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23 Interesting French Braids For Men: Best Examples

23 Interesting French Braids For Men: Best Examples

French braids have been and still are one of the simplest hairstyles to make. It involves braiding your hair and tying it together in many different ways. But for centuries now, it has primarily been considered a girl’s hairstyle.

But the trends have started to shift, and you get to see them worn more and more by men nowadays. One shouldn’t be embarrassed for wearing these in contemporary times. French braids for men are a very stylish hairstyle for many reasons.

Besides looking good, it is also very practical and much easier to maintain than other more complex hairdos. Today we are here to talk about how wearing braids with confidence can be easy to achieve as you don’t have to be a woman to have them.

What Are They

French braids were originally a feminine hairstyle. It involves having three strands of hair crossed over each other repeatedly until you get a long and voluminous braid. After you do that to the entirety or part of your hair, you can essentially do whatever you want, as there are tons of ways one can go about it from there.

Recently, men are taking a liking to this hairstyle for several apparent reasons. Besides being able to look good on them, it allows for versatility and simplicity. French braids for men are exceptionally easy to style and sometimes you can do it without going to a professional hair stylist.

Men of various orientations sport French braids today and are using braid beads or other types of accessories to enhance the look. More men should be encouraged to wear this sort of a style and they should not be ashamed of having it.

23 Most Popular Hairstyles

Bun With Taper Fade

The pairing of a bun with a taper fade and French braids is a crazy idea that works. Many man bun braid ideas may sound that way, but they can all look exceptionally well. The fade brings out the volume of your hair, while the braids can add the shape and a better definition of the style.

Creating the top knot bun with a spiral tail can make the overall style more unique. It works with any clothing and can be worn on various occasions, even formal ones.

Classic Single French Braid

Sometimes you don’t have to go overboard when creating a French braid. Keeping things simple and easy sometimes gets you the same results as creating an overly complicated style. A single classic braid that goes over the top of your head can speak volumes and look exceptionally well, even in formal situations.

You can choose to make it tight and tie it at the back of your head or decide to let it loose and hang from the back. Whichever way you choose, it is a massive upgrade to the plain hairstyle people wear.

Ponytail With Micro Braids

This one is a real knocker. It looks perfect on younger guys but does require more preparation as you have to grow your hair to a certain extent to create this style. Once you grow the ponytail, you can start adding some micro braids alongside it.

This style also allows achieving an authentic look with a Viking beard as the micro braids accentuate the wild nature of the hair and beard. Men with darker hair seem more mature wearing it, while those with lighter hair get a laid-back vibe.

Sleek and Symmetrical

Keeping things symmetrical can create an added appeal to a hairstyle. In this case, creating two braids on the sides of your head and making them nice and tight can do wonders for you. But be sure to use the help of the world’s best hair gels to make it tight and get it to hold.

Spiral Bun

The French braids alone are an excellent way to narrow down a person’s face. It also puts an added accent on your cheekbones. Not to mention that it goes well with green eyes. Adding a spiral bun to the mix will make things tight and give them more volume.

The bun is a versatile addition as it can look good on anyone. Adding the braid increases the appeal and creates a certain wow factor to the entire look.

Bun With High Skin Fade

Combining French braids with a bun and a high skin fade is a very easy solution to make. You don’t have to grow out your hair so much here. It is a very minimalist style that can be created without stress. Plus, the style works for various kinds of hair types.

The skin fade will emphasize the texture of your hair, which is much better for those with fine and thinner hair. It also adds more volume to your hair and can create a charming look.

Faux Hawk Braid

A faux hawk braid is a French braid tailored explicitly for those with short hair. It is not too messy and has lots of volumes. The braid is placed right down the middle and on the faux hawk’s top. The sides should be trimmed down a bit so that the braid gets more texture.

Bun With Highlights

French braids look best when you add some highlights to them. Adding highlights shows that more outgoing men tend to experiment with their hair more. Finishing your braid with a bun in the back will keep things tight and work masterfully with the highlights. Don’t forget that some hairspray for men can help to keep things tight and neat together.

Duo Tone Braid

Having dual tones to your French braid can give you the best of both worlds. The two colors worn on opposite ends give each braid its personality. This creation is a fine choice for those who like to experiment and those who want to dye their hair in different colors. But when picking a color, try to go for some that can balance each other. So a darker hue combined with a lighter coloration is the best way to start.

