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20 Most Popular Temple Fade Haircuts (Examples & Guide)

What Is It

The Temple Fade haircut is a good choice for any man after a fresh and new look without failing to demonstrate their stylishness and sharpness. This form of fade haircut is distinguishable as it comes with tapered hair at the temples to the point that you can see it going around the ear.

This is a good thing as it can provide your haircut with a more unique, unusual, trendy twist. In most cases, you will notice the top is intricately styled, ensuring that the focus will retain on the fade.

Burst fade haircuts that stand out tend to work similarly to the Temple Fade because you will also stand out if you decide to style your hair this way. It also has several variations – some of which we will cover in this article.

You can choose a cut that will let you grow and style beard fade so that it suits your hairstyle. Hair clay makes styling easy, so ensure that you also have this around in your grooming kit.

20 Most Popular Haircuts

The following are just a few of your options if you decide to give temple fade haircuts a try:

Curly Skin Fade

Regardless of the type of fade, you decide to have on your sides, curls will look great on you. With the curly skin fade, you can have such curls. If you choose this cut, expect to be given a chance to retain your curls’ length through a temp fade slightly over your ear. You can taper the back a bit using a short fade and clear lines.

360 Waves With Fade Designs

If you have curls, then you will feel fortunate if you can get a haircut with a dimensional line-up as well as the minimum required length. You can also choose the 360 waves variation of the temple fade.

It has fade designs and is a style that promotes ease in cleanly and effortlessly taming your unruly curls. It is a standout style that is comfortable enough to sport and wear on any occasion. Shadow fade haircut styles are similar in that they are distinctive and comfortable, too.

Low Temp Fade

With the low temp fade, you will notice it following your ear closely, around an inch over hair that gradually fades. It is different from the high-top fade hairstyles to try. The reason is that the high fade often features a clean fade surrounding the ear that tends to go higher, making it go past your temple.

Slick Back

If you are a fan of the slicked-back style, then note that you can integrate it with the temple fade as the two seem to blend well together. This style features tapered temples. You can also further improve the look of this slick back temple fade hairstyle by creating a seamless transition between your beard and temple area.

As for the hair on top, you can style it well if you comb it back. Ensure that you use the best conditioner for men, so this style will continue to look good, too.

High Temple Fade

For you to style your hair with a high temple fade, you can begin with a bit higher clean fade. It should surround your ear. Ensure that you have a strike with a different high contrast at the line where the fade is.

In most cases, you can see it over your temple or directly on it. Pomades work great on thick hair, so you may want to use them if your hair is particularly thick and you want to sport the high temple fade.

Sculpted Mohawk

You will also love sporting the sculpted mohawk, which, when it comes with a temple fade, will surely make for a great-looking and fantastic hairstyle that suits men. You can have this style by asking a barber to have both sides of your hair shaved.

Ensure that there is a strip down the mid-portion of the hair left. It also helps if you know the difference between tapers and fades, as this specific temple fade variation requires you to form a nice-looking taper fade that should go around your temples.

Rounded Low Fade

The low-rounded fade usually has a similar number of tapering at the nape and sideburns. If you choose this temple fade, you must cut down your hair to the skin, specifically under your occipital bone and at the front of your ear. Doing so can help eliminate strong corners, resulting in a more rounded shape. This works in echoing the curls to the top.

Shadow Temp Fade

The shadow temp fade is also one of the most versatile variations of the temple fade haircut. You can incorporate it into your hair whether you have curls, waves, a slick back, or a crew cut. This style has a temp fade that graduates smoothly, starting from the topmost part of your head at a longer length and then followed by the top part of your ears with just a minimal crop. It leads to an ombre effect, allowing your hair to look lighter once it becomes shorter.

Medium Fade With Full Top

The medium fade with an entire top is also worthwhile to try. The medium fade is a good choice if you prefer maintaining the proper balance between graduation and your hair’s length. You can make this cut distinctive with a taper fade, providing a neater look.

It also has a slight outline that you can find on your temple. This makes the style less drastic compared to the classic temp. The whole top that comes with this medium taper fade also indicates that it is an excellent choice for men with thick hair.

Temple Fade Afro

One reason to love the temple fade is that it suits every type of high-top and afro cut well. You can, therefore, choose to have the temple fade to make your natural afro look even more polished. The afro and the temple fade bring out your hair’s impressive volume and texture.

