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How to Wear Suspenders: 7 Simple Tips (Style Guide)

What Are They and Short History

Sagging pants are the worst thing ever. Additionally, it will be challenging to maintain your pants sitting snug and comfy throughout the long day if they are not fitted to your waist size. Suspenders, also called suit braces, are long strips of leather or fabric made to fit over the shoulders.

The world’s best suspenders for men have thankfully spared guys from having to tie a tight piece of leather around their waist. Instead, they have offered a fashionable substitute that elevates practically any ensemble.

At least in terms of mainstream culture, suspenders served as the belt’s principal predecessor. As early as the 18th century in France, ribbon strips were affixed to the buttonholes of pants for various purposes.

Suspenders were not intended to be worn in public since they were considered undergarments. Albert Thurston, a British designer, started producing early iterations of the contemporary suspenders we know today in the 1820s.

Suspenders were still regarded as underwear until the late 1930s and early 1940s.


Clip-On vs Button

There are two fundamental types of suspenders:

  • The kind with clips that attach to your shorts or pants.
  • The type that buttons onto your pants.

Clip-on are more adaptable than buckles because they can be fastened to any pair of pants or trousers. Additionally, they are a little more informal and look exceptionally stylish when worn with city shorts, funky jeans, and fashionable clothing.

Start at the rear of your pants by clipping the clip-on suspenders at the center of the waistband. The remaining clips should then be fastened to your front waistband after pulling the suspenders over your shoulders to the front.

In formal dress, button-on suspenders are typical and can be fastened to your pants using buttons. Button-on suspenders must be used with jeans or pants that have six buttons along the waistline to be worn.

These loops are subsequently buttoned onto the suspenders. Start at the back of your trousers while fastening button-on suspenders. Pull up your pants after buttoning the suspenders, then wrap the remaining buttons around the front waistband.

X vs Y vs H

Suspenders will have a variety of fastenings in addition to an X or Y shape at the back. Suspenders are referred to as having an “X-back” when the back crosses over like the letter.

They are known as Y-backs if, on the other hand, they come together at the mid-back and form one strap that looks like a letter “Y.” Y-back is thought to be the more fashionable and current of the two.

Although X-backs have two straps that link to the back-waistband instead of a Y-single back’s strap, Y-backs are the preferred option among suspender enthusiasts unless you have particular trouble keeping your pants up or have excessively sloping shoulders.

The “H” is the final and least typical shape. It appears on a fireman’s clothing and has a vaguely harness-like feel. It will not match most button configurations on pants that come with suspender buttons, just like the “X” back.

Pros and Cons


  • Your suits should have a formal, refined tone and a “rich” appearance.
  • By avoiding the “cut-off” that a belt generates, you can lengthen your torso and appear taller.
  • Permits more imaginative and flexible appearances.
  • It may be more comfortable for men who dislike bulky waists or have paunchy waists.
  • On the other hand, it prevents slim men from needing to tighten their belts childishly.


  • Suspenders are more comfortable than a belt but aren’t always as durable or versatile as your go-to black leather belt.
  • Suspenders that snag and catch on something could tear your pants. This should be kept in mind if your clothes are made of sensitive material or if you rent them for a ceremony or other formal occasion.
  • They don’t age well. An older piece of suspenders may lose their fit and flexibility, causing your pants to sag, which is not fashionable.
  • Suspenders prevent you from concealing your smartphone in your belt if you’re a guilty smartphone user.

How to Choose 


Suspender width is typically 1 ⅜  inch. Most guys can wear this width, although there are a few exceptions: you can wear 2 inches-wide suspenders if you want to look more conservative or if you are a big guy.

Narrower suspenders might be an excellent option if you’re a skinny guy or you want to look cool and hip. Just keep in mind that anything less than 1 inch would look foolish and not work.


Suspender length selection is a straightforward process. Suspenders are typically roughly 46 inches long and are mainly adjustable to fit; however, other lengths are available.

There are businesses out there that will make suspenders custom in a bespoke length if you are concerned that they will be too short.


Suspenders are available in different materials. You can find leather, fabric (classic), elastic (skinny), or ribbon (formal) suspenders. Suspenders made of various materials will fit differently.

For example, elastic suspenders will fit snugly, ensuring that your suspenders stay comfortably in place throughout the night. Similar to elastic, the ribbon will fit tightly but somewhat more loosely.

Even while leather suspenders may not have much give at first, they will gradually loosen up, rendering fit irrelevant.


Suspenders don’t have to match your shirt, suit, or tie precisely, just like pocket squares. Solid colors function. Darker hues and solid colors, especially ties, are more formal than lighter hues and patterns.

So dark blue suspenders are a fantastic choice if you wear a dark tux and a light blue shirt.

Your Socks

The elastic loop of this garter style, which has fasteners, is wrapped around the calf, right below the knee. The primary function of the garter is to stop socks from sliding down your leg. Some call them sock suspenders, while some refer to them as sock straps.

How to Put On

Step 1 – Lay down with the waistline showing

Secure the suspender clips’ back ends to the center back buttons of the pants.

Step 2 – Attach the clips to the buttons

Ensure the outside of the braces is towards the outside of your trousers and attach the clips to the buttons on the left side of the pants. Repeat the process on the right side of your pants.

Step 3 – Make any necessary length adjustments

The waistband of the pants should fit comfortably.

How to Wear

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when wearing suspenders. Others have a little button at the end of each suspender, while some pairs of suspenders contain a metal or plastic attachment that grabs your pants.

If you’re worried about ruining the fabric of your pants, button styles are best. However, remember to ensure your pants have button covers (usually on the waistband inside).

