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Types of Mustaches – Epic Stache Styles You’ll Want to Try

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A fabulous Mustache has always been connected to masculine and rugged men. From Burt Reynolds to Tom Selleck, a mustache is supposed to emphasize your style and personal characteristics. 

Down the line, there have been some goofy mustaches through history. Just look at what Salvador Dali used to sport on his face or even the titular tramp Charlie Chaplin. But believe it or not, mustaches are making a comeback. 

The stash has already defined an era. We can’t say that it will do the same once more, but there is a lot that a unique type of mustache can do for your style. 

Let’s travel on a journey together to a realm where all the mustaches are remarkable. 

What Is a Mustache

People who can grow facial hair are already familiar with the concept of a mustache—those of you who haven’t prepared to be amazed. 

A mustache is that small, or thick in some situations, strip of facial hair that grows just above your upper lip and just beneath your nose. A stash can be bushy or thin. It can be long or short. Or it can come with a very unusual style, like when you grow a Fu Manchu mustache

There are dozens of mustache styles that have been made famous by people or celebrities over the years. Most of them have found their place in pop culture, while others have become infamous for their look. 

A mustache can be a part of your overall facial hairstyle. It can connect with your beard or you can leave it disconnected. Whatever way you decide to go with your mustache, the stash that you choose can be unique, help you feel good about yourself, or simply enable you to stand out in the crowd. 

Benefits of Growing a Mustache

A good and strong mustache style holds a lot of benefits for the person wearing one. If you thought that growing a mustache makes absolutely no sense, this is where you are wrong. There are a lot of benefits that may change your mind and make you think that a perfectly centered toothbrush mustache looks good. 

  • A suitable mustache makes a person feel more confident and attractive. 
  • Growing a really attractive mustache will make you look sexier. 
  • It will save you money on having to shave it. 
  • Save you a lot of time that you would spend shaving one. 
  • A tactically placed mustache can combine your facial hair for an attractive style. 

Pros and Cons of Growing Mustaches

There are some clear and actual benefits of growing a mustache. But at the same time, some people will experience specific cons that will avert them from growing one. 

  • A thick mustache will make you feel more confident. But it will require a lot of grooming. 
  • A unique type of mustache will help you stand out in a crowd. But will seem inappropriate in certain circles. 
  • Not having to shave your mustache will save you on shaving cots. But you will still have to spend time on maintaining it. 
  • It can be very easy to grow a mustache. But some people may need more time to grow an attractive stash. 

Types of Mustaches

If we could convince you to grow a mustache, it is time to pick a style. There are two ways that you can go – natural and hybrid. Pick up your specialized beard scissors and get working as we explore various types of mustache types that are currently popular. 

Natural Mustaches

The first stop on our list is naturally grown mustaches. These types of mustaches can be grown by everyone and don’t require any specific tampering, like using a premium mustache wax. Virtually anyone that can grow facial hair can grow any of these styles with ease and without any outside assistance except natural ones. 


A Chevron mustache follows the shape of the upper lip resulting in a slight upside-down v-shape stash. It looks like flipping the Chevron logo over, which is probably where the style gets its name from. A Chevron mustache is a great way to start if you’ve never had a stash before. 

Notable people that wore a Chevron mustache include Freddie Mercury, Nick Offerman, and Tom Selleck. 


You can probably already guess where this mustache style gets its name from. It resembles a walrus as the facial hair engulfs the entire upper lip and may even cover the bottom one. The stash is combed downwards and the ends should not twist into handlebars. 

The walrus mustache needs to be thick, so not everyone can grow a really strong one. Those that could include Teddy Roosevelt, Sam Elliott, and David Crosby. 


A sophisticated pencil mustache is considered devilish and dastardly but dreamy at the same time. People in the 30s and 40s used to sport this type of mustache and if you have seen Brad Pitt in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, you probably have an idea what it looks like. However, it is not practical in the 21st century as it does not look so good in casual wear. It is more suitable for people wearing a tux in formal situations. 