Ponytail With Shaved Hairline

A ponytail that combines with a shaved hairline is a very punk type of style. It’s similar to a queue but has a traditional buzzcut instead of a triple zero buzzcut. Adding a braid to all of this makes the entire style very intimidating. The shaved temple adds the contrast of a ponytail and makes the braids look thicker.

Short Braided Bun

A short French braided bun is a style that gives a very mature look. Shaving the slides gives mass and helps to prevent the hairstyle from going all messy on you. This one works best with a nice beard and to keep things tight and stable; you should use the best pomades to keep the hair in place.

Four Strand Braid

Dividing the braid into four sections helps to maximize its density. It also makes it look much neater. This hairstyle is very useful if you want to add some accessories. You can have your significant other do the work and add flowers, clips, beads, and nice things to your hair to maximize its potential.

Sleek Braid

A sleek braid will look very cool on any guy. It works well in all kinds of situations. Whether you are going out casually with your friends or are getting ready for a formal outing, the sleek braid is there to do the work for you. On a definitive plus side is that this one is very easy to create.

Long Ponytail With Temple Braids

A long ponytail combines well with some side braids. Greeting smaller or micro temple braids works perfectly for this hairstyle. The temple braids will relieve tension on your head if you have long hair. Also, braids help retain moisture, which is vital for guys with long hair.

Slick Back With Micro Braids

A slick back hairstyle is a choice that men with straight hair usually make. But to make things more fun, it is best to add some micro braids. But the French braids have a two-fold purpose in this case, as they provide volume and support for the slick back hair.

A great tip is to style the braids when the hair is damp. Add some clay to get that perfect polished slick back look. This will also prevent the braids from getting all messy and untangled.

Braid Tail With Skin Fade

The ultimate surfer haircut combines a skin fade with a French braid tail. It captures the surfer vibe and gives off a laid-back, light-hearted, and stress-free impression. The braided ponytail makes the hair look fuller and massively completes this fabulous style.

Mohawk French Braid

A French mohawk braid is a bit of a complex style to create but pays off dividends if you manage to do it correctly. You need a center braid boarded by two smaller ones. The sides should be faded, while the rest can go into a man bun or a ponytail.

Micro Braid With Skin Fade

Micro braids are sometimes underutilized but can come to their own once used correctly. In this case, the smaller braids should be created upfront and can continue towards the back and create a large ponytail. The tail at the back should contain a fair amount of fluffiness, making the entire style look even more fashionable.

What completes the entire hairdo is a disconnected skin fade on the sides. It will, in a way, frame your face and boost the thickness of the braids while also making your hair seem darker.

Layered Braid With Clean Fade

Instead of creating a standard braid, it would be cool to divide it into layers. A layered braid has a unique charm to it and looks almost weightless. The hairstyle can come with some shine, so it would be perfect to combine it with some formal wear.

Don’t forget that tying the end up in a bun is also a good option. But what makes everything work is the clean fade. It will put the braid front and center and will also accentuate the bun if you decide to add one.

Middle Part With Ponytail

This style is excellent for a pretty boy or a younger guy. The middle part will provide more than enough density to both sides, while the ponytail adds the needed gloss. Even though the hairstyle is somewhat laid back, there is room to wear it during formal occasions. Another advantage of this style is that it frames the wearer’s face, accentuating the cheekbones.

Relaxed Braid With Uneven Strands

A relaxed braid will do wonders for those that like bedhead styles and are not particularly neat freaks. A relaxed braid with uneven stands is an excellent and relaxing option as you don’t have to keep everything as tight.

You have to have mid-length hair at least, so some and some hair tonic can promote growth if you need things to pick up faster. One of the most significant advantages here is that the braid does not cause any tension on the scalp even with all the mass and the weight it carries. A very laid-back and effortless style that does not put pressure on keeping it as neat as possible.

Braided Bun

Sometimes you don’t have to go crazy with many additions and small styling fixes. It can be as easy as creating a braided bun. Create a few smaller braids that can go loose or along your hairline. Put them all together at the back and create a simple braided bun. It is very popular among black men but can be worn by all types the same way.