The positioning of the buckles is one thing you’ll need to think about when wearing suspenders. Every pair of suspenders has a buckle, so you may change the length to fit.

Ensure the buckles aren’t placed too low at the waist or too high on the shoulders. The preferred location is in the middle of your torso or the center of your tie.

Quick Styling Tips

Hanging Down

A simple method to put together a distinctive casual ensemble is to wear your suspenders dangling down at your sides. You’re not trying to present a formal or professional image when wearing suspenders off your shoulders, making it ideal for situations where you want to look edgy.

Think about donning your suspenders with a pair of plain pants and a T-shirt. This kind of laid-back appeal opens up a ton of creative new ways to wear suspenders.

With Shoes

“Should I combine my suspenders and shoes?” is a frequently asked question. The quick answer is that depending on the situation, you should and in other situations, you shouldn’t.

Always wear suspenders with leather ends that coordinate with your footwear. Therefore, wear suspenders with brown leather ends if you have brown shoes and black pants.

With Jeans

Jeans and suspenders are the ideal combinations – casual but incredibly stylish. It’s critical to thoroughly explain the concept of combining suspenders with jeans because it’s unfamiliar to many individuals.

Suspenders can successfully transform your traditional jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble into a classier, bossier look infused with modern feelings. Suspenders give a lot of versatility to your daily wardrobe, from enhancing your business attire to enlivening your relaxed and carefree style.

With a Vest

The days when a vest could only be worn with a suit are long gone. Choose chinos or khakis and with a vest, you can dress up casually.

Suspenders with a vest are a common fashion item in contemporary culture. Suspenders are to be worn underneath the vest for a formal event. However, suspenders can be worn casually on top of the vest or at the sides.

With a Suit

This is a chance to add style to your two-piece suit, which may be worn to semi-formal events like weddings and cocktail parties.


Suspenders can make you appear a little bit too overdressed for business casual or to pair with a jacket if they’re not worn properly. So if you want to calm things down, balance your outfit with something playful and subtle.

With a Tuxedo

Black suspenders are the finest choice if you’re sporting a classic tuxedo, black bow tie, and premium monk strap shoes. It is the ideal ensemble for formal attire. Suspenders in white are also quite familiar with tuxedos.

Navy suspenders might also be fine if you prefer a more contemporary tuxedo color, like midnight blue. However, when it comes to formal occasions, black suspenders are always a good choice.

Suspenders vs Belts

Which should you use to keep your pants up, a belt or suspenders? It turns out that your preference for a particular style is everything, in addition to being practical. We all have a favorite belt we love to wear with our business suits or jeans and tees on the weekends.

A classy belt will elevate your look. However, suspenders are unquestionably a sensible way to maintain your pants properly. You won’t experience the annoying fabric bunching that sometimes occurs under your belt and can be really uncomfortable when you wear them.

Suspenders vs Other Accessories

Should the suspenders match the shoes? Matching your shoes and suspenders occasionally is recommended, although it is not always necessary.

Loafers are light and practical for formal events and you should match them with your suspenders, while Chelsea boots for any occasion are a great option for casual style and it’s not necessary to match them with suspenders.

Bow ties and ties: Suspenders go well with regular ties and bowties. However, you usually wouldn’t want to combine your ties and suspenders. The two items ought to have contrasting prints and colors. Feel free to pair a bow tie with suspenders for a stylized vintage look.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Be mindful of width. Anything less than an inch broad is intended to be a fashionable suspender. The suspenders have a width of between 1 and 1.5 inches and are intended for formal attire.
  • Anything wider than two inches must only be used in extreme practical situations. Keep your accessories distinct. You’ve been warned against matching your pocket square and tie; the same rule applies to men’s suspenders.
  • Avoid having all products the same hue, such as solid black, even if you should consider the color scheme generally and don’t want anything too conspicuous. Suspenders shouldn’t be worn with a belt: The same holds if your pants have suspenders.
  • In essence, even if you’re using suspenders for decoration, they are unnecessary with a belt because of their history. Adapt the material of your suspenders to your footwear: Putting on a pair of suspenders made of leather?
  • Check to see that you are not donning a pair of canvas lace-ups. In the opposite situation, keep your fabric suspenders in the wardrobe if you’re getting dressed for a formal event.


Can suspenders be worn with any type of pants?

Most of the shorts and pants in your closet can be made suspender-friendly by using suspenders with clips. You can always stitch buttons into your pant waistband if you wish to wear a pair that fastens with buttons.

Do you have to tuck your shirt in to wear suspenders?

You can’t tuck your shirt over the undergarment suspenders since they clip to your pants. Therefore you must wear an untucked shirt or sweater instead.

Where should suspenders be placed?

They should be positioned such that they are approximately 1″ underneath the top of the waistline and 2″ apart from the center-back seam on the underside of the waistband. In the front, tuck them in the waistband about 2″ apart and 1″ below the top.

Can suspenders be worn without a jacket?

Traditionally, a sweater, vest jacket, cummerbund, or a combination of such items should always be worn over suspenders.

Do suspenders go over or under the vest?

It depends on the style you want to achieve. Wear suspenders under the vest for a formal look, while for a casual look, you can wear suspenders over the vest.

How to prevent suspenders from slipping down?

Take notice of the size, pay attention to the material’s quality, and ensure that the buttons are appropriately positioned.


Suspenders have historically led all advancements in the textile business. You won’t impede your body’s natural fluid flow by wearing them, unlike belts. Furthermore, wearing suspenders means you do not need to walk in the alley while holding your pants.

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How to Wear Suspenders: 7 Simple Tips (Style Guide)


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