Good pencil mustache examples can be seen on Eddie Murphy, Errol Flynn, and Clark Gable. 


A handlebar mustache can look truly impressive. The traditional version is supposed to be thick with twists that resemble bike handlebars at the end. The mustache is long and one will need some wax and the world’s best beard brush to style the ends and twist them up appropriately. The handles are supposed to curl over the cheeks and towards the middle part of your face. 

Some notable figures that wore this style include Daniel Day-Lewis and William Howard Taft. 

Petit Handlebar

As the name suggests, the petite handlebar is simply a smaller version of the standard handlebar mustache. The mustache is much shorter and the small handles do not extend beyond the corners of your mouth. It is very suitable for men who cannot grow a full-sized handlebar mustache. 

The person that sported the petite handlebar the best was Joseph Stalin. 


A cowboy mustache is a thick and unkept type of a mustache. It might not be as neat as others, but it can indeed be impressive enough. However, not everyone is capable of growing this type of mustache. Not to mention that it is time-consuming and might take you quite a while. 

The most famous example of a cowboy mustache has to be Sam Elliot’s one. 

Fu Manchu 

A Fu Manchu mustache is similar to the Dali mustache but has two notable differences. First of all, it has a gap right at the philtrum. Secondly, the handles are left hanging down your cheeks and not curled upwards. This mustache is unique as it is connected to your face only at the top portions of your mouth; the rest is left hanging. 

The best example of this type of mustache is the one sported by the fictional supervillain Dr. Fu Manchu that the style is named after.


The Dali mustache is a very radical take on a traditional handlebar mustache. It was made popular by the famous surrealist Salvador Dali. The Dali is a pencil type of mustache with ends curled as handlebars to a sharp point. They are supposed to be very long and go all the way up to the edges of your eyes. Dali even liked styling his mustache into an infinity symbol, but this is a very radical take and not practical. 

The best example is, of course, Salvador Dali himself. 


A scruffy mustache is not very distinctive and usually looks more like stubble. Many people who are not sure if they want to grow a mustache end up having this style. Growing this type of mustache does not take long at all and those with thicker hair can alter it as soon as it grows in various ways. Some refer to it as a transitional period mustache. You wear it until it is long enough so you can style it into something else. 

People who wore this type of mustache on a couple of occasions are Johnny Depp and James Franco. 


The pyramid mustache is called such as it resembles the shape of a pyramid. It is narrow at the top and gets wider as it winds down towards the whiskers. But the width and the density will vary from person to person. The best part about this mustache is that it is easy to maintain and requires occasional trims. 

The example to look for is George Clooney’s stash in the People Who Stare at Goats movie. 

Painter’s Brush

The painter’s brush mustache is as thick as a chevron mustache with the difference of coming at a downward angle. It looks like the name suggests and seems as if a painter painted a mustache on your face with a single brush swipe downwards. But you don’t see too many people wearing this one these days. 

The person that revolutionized this style is Groucho Marx, and you can also see Ron Burgundy and Ron Swanson wearing it on some occasions. 


The toothbrush mustache is a very distinct style as it involves a mustache shaved at the sides and kept at the width of the nose. But you rarely see somebody with this style today because of a certain dictator who wanted to take over the world years ago. 

Besides the person we don’t care to mention, Charlie Chaplin is another notable figure who had one. 

El Bandito

The El Bandito is a Spanish-style mustache with curled up upper ends. Grooming this mustache is easy and does not take a lot of time. But styling it and making it stay curled does require some expertise. You may need to use a moisturizing beard balm for this one. 

Hugh Jackman had this type of mustache in several of his movies. 


The classic mustache style is often called the professor. The go-to styling choice by many teachers became popular because it evokes wisdom, maturity, and trust in a person. But strong facial hair is required for this type of mustache.

While it is primarily suitable for older and experienced men over 35, the best example is Robert Winston. 


