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21 Cool Punk Hairstyles for Men: Quick Tips to Get Them

Punker With Big Orange Punk Haircut

Punk hairstyles can give you quirky, fun, eclectic and rebellious hairstyles. There is, however, a more involved subculture that you should know about before you embark on changing your Hair, although many men still get such hairstyles even without being a part of it.

Through this guide, you can learn what a punk hairstyle means, how it originated, what some popular hairstyles are, how you can get it done and how you can maintain it. Let’s begin!

What Is It

A punk hairstyle comes from the punk subculture of the 1970s. Originating from punk rock, a genre of music, hairstyles done by punk rock musicians quickly spread among the listeners and became a symbol of rebellion and standing out from the crowd.

Such hairstyles commonly include mohawks and spikes and various versions of them. Hair dyed in different colors and styled in creative and unique ways is famous.

While this might sound wild and crazy, there are still some more toned-down options that you can experiment with and try out, but if you want to embrace the craziness, we’re all for it!

21 Most Popular Punk Hairstyles for Men

Colored Mohawk

Get a mohawk by shaving off the sides and leaving one tall line in the middle. Dye it with bright colors (pink, blue, green or even all) for the quintessential punk look.

Liberty Spikes

Liberty spikes include separating your mohawk strands into different sections and coloring them if you wish to.

Buzz Cut Mohawk

Get a buzz cut for the rest of your hair, but leave the middle in its place. You can cut this mohawk as short as you want.


Spikes are pretty popular among punk hairstyles. Keep them long, short, together or separated to create the perfect look.

Young Man With Spiky Punk Hair Playing Picado

Short Mullet

Get a short mullet and dye it with a bright color to create a punk and fun look. You can also add spikes to the top.

Emo Punk Hair

Long black hair you spike up can create the perfect emo punk look. Think of Green Day as a more recent example.

Slicked Back Undercut

Get an undercut or completely shave your sides. Keep the top long and slick it back with some gel to emphasize your punkness.

Short Curly Hair

Short curly hair might not sound too dramatic, but it can undoubtedly be punk if you don’t yet want to go all out. Add some color for more effect.

Colored Top With Tapered Sides

Taper the sides and look similar to a mohawk but with more texture and shape. You can also dye the curls.

Shaggy and Tapered Hair With Bangs

Taper the sides and back, keep the middle but make it short and shaggy. Add bangs in front to create a low-maintenance punk look.

Viking Style

Fade or taper the sides and keep your hair in the middle long like the Vikings. Braid them and keep the front portion tall.

Neat Flat Top

Go for a complete taper fade on the sides and keep the middle tall. Shape and style it to form a flat top.


Undercuts scream punk. Get one, keep the middle top long, and sweep it to one side to complete the look.

Spiked Mohawk

You can ask your stylist to give you a mohawk and spike it up together or in separate strands to create a spiked mohawk.

Serious Panker With Spiky Mohawk

Messy Hair

Messy hair can work great here. Keep them long, style them into different sections and directions, and dye them bright (pink or orange).

Punk Dreads

Great for men with thick and textured hair, dreads can help you achieve a cool look. Style them all to one side and get a fade to complete the look.

Man Bun Undercut

An undercut paired with a bun with your middle section can be punk. You can also completely shave off your sides.

Messy Dyed Mullet

Fade the sides, get a short mullet and style the top by making it wavy or tousling it up to create a messy punk look.

Faux Hawk

This is a more toned-down version of the mohawk but can still offer punk-ness to your look with a more uniform blend; textured middle faded sides.

Death Hawk

This hairstyle requires an undercut with a long middle spiked to the front. Hawk-like hair near the ear is left behind.

Goth Punk Hairstyle

Thick, straight and black hair can work well since you can spike it up at different angles and create a full look.

Short History

Punk hairstyles originated in the 1970s when punk rock music was popular and at its peak. This music focused on loud sounds and rousing lyrics that imparted a sense of aggression and rebellion, especially against the mainstream culture and the establishment’s strict codes and social norms.

The punk subculture, however, was not restricted to music. It moved to literature, art, performing arts, films, fashion and, of course, hairstyles, all united by an anti-authoritarian and anti-corporate belief.

