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15 Top Hairstyles for Men With White Hair: Latest Trends

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If you have white Hair or want to dye your hair white, there are plenty of hairstyle options that you can opt for. Through this guide, you can learn more about these and some tips, pros and cons, natural remedies, maintenance requirements and more.

What Are They

Hairstyles for men with white hair specifically suit white hair, as the name suggests. With age, many men have white hair while others may choose to color it white. Either way, getting hairstyles with such hair that suit your hair texture, face shape, personality, and style can be an excellent way to get a new and confident look.

15 Most Popular Hairstyles

Ultra Short Hair

Get ultra-short hair, such as a buzz cut, and combine it with a beard.

Men’s Platinum Blonde Hair

Dye your hair platinum blonde and style it well for a stylish look.

Dramatic Textured Quiff

Style your hair up into a quiff and add texture and volume.

Slick Back Hair and Beard Combo

Slick your hair back and grow a beard for a distinguished look.

Subtle Crew Cut

Get a crew cut while leaving some length behind for a smoother, more subtle look.

Patterned Buzz Cut With Beard

Add some patterns to your buzz cut and pair it with a beard for some style and edginess.

Short Hair With Undercut

Get an undercut and contrast your top short white hair with the darker natural color of the undercut.

Low Fade on White Hair

Get a low fade and let it blend into your skin.

Short Spiky Hair

For white hair, cut your hair short and style the top into spikes using gel or pomade.

Undercut Mohawk

Get an undercut and a mohawk. Dyeing it white can give you a relaxed and modern look.

Short Mohawk Fade

Get a fade and turn the top into a white mohawk, making the length shorter than usual.

Long Hair With Braids

Long white hair with braids can make you look like a pirate, Viking or someone out of Game of Thrones.

Side Swept Undercut

Get an undercut and sweep the top white section to one side for a fun look.

Curly Fohawk

Dye your hair white and cut off or fade the sides. Emphasize your curly hair at the top.

Short Emo Hair

Cut your hair short, dye it white, get some bangs and go full emo!

Pros and Cons


  • It can make you look distinguished and even edgy.
  • It is a mature hair color.
  • If you let it grow naturally, it can be a sign of healthy aging.


  • If your hair grows white prematurely, it might indicate deficiencies.
  • You might end up looking older than you are.
  • The process of dyeing your hair white can be expensive and lengthy and can also cause damage to your hair.

Natural Remedies 

  • Use henna mixtures to apply to your hair to dye your hair black temporarily.
  • Use rosemary and tea-infused, apply the mixture to your hair, and rinse it.
  • Use natural dyes.
  • Make sure you eat healthy food and maintain a balanced diet. Take supplements in case of deficiencies.
  • Use almond oil and lemon juice to your hair before rinsing it out.
  • If you have a smoking habit, try reducing or quitting it.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Ensure that your hair stays white instead of turning yellow by ensuring that you maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes eating well, getting enough exercise, avoiding too much direct heat and light, sleeping enough and avoiding harmful substances.

All these can impact your health and the pigments and chemicals in your hair.

Step 2 – Keep maintaining the color

To ensure that the white does not fade out, keep reapplying the color or use temporary colors to keep your hair looking as it should. Apply Vaseline hair tonic for some added protection, especially if you are going out.

Step 3 – Ask for professional help

Ask your barber for advice if you need help styling and maintaining your hair. They can use powerful hair clippers and their unique barber chair to provide you with a professional experience. You can also ask them for product recommendations.

Professionals can also provide advanced treatment options for your white hair should you require them.

Step 4 – Use the right products

Just like using premium beard balm, you should also use hair gel with a firm hold effect and the world’s best hair clay to help you style your hair without causing too much damage. You must also use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair nourished without causing the white color to fade.

Step 5 – Prepare for styling

When you need to style your hair, wash it and leave it damp. Do not dry it out entirely; otherwise, you might have difficulty styling it. Get all the materials that you might need for styling in one place.

Step 6 – Choose and style

You should now opt for a good style that suits you well. Based on this, you can use a good comb and your fingers to style your hair into place. Use a good hair product to keep the style in place so that it can last you for a long enough time.

Step 7 – Add volume

Using a hairdryer, you can add volume and texture to your hair. Keep the heat on low, so you do not ruin your hairstyle. Ensure you also use hairdryers minimally to prevent too much damage to your hair.

How to Dye Your Hair White

Step 1 – Make preparations

If you want to dye your hair, gather everything you need, such as the dye or bleach, foil or clips, an application tool, gloves and plenty of time. Wash your hair a couple of days in advance.

If you need to mix the dye or color, make sure you do this before you start applying everything. Put some towels or newspapers around you and put on the gloves to get started.

Step 2 – Make sections

If you have a multifunctional shaving mirror, use it to help you section your hair so that you can apply the bleach or dye more easily. Use foil or clips to help you carry this out.

Step 3 – Apply bleach

You can now go ahead and apply the bleach to your hair. If the bleach package has some steps highlighted, follow them thoroughly. Take it one section at a time and continue unclipping and reclipping areas as you go along. Once the strands are done, you can remove the clips and distribute the bleach properly.

Step 4 – Wait it out

Check the packaging to see how long you can leave the bleach in your hair. If your hair is dark, you will need to leave it on for longer, but not for too long, as this can otherwise cause damage. Wait this time out and then rinse out the bleach. If your hair is not white enough, wait a few days before applying the bleach again.

Step 5 – Apply toner

Apply toner to neutralize the color to become whiter instead of remaining yellow. Make sure you use the right kind of toner depending on the natural color of your hair as well as the texture and thickness of your hair.


What does white hair symbolize?

White hair symbolizes maturity, dignity, virility, distinction, nobility and wisdom.

What is the white boy haircut called?

There is no single name for this, although some options include a fade, undercut, quiff, pompadour, crew cut and more.

How do men cut white hair?

Men can cut their white hair by getting a professional haircut or shaving their hair off. Dyeing the hair can also help with this.

Does cutting white hair increase them?

Cutting white hair will not increase them, but it will cause white hair to grow from the same place or follicle.

How do you keep your hair white?

You can keep your hair white by using the right kind of shampoo while reapplying some color regularly. Eat well and follow a good lifestyle to help with this.


There are many different hairstyles for men with white hair, whether this hair grows naturally or is dyed. Once you get your hairstyle, ensure you care for and maintain it properly.

You can also use several natural remedies to reduce your natural white hair, although styling it well can help you feel more confident about it.

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15 Top Hairstyles for Men With White Hair: Latest Trends


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