The plumber mustache is referred to as the Nintendo game character Super Mario who sports a similar stash. The style involves a scalloped bottom part and an upward curve on the top side. It is a low-maintenance type of style which is easy to grow. 

If you want to see how it looks, fire up your old Nintendo console and choose Mario or his brother Luigi. 

Wild West

The Wild West style is often confused with the cowboy mustache. But the key difference is that the Wild West one has a slight handlebar hint. Those with a flamboyant personality can make this style work, but it goes well on men of all ages. 

Kurt Russell, starring in the Shootout at the OK Corral, had the best Wild West mustache that we can think of. 


The Asterix mustache is named by the popular comic book character by the same name. It is supposed to be thick and brushed down, but not too long, so it does not go beyond your chin. Growing it is easy but grooming it can be a hassle.

Asterix, the Gaul from René Goscinny’s comic books series, is the best example of this stash. 

Push Broom

The push-broom style is a mustache made famous by Magnum P.I.  and Tom Selleck. It is authoritative and manly, but not many men can pull it off. The mustache is thick and comes with tapperings for an authoritative look at the corners. 

Tom Selleck wore the push broom style best. 


The lampshade mustache features a trapezoid shape that resembles a lamp. Many people connect this type of mustache to policemen and military officers. A mustache is the only type of facial hair permitted for servicemen. The lampshade does not extend beyond the edge of the upper lip and is not higher than the bottom of your nose. The hair from the upper lip should not touch your nose. 

This mustache cannot be chopped or bushy and its length has to be kept short. As you may guess, this style requires a lot of grooming and has been made famous by Eddie Murphy in the Beverly Hills Cop series. 


The Dallas mustache style is the one that evokes power in a person. Many connect it with oil tycoons and other powerful men. But to make it as perfect as possible requires a lot of shampoo, trimming, and grooming. 

Actor Matthew McConaughey had a good Dallas stash in a few of his roles. 


The English mustache is not only the one worn by English men. It is supposed to be a choice of aristocrats. It is very similar to a handlebar stash, with the main difference of not having curled tips. The tips are waxed and placed horizontally to shape a point. 

Jimmy Edwards probably had the most suitable English mustache that you can think of. 


The Hungarian mustache is viewed as a very manly stash choice. It is believed that it got its name from the Archduke of Austro-Hungary, Franz Ferdinand. But today, it is also considered similar to the Wild West style. It incorporates elements of both the walrus and the handlebar style. It is massive and sits lower on your cheeks with swooping handlebar finishes. 

Besides Franz Ferdinand, other notable figures sporting the Hungarian were Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. 

Hybrid Mustaches

Compared to the natural mustaches, hybrids utilize more facial hair elements than those growing above your upper lip. Hybrid mustaches also include some beard parts and there are a lot of unique combinations that can even be labeled as weird-looking. 


The cantinflas mustache style involves shaving your beard and parts of your mustache. The only parts that you will be left with are the edges above the corners of your mouth. But before trying to stylize this mustache, you need a patient for three weeks of hair growth. 

Mexican comedian Mario Moreno is the person who revolutionized this type of mustache style. 


The horseshoe style of a mustache has been made famous by men from the South of the USA. You will not mistake this type for any other due to its very distinctive features that resemble a horseshoe. To achieve a horseshoe mustache, you need to grow a very thick beard and then shave off the cheeks and a portion of your chin. The mustache straps that are left have to go all the way down to your chin but should not be hanging off. 

This style has been made famous by Hulk Hogan, James Hetfield, and Aaron Rodgers. 


The Zappa is a famed mustache style made famous by its original creator Frank Zappa. It is similar to a horseshoe style with the distinction of not going all the way down to the chin and adding in a thick sole patch. The thickness of the stash needs to remain the same. 

The best example of a Zappa stash can be seen on Frank Zappa himself. 


The Imperial mustache is often mistaken for both the Hungarian and the handlebar. However, the Imperial is different in the sense that it uses the cheek hairs at the edge of your mouth to help the end parts curl upward. It is also not shaped to a point but instead left natural. 