It does so while ensuring that your look stays modern and sleek. One way to get this look is to combine the high-temperature fade, a taper in your back, and an afro hawk. You can develop a unique look by edging a bit of a design into your afro, precisely above your ear.

Temp Fade With Dreads

Do you have dreadlocks? Then know that you can freshen up this look by putting on a temple fade, one that is trendy and suits your style well. You can do that by getting an undercut first. Ensure that the back and sides are shaved. Fading the space surrounding your temples, which a barber can do, should finish this style.

Side Part

A temple fade haircut featuring a side part also makes a great style for many men. This specific variation of the temple fade makes you sport a sleek look that you can wear in the workplace. You can choose to add a clean side part to make your entire look classy and polished.

Another way to do it is to combine your side part with a front quiff and a temple fade over your ear. You can also produce great results if you fade the sideburns and beard into your temple.

Temp Fade With Braids

If you want an edgier look, you can get that through a braided style for your hair. Your braided style will look even more fantastic and unique if you smoothly incorporate a smooth temple. By having a temple fade with braids, you can showcase a stylish and sharp look that also helps bring out a stronger character and attitude, which is what a man prefers.

Caesar Cut

Anyone who prefers a minimalist and classic look can take advantage of the Caesar cut. You can get this cut while having textured hair on top to achieve your desired minimalist look. What’s great about the Caesar cut is that it can offer you three significant factors you will surely want to exhibit and demonstrate through your looks – individuality, movement, and edge.

Spikey Temple Fade

The spikey temple fade also makes for a unique hairstyle that shows personality. You can bring your usual temple fade to a new level just by adding some exciting spikes to it. Retain a more modern look through this style by ensuring that your hair constantly has natural movement and texture.

This is possible by applying some gel, pomade, or wax to your hair with your hands. Pull up your hair strands when doing so and separate each section lightly in between your fingers.

Buzz Cut

For some men, the typical buzz cut may be a bit too plain and simple. Yes, it is practical but not as attractive as other haircuts and styles. If you want to go for the buzz cut as it is practical and only requires the least styling, you can still provide it with a bit of flair and make it more fun and trendier by incorporating a temple fade into the style.


Do you know that you can also combine the temple fade haircut and the pompadour? The result of having a temple fade plus a pompadour is also impressive, as you can even wear it in formal settings. With one style being short and sleek while the other is bold and voluminous, you can expect the combination of the temp fade and the pompadour to create a well-balanced look.

Disconnected Temple Fade

You also have the option to go for the disconnected temple fade. For this style to work, you need quality yet affordable hair cutting tool for your needs, like a hair clipper. The hair clipper will be used to taper the temple area while leaving the part where the temple fade is short.

This results in your skin looking more visible.

Wavy Brushed Up

Make your overall haircut stand out from the others through the wavy brushed-up style. You can fade your hair’s sides, specifically along the hairline, to attract people’s attention and make them look at your wavy brushed-up hair. Since this cut is stylish while being bold and big at the same time, it works well for men whose hair is naturally voluminous.

French Crop

You can also leave a good impression by sporting a sport French crop with a temple fade. This style has become a trend lately, so styling your hair this way is a great idea. Don’t worry too much about the blunt front that the French crop creates. You have the option to keep this look as soft as possible while giving it a more modern touch by combining the French crop with the temple fade.

How to Get

Visiting a barber to have the temple fade haircut is highly recommended. However, even with your barber around, it would still be better to know the steps involved in getting the temple fade.

Step 1 – Start with the area around the scalp

Starting from your hairline, cut an inch of hair in the area surrounding your scalp.

Step 2 – Ensure that the back and sides are faded

Start this step from your hairline, too. The fade also has to be around a one-half inch long and has an inch distance towards the end.

Step 3 – Increase the length by one to two inches

You can do that by tapering the hair quickly in length. Decide on the final length of hair. This should be based on your preference. There are even instances wherein a temple fade consists of a fade done on your forehead’s hairline.

Step 4 – Use serum or gel if necessary

This step should depend on your hair’s texture and your haircut.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Use a straight razor

This is necessary for sharpening the edges of your hair.

Step 2 – Invest in the right products

These products are even more critical if you are fond of the temple fade and want to wear it all the time.