Older Punker With Mohawk Hairstyle and a Beard

Plenty of elaborate haircuts with different hair colors and spiked-up styles began to emerge and spread among the proponents and believers of the punk ideology.

The 1980s, however, led to what is known as hardcore punk with more functional, clean and shorter hairstyles.

How to Get

Step 1 – Find a stylist

First and foremost, find a reliable and reputed stylist familiar enough with punk hairstyles. Often, some specialists do this kind of work, so look them up, ask around and make sure they understand what you need.

Step 2 – Choose a style

Do some research about punk hairstyles and see what works for you. Pick a style and carry a reference picture that you can show to your stylist. Tell them what you want or ask for advice to create the perfect look.

Step 3 – Apply hair products

Your hairstylist will cut your hair and apply hair products like premium hair clay, the world’s best hairspray for men or even permanent hair dyes for men if you ask them to or confirm it with them. You can then ask them for advice and continue to use hair products to keep your style in place.

How to Maintain 

Step 1 – Regular shampooing and conditioning

Regular shampooing and conditioning are essential here to keep your hair in place. Take hair supplements if you want to maintain healthy and nourished hair.

Step 2 – Use the right products

Make sure you use only the most suitable products for your punk hairstyle, including pomade, gel, mousse or wax. Since punk hairstyles tend to require quite a bit of upkeep, knowing what to choose, how to apply it and how to keep your style in shape can help considerably.

Step 3 – Brush and style

Whenever you want to style your hair again, wash it in advance and brush it gently to create its shape and style. Run your fingers and a fine-toothed comb to style your hair up properly.

Step 4 – Get touch-ups

Touch-ups are essential for punk hairstyles since the texture might get lost or the dye might start fading out. Buy hair-cutting shears and some hair dye to carry this out on your own or visit your hairstylist and ask them for their professional and long-lasting touch.

Orange Haired Teenager With Long Punk Hair

Quick Tips for Punk Hair Color

  • Choose colors that suit your face and hair texture.
  • Experiment with multiple colors in a single style.
  • Use particular shampoos and conditioners (such as purple shampoo) to maintain your hair color.
  • Use dyes and bleach specifically made for men’s hair to not end up bleaching or dyeing too close to your scalp.
  • Account for the thickness or coarseness of your hair while maintaining the color.


What is the most popular punk hairstyle for guys?

The mohawk is the most popular punk hairstyle for guys since it has become a symbol of the punk subculture ever since its association with the subculture in the 70s. There are now several variations of the mohawk when it comes to punk hairstyles.

Can I get a punk hairstyle without the help of a barber?

Technically, yes, you can. You can try shaving parts of your hair on your own while leaving the middle as it is (if you want a mohawk). You can then use gel or another hair product to style the hair up or any other way.

In addition, you can also add some color or dye or bleach to it if you want to go all out, but do this before the cutting and styling process. It might also help to have someone to assist you in the process.

If you do not feel confident, definitely take a barber or stylist’s help.

What types of beards fit with a punk hairstyle for men?

All types of beards can work! Long and full beards, in particular, can offer a unique and even more anti-establishment look. You can also keep your beard sparse or opt for just a mustache instead of the whole package. However, make sure you account for your face shape and the kind of cut you go for in either case.

Is a mullet a punk hairstyle?

A mullet is technically not a punk hairstyle since it has been around since antiquity while also being used by Native Americans for several centuries. However, the mullet gained the most popularity when the punk movement was at its peak in the 1970s and 80s.

How can I get Sid Vicious hair?

Sid Vicious was a bassist in the punk rock band called Sex Pistols. He was known for his full and tall spikes that earned him Spiky John’s nickname. You can achieve this look by taking plenty of hair gel and running it through your hair while spiking each strand up and twirling it around.


You now know all there is to know about punk hairstyles for men, including the various hairstyles you can choose from, how to get them, and how to maintain them. Make sure you keep all these tips in mind and pick a style that works well for you and meets your requirements.

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21 Cool Punk Hairstyles for Men: Quick Tips to Get Them


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