If you want to see a magnificent imperial mustache, look for it in the last Emperor of Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II. 

A La Souvarov

This unique mustache style was made famous by Russian General Alexander Souvarov. It requires you to connect the mustache with the end parts of your sideburns. To style this mustache, you first have to grow a full beard and then shave off everything except the stash that draws a line towards the sideburns. 

The original is always the best and Alexander Souvarov sported the A La Souvarov the best. 


The beardstache involves the combination of mustaches and beard. But you don’t have a distinctive mustache style that goes here as multiple ones can be used. But it needs to combine with stubble to make it work. You can style the mustache as you wish, but make sure to keep the beard short and to a subtle length. 

The latest Superman and part-time Witcher Henry Cavill have a great beardstache during his off days. 


A freestyle mustache means going as wacky as it gets. There are no rules and there is no holding back. The only limit is your imagination and you can add a stash, a soul patch, a beard, some sideburns, everything that you can think of. The idea is to make the stash as free-spirited as possible. 

Mustaches and Different Face Shapes

Certain mustache styles cannot go with just any type of face shape. Many of them look good just because of the shape of the face of the person wearing them. If your face shape and mustache style do not match, it is best to look for a different mustache as it will not look good. 

So, for instance, both the standard handlebar and the petite handlebar look much better on people with long and oval faces. The natural look is universal and suits all face types. The lampshade, on the other hand, requires a squared face. 

Before deciding which style to shave your mustache in, you should research the ones that work better for your type of face. Experimenting also works and helps you determine it visually. 

How to Grow a Mustache

Growing a mustache does not require any type of special effort. Things just happen naturally and the best that you can do is maintain it and help it grow in the shape you want it in as it starts growing. Some people can grow a mustache faster, while others do it much slower and it all depends on your genetics. 

Once your mustache gets going, you may use some oil on it or even some balms. You can trim it but not overdo it. Create your shaving regime, place all the products in an elegant mustache mug and keep them close. 

Patience is most important. Once it gets to the desired length, you can stylize it in the manner you like. 

How to Trim and Style Your Mustache

Step 1 – Growing your mustache

No matter the facial hair style, the first step is always letting the stash grow. But be sure to wait a bit until it gets to the required length. 

Step 2 – Do the prep work

Before you start trimming, be sure to assemble all the tools needed in one place. This includes combs, scissors, trimmers, balms, the works. 

Step 3 – Comb your mustache

Combing your mustache lays the groundwork for trimming. You also make the initial step towards the style you’ve planned for yourself. 

Step 4 – Trim the hairs close to your upper lip

Trim all the hairs closer to your upper lip and always start from the edges and continue inward. 

Step 5 – Trim the upper areas

Trimming the upper area will depend on the mustache style. You might need a comb as well. Always start with the area beneath your nose. 

Step 6 – Do not over trim

Be careful not to do too much trimming as you will need to start everything, including growing out your mustache again. 

Step 7 – Style your mustache

This is a final touch and depends on your mustache’s style. You can use some wax to shape it any way you like, comb it, or simply leave it be. 

Best Products for Mustache Styling 


A good balm will help to moisturize your skin and, at the same time, make it look natural. Balms are also good to help shape and hold the mustache in a certain way. But many of them double as a lotion for your skin and can even control flyaways. 


Wax is a necessary product for a variety of mustache styles. It is mainly used for styles like handlebar mustaches where you need to add a particular twist at the edge of the stash. But it can be used for both thick and thin mustaches as it helps you hold the stash in the position that you require it to stay. 


Trimming your mustache hair works better with scissors. Trimmers might be more efficient, but scissors are more precise and appropriate. But to do everything correctly, it is best to get a pair of really good and sharp beard trimming scissors and add them to your shaving kit. 


A comb is an essential part of your beard trimming routine. Not only does it help you stylize the mustache in the way you want, but it also helps to maintain it. You can comb the stash from time to time and you can also use the comb to prepare the stash for execution when trimming excess hairs. 