Step 3 – Get a proper haircut regularly

This should be every 2 to 3 weeks. This should help in maintaining the cut and overall style.

Best Hair Products to Use

Depending on the kind of look you intend to achieve, you can use various hair products for your specific temple fade style.

Among them are the following:

Gel and Pomade

Hair gel and pomade to make your chosen style hold for a longer period.


Hair wax can benefit you if you prefer your temple fade haircut to have a more textured look and definition.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Of course, you need the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type to ensure that it is properly maintained. It also helps use gentle and premium dandruff shampoo for men to prevent dandruff from appearing on their hair.

Regular Razor

You may also need a regular razor or any high-quality tool for shaving when touching up your temple fade haircut.

While you will not be using it to cut the haircut or line work, it helps clean up the style regardless if your hair is straight or curly.

Quick Styling Tips

  • Sharpen the edges. Note that the perfect temple fade may not last a long time, but you can retain its fresh-cut with the help of a razor. Use the razor you frequently use for shaving to clean up some parts of your temple fade that you find messy. Just shape each predefined line carefully to sharpen the edges.
  • Use the proper shaving and hair products. For instance, you may need to use the shaving gel for better styling. Depending on the way you choose your hair on top to be cut, a strong paste, styling gel, or pomade may be necessary. This is crucial in making the fade appear more pronounced.
  • Get rid of all excess hair. Note that even if you have the best temple fade haircut, it will still not do you good if there is excess hair in other visible areas of your face. It could be hair on your neck, ear, or unibrow. If such excess hair is present, you may have difficulty bringing the best out of your temple fade haircut. For instance, you may want to trim your neck hair well and into shape so you can somewhat delay the time before you will need another fresh and new haircut.
  • Avoid over-brushing. If you get a temple fade, you should constantly remind yourself how particular the top part of your hair is. Be extra careful to avoid overbrushing, which may only lead to split ends and weak hair strands, making them prone to breakage.


Who is temple fade good for?

The temple fade is a great haircut that suits anyone who intends to add a fade into their look without causing their hair to thin out significantly. With the many variations of the fade cut currently available, you can surely pick a particular style that is suitable for you. This makes the temple fade a truly versatile haircut that suits everyone.

Does fade look better than taper?

Many of those who have tried sporting the fade haircut say that it is better than the taper in terms of how they look. The temple fade focuses only on your temple, while the taper fade tapers down hair all over your sides and back.

Also, note that while the taper is the perfect hairstyle for anyone in search of a less offensive and risky style, the temple fade works well if you prefer to make your style look braver or edgier.

What is a scissor fade?

The scissor fade is one variation of the fade. This cutting technique makes use of scissors as a means of smoothly transitioning between various lengths of hair. It could be that the bottom is cut short and you will notice the longer hair further up.

What is the best fade haircut?

A fade haircut is said to be the best for you if it perfectly suits your lifestyle and facial shape. For instance, if your face is oval-shaped, then you will feel glad to know that most fade styles will look good on you. The same is true for those who have square faces.

The temple and high fades tend to be perfect for those with round faces. The reason is that the fades can add more definition to your face. Meanwhile, a short fade is ideal for those with rectangular faces as the style will not add length to the area.

What are the different types of fades?

Fades come in three main types – low, medium, and high fades. These types describe how high your fade is going to be.

Low fade can go down your skin and then fade into a much longer length, starting from around a third of the way to your head. The style is sleek, making the final cut look elegant and modern.

Medium fade, which is in between the high and the low fade. It is, therefore, not too long nor too short.

High fade, which begins anywhere around your temples before it gets longer, causing some skin to be exposed. It is considered the closest shave, but you will love that you can style the high fade in various ways, including a crew cut and pompadour.

How can I tell my barber to fade?

While most barbers are already aware of what a fade is, taking a copy of a few reference images with you during your haircut appointment is still advisable. They should be images of the people wearing the haircut you genuinely want. By doing that, you can prevent confusion once you visit your barber.


The temple haircut is one of the most great-looking haircuts a man can wear. It signifies confidence and a strong personality. Make sure that with the numerous variations of the temple haircut, you pick one that truly fits you physically and personally. That way, you will be able to gain your confidence, knowing that you look good in your chosen temple fade haircut.

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20 Most Popular Temple Fade Haircuts (Examples & Guide)


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