Pigtail Braids

Pigtails are not for girls only. Men can look good wearing them too. Braid some pigtails and let them hang at the side of your head. You can keep them loose or decide to keep them tight and close to your head. It is pretty easy and can be quite rewarding when done correctly.

Pros and Cons


  • It adds a new level to a familiar look.
  • Easy to create by oneself or with the help of a friend.
  • Tons of ways that you can go and choose by yourself.
  • You don’t need to go to a hairstylist as long as you are innovative.


  • Can create tension on the scalp if kept too tight.
  • Not a long-term style and not a permanent solution.

How to Get and Style

Creating a French braid is relatively easy but can be stressful if you are not prepared for it. Also, if you don’t know what you are doing, you better get somebody to help you as it will avoid added frustration on your part. Whatever the situation, be sure to be positive and relaxed, and we will provide you with all the rest, meaning the steps to create a perfect French braid.

Step 1 – Divide your hair

Grab a part of your hair and divide it into a triangle shape.

Step 2 – Divide the section 

Divide that section into three smaller parts.

Step 3 – Follow the proper order

Start moving the center part to the right, the right to the left, and the left strand to the right.

Step 3 – Add density

Add density from the side if needed.

Step 4 – Add more volume

Add more volume by taking strands from the right side.

Step 5 – Move from the left to the center

Take part from the left and move it to the center. Keep doing it until the braid is done.

Step 6 – Use a hairspray

Losen the knot a bit and seal it off with some hairspray.

After doing this, you can determine whether to tie it off or create a ponytail. The choices are endless and it is why the French braid is a very versatile style for men.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Moisturize your braids

Be sure to moisturize your braids as much as possible.

Step 2 – Protect from getting untangled

Use a headscarf while sleeping or a satin or silk pillow to protect them from getting untangled.

Step 3 – Clean

You still need to clean your braids and a premium anti-dandruff shampoo can be a perfect solution.

Step 4 – Extend the longevity 

Extend the longevity of your braids by redoing the edges from time to time.

Remember that braids still have an expiration date even with all this maintenance advice. No matter how often you try to revitalize them and freshen them up, there will come a day when you will have to unbraid them. Plus, keeping them for longer than two months is not smart as permanent damage can be done due to traction alopecia.

Best Hair Products to Use

Making French braids does not require so many products. But you will need a few basic ones to keep things together. You are going to need a good shampoo and a moisturizer. Keeping your braids clean is a must and even though braids retain moisture by themselves, they still need to be freshened up a bit from time to time.

You will also need some pomade, clay, or gel, based on your choice. To keep the braids stand the way you want them, you must utilize these products’ help. A simple hairspray will do the trick for you as well. Also, there might be a time that you have to cut some hair off, so some good hair-cutting shears could also come in handy.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Use a moisturizer to maintain your braids.
  • Use protection for your braids while you sleep.
  • Utilize products like hairspray or pomades to hold the braids for as long as possible.


  • Wear braids for longer than two months.
  • Sleep on cotton pillows.


How long can French braids be kept in?

It is advised not to keep your braids on for more than two months. Keeping them on for too long runs the risk of acquiring traction alopecia.

Is there a difference between French and Dutch braids?

The main difference is how you create them. Creating French braids requires you to cross the stands one over the other, while the Dutch braids need you to do the same but one beneath the other.

Do French braids damage the hair?

The longer you wear them, the larger the risk of damage becomes. Since braids are pulling back your hair and tugging on your scalp, there is a possibility that permanent damage can be caused if you wear them for extended periods, usually going for months.

Can white men wear braids?

Of course, they can. People of any color can wear braids as long as it looks good on them. That is why there are so many braid types currently available.

What is a Viking braid?

A Viking braid is, in a sense, an extension of the French braid. It consists of two smaller braids on the side of your hair and a single bigger French braid on the top, middle part of your head.


Guys no longer have to be embarrassed for wearing braids. A French braid is no longer something that only girls can wear. It surpasses gender and is an ambivalent hairstyle that both boys and girls can have. The rising popularity of braided hair among men has led to the creation of all sorts of styles. The French braid is dominant and comes with all kinds of variations that can be quite suitable for various occasions.

You have to try one to see how good it can look.

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23 Interesting French Braids For Men: Best Examples