A brush is a vital mustache grooming asset as it helps to exfoliate the skin and distribute essential oils. It will also enable you to train your hairs to grow in the direction you want them to. You will need a smaller brush than the one for beard grooming or a special one that is suitable only for a mustache. 

Most Common Mistakes When Growing Mustache

Growing a mustache and styling it the way you want it can be followed by inevitable mistakes. To avoid them, you need to be aware of what can happen as they will prevent you from getting the results you wish. 

  • Trimming the mustache wrong: A common mistake is not trimming the mustache properly. In the early growth stage, one has to cut the hair closer to the lips while allowing the hairs closer to the nose to grow. Always use scissors for trimming and not an electric trimmer. 
  • Having unrealistic expectations: A mustache simply does not grow as fast as you think. You need to wait for about two to three weeks to get a thick one, depending on the person. The initial stage may look awkward, but things start looking a lot better once you get over it. 
  • Not using products: Don’t think for a second that you are going to have great results without any products. Your mustache needs nourishment and for that, you can use some essential oils and balms. Products provide hydration and also help the stash smell good. 

Mustache vs Moustache

If you have encountered two different types of spelling referring to the strip of facial hair on your upper lip and feel confused about it, don’t be. The terms mustache and mustache mean the same. You even pronounce both words in the same way. 

The main difference here is where you use it. The spelling “mustache” is how Yanks write this word over in the USA. At the same time, the “moustache” way of spelling is the traditional way in the UK and common for British English. The same thing goes when differentiating between the words color vs colour. 

Do’s and Don’ts When Growing Mustache


  • Use oils and balms to maintain your mustache. 
  • Trim it from time to time. 
  • Come and brush the stash to guide the hairs in the direction you wish to grow them. 
  • Go for the mustache style that is suitable for your face type. 


  • Overtrim your mustache. 
  • Forget about the maintenance. 
  • Go for an unsuitable style for your face shape. 
  • Disregard using products. 

Quick Tips on How to Care for Your Mustache

If you plan to grow out a stash and combine it with some unprofessional hairstyles for men, you should always consider the tips that we are about to give you. That way, you will know if you are doing everything correctly or not. 

  • Be patient when growing out your mustache. It is not going to come overnight. 
  • Use some sharp scissors instead of an electric trimmer when trimming your stash. 
  • Never disregard the advantage that using beard and mustache products can give you. 
  • A perfect combination of a face type and mustache style is essential. 
  • Grooming and maintaining your stash is as important as regularly stylizing it. 

FAQ About Mustache Types

Are mustaches in style?

Yes, they are. Mustaches have made a huge comeback in recent times and more and more people are wearing them. Whereas older people resorted to growing a mustache, younger generations are not shying away from it these days. 

What is the best mustache type?

Various styles of natural mustache types are considered to be the best. They are easy to grow and maintain. Plus, they can be suitable for multiple face types and different occasions. 

What kind of mustache should I grow?

One should grow a mustache based on the face type one possesses. Also, be sure to consider different types for your face shape and choose the one that looks best on you. 

Should my mustache cover my upper lip?

It depends on the mustache style you are going for. A walrus mustache or a cowboy style should cover your upper lip. But if you decide to go for other types of style, like pencil or handlebar, they should not cover your upper lip at all. 

What do you call a mustache that curls at the ends?

A mustache that curls at the end are called a handlebar mustache as it resembles the bars of a bicycle. Other similar styles come with curls at the end: the Dali, El Bandito, and the Imperial. 


Wearing a mustache is cool. In the past, the stash was reserved for older and experienced men. Nowadays, it has become very popular with younger generations, at least with the ones that can grow a good mustache. There are all types of styles and most of them can be combined with other facial hair parts for a very cool look. Don’t miss out on this trend and consider adding a stash to your facial hair style. 

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Types of Mustaches – Epic Stache Styles You’ll Want to Try


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