinctiveness.

This style also looks good on your long wavy hair. Note, though, that you are also allowed to pick any length of hair you prefer, especially if you feel a long style is too unkempt. If such is the case, choose to wear the short wavy top.

Tousled Waves

The tousled waves hairstyle is also worthwhile to try. It will look even better if you pair it with a longer back and sharp temples. It would give the same results on your look as when you decide to get a surfer hairstyle since the latter is also beautifully distinctive.

This is a subtle yet utterly on-point hairstyle that will look better using the right hair products. For instance, you can apply a texturizing paste to boost the texture of your wavy hair and tame the locks.

Sea salt spray also adds texture so that you may use it. Adding some gel to you can also get a more polished and sleeker finish.

Best Styling Products

To help you style your wavy hair, gather the following styling products and ensure that you always have them on hand.

  • Hair gel – A high-quality hair gel can help maintain your nice wavy hair, so ensure that this is part of your haircare collection.
  • Argan oil – This oil can also moisturize and retain the nice look of your waves. All you have to do is apply a pea-sized drop of it once weekly using a plastic comb.
  • Moroccan oil – It also does a great job of nourishing and moisturizing your hair. The use of Moroccan oil regularly can, therefore, stimulate the formation of waves and curls.
  • Curl-enhancing shampoo – You need this shampoo to ensure that your waves and curls look good for a long time.
  • Sea salt spray – The sea salt spray is an essential product for those with wavy hair as it can further volumize the texture of your hair and stimulate its beachy waves and curls.
  • Mousse – You must also have a mousse in your hair care kit. You can use it on its own or with other products that help care for your hair to enhance, thicken, and volumize texture.


What is the best method for achieving wavy hair?

One way to get wavy hair is to use a blow dryer. You will find this device useful in forming waves. You can also use some styling products, like hair gels, hair mousse, and sea salt spray, to get your desired waves and curls.

How can men get defined curly hair?

To maintain your defined curls, make it a habit to condition your hair. Use a deep conditioning product regularly and detangle your hair. You can begin detangling from the ends of your hair and then working up to the roots.

This will help in removing knots and shedding hair. Applying a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner can also help keep your wavy and curly hair looking more defined.

Is it hard for straight hair to turn wavy?

No, all it takes is for you to use the right technique and styling products. You can use your blow dryer to get your desired waves and curls.

How common is naturally wavy hair?

Naturally, wavy hair is quite common. Around 65% of the population sports natural waves and curls.

What is the easiest hair type to manage and style?

Many assume that straight hair is the easiest to manage and style among the different hair types. This is not always true, as straight hair quickly gets greasy and tends to fall flat and lifeless. It also does not curl that easily.

These challenges make it harder to manage and style compared to wavy hair. Meanwhile, wavy hair is known for being very easy to manage, maintain, and style. This type of hair is characterized by a texture that is between curly and straight.

There are noticeable big and soft curls that progress from your roots to the end. The fact that it is rough in texture makes it capable of holding hairstyles, too. This means that wavy hair is the easiest and most convenient type of hair you can experiment with.


Wavy hair is not that hard to achieve. With the right tips and by using the most appropriate products, you will be able to complete the kind of wavy hairstyle you wish to attain.

You also have plenty of choices for wavy hairstyles, making it possible to pick one perfect for you.

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How to Get Wavy Hair: 5 Quick Steps (Men’s Guide)