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Best Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin – Rash Free Shave

Best Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin

What Is an Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Proper skincare for sensitive skin should involve using the correct Electric Shaver. If you have sensitive skin, it is all the more important to look for the best shaver that you can use for your facial hair and unwanted hair in different parts of your body.

The usual electric shavers and razors will not work. You need to look for a high-quality electric shaver that is truly designed for those with sensitive skin. If you are still unfamiliar with it, then the best electric shaver for sensitive skin is one that will not cause you to experience unwanted effects from shaving.

Note that since your skin is sensitive, you are also dealing with dry skin, among many other skin issues. Avoid that by using an electric razor guaranteed to be gentle on your skin while being effective in avoiding irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs.

Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Easy and Convenient to Use

One advantage that an electric shaver for sensitive skin can give you is that it promotes ease and convenience when it comes to shaving. Unlike manual razors that are complex to use and may result in nicks, razor burns, cuts, and painful irritations, the electric shaver can prevent that.

It is because of its user-friendly design and engineering. As you make your skin adjust to the daily use of an electric shaver, each pass will also become a lot more comfortable and easier. You will also have an easier time taking care of the skin before and after shaving.

Promotes Close and Smooth Cuts

Another thing that makes electric shavers different from manual razors is that the former has extra sharp blades. These blades can also shearing off your facial hair close to your skin, unlike the manual ones that tend to scrape your face and cause injuries.

Electric shavers for sensitive skin also feature blade guards that help promote close and smooth cuts and improve their ability to keep your skin protected.

Low Maintenance

The use of an electric shaver is beneficial if you have sensitive skin, especially because aside from being low-maintenance overall, cleaning it is also surprisingly easy. Keep in mind that the regular use of the shaver may cause its head to accumulate bacteria, oil, and hair eventually. This may result in the blade’s dullness, further leading to irritation and acne.

Fortunately, it is not that difficult to clean and maintain an electric shaver. You only need to brush the blades quickly and rinse them. Even top-quality shavers feature a cleaning station, which will clean, dry, and sanitize the blades automatically.

How Do Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin Work

How Do Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin Work

An electric shaver for sensitive skin works by giving you a solution for all the skin issues that you may encounter from shaving using manual razors. For instance, you can use the best foil shavers for a smooth shaving experience, one that can prevent minor cuts, rough and patchy skin, irritation, razor burns, rashes, and other problems brought on by different types of razors.

A foil shaver is a type of electric shaver, which means that this device is indeed good for you if your skin falls under the sensitive type. What’s even better about the electric shaver is that it can complete the shaving job quickly and with a high level of precision, thereby assuring you of a close and smooth shave.  

Why Men With Sensitive Skin and Acne Should Use Electric Shavers

Electric shavers are the ideal shavers for the head and body if your skin is sensitive and prone to acne. One reason is that it is gentler on your skin, thereby preventing unwanted side effects. This prevents irritation and acne. You can even avoid bleeding due to shaving using manual razors.

Another reason for using electric shavers is that it is small and portable, thereby promoting ease in removing hair from different parts of your body, including your head and face. You can even use it on sensitive parts, such as your bikini lines and underarms.

Pros and Cons of Using Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin


  • Easier to use than manual razors.
  • Promotes a close and smooth shave.
  • Can lessen the risk of experiencing skin irritation, cuts, and other issues brought on by shaving.
  • Low-maintenance.
  • Can be used in removing hair from different parts of your body.


  •  Not suitable for all hair types.

Types of Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin

Rotary Electric Shaver

The rotary electric shaver makes use of oscillating blades. These are circular blades that work by rotating in circles. The blades can cut your hair from an angle. It can also do the cutting by pulling the hair upwards. Expect its blades to be installed beneath the foils found in a spinning wheel, the one that shaves the hair as it enters the perforations and holes.

One advantage of the rotary shaver is that it can deal with facial areas considered as more problematic, including your neck and chin. You may have a hard time reaching such areas if you use other types of shavers. A rotary shaver is also a good choice if you do not shave every day. It is more suitable for use on hair that’s of the coarse or thick type.

Foil Electric Shaver

Foil Electric Shaver

The foil shaver is also another type that uses a rotating blade made of thin metal to cut hair. Expect the rotating blade that usually features a bit of a pivot to work in cutting the hair on top, middle, and bottom of the shaft while moving back and forth. It shaves pretty similar to when you are using a razor for shaving. It still has a distinguishing trait, though – that is, the moving of the blade up and down the foil rather than across your face.

You can also use the foil shaver in shaving hair from your ears and head. It can provide an even and close shave while retaining the sharpness of the shaving surface. Many find it trendy as it has a similar look as the traditional razor but with better performance than a standard razor when used on most facial shapes.

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Shaving Habits

Your shaving habits should be one of the major deciding factors when selecting the best electric shaver for sensitive skin. Note that your preferences and needs regarding shaving may differ from that of other men.

Regarding choosing a reliable electric shaver, the frequency of shaving will also help you pinpoint your shaving habits. You have to consider this to ensure that what you will be getting can suit your needs, especially if you intend to use this device for daily shaving.

Style (Wet or Dry)

Is wet or dry shaving better for your skin? You have to ask that question as the answer will also help you determine the most appropriate electric shaver. Since your skin is sensitive, it would be best to go for a wet shaver. Dry shavers are often cheaper than wet shavers because of their low-maintenance nature.

However, it would still be better to go for a wet shaver, especially one that provides options for both wet and dry shaving. It is a much safer choice if your skin, especially around your face, is prone to dryness and damage after your shaving sessions.

If you use soothing shaving cream with a light lather, it can also benefit you. The reason is that this product can help mitigate problems associated with having sensitive skin. Moreover, you can apply an aftershave balm with a cooling effect once you are done using your wet shaver.

Motor Speed

Check the shaver’s motor and shaving speed, too. This is possible by looking at its cycle per minute (CPM), the parameter that signifies the power of the motor and the shaving speed. You know that you are getting a quality shaver designed for sensitive skin if its motor is powerful and speedy enough while still assuring you of a gentle and effective shave. As much as possible, go for faster motors, specifically those within the 10,000 to 14,000 CPM range.

Avoid a shaver that has a motor with a CPM that’s less than 10,000 as it means that it is slow. A slow motor requires a few passes when shaving a single area, thereby increasing your risk of experiencing skin burn and ripped-out hairs. A faster one will ensure a more comfortable shaving experience and better results.


The blades of the electric shaver are also extremely important. You need high-quality blades guaranteed to remain sharp for a longer time to lessen the risk of skin irritation. This can also assure you of a more comfortable shaving experience. Avoid blades classified as low-grade as they dull fast while tending to yank your hair, resulting in an unclean and unpolished cut.

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin


Mobility is also an essential factor as it gives you an easier time as you shave. If possible, go for a cordless razor or a shaver with a plug-in charging unit. Such features deliver a better performance in terms of mobility. The mobility of this device also makes it possible for you to bring it on your travels.


Determine what accessories you will need along with the shaver, too. Find out if those are already part of the kit. If you are someone who does not travel a lot, it would be great to have a large cleaning station as it will help save time. A travel case will also be unnecessary.

However, if you often go on a trip, then go for a shaver with several more accessories that you can easily pack. There should also be a travel case, a sturdy one to ensure that the device will be well-protected as you travel. Choosing one guaranteed to have a long battery life is also a big advantage as it gives you the option to leave your charger at home just in case the trip is short.


Look for an electric shaver that has nice and comfortable ergonomics. This means that it feels good and comfortable to hold. Fortunately, you can find shavers in various sizes and shapes, so you can identify one that has good ergonomics. A wise tip is to try holding the shaver before buying to understand how it feels. Ensure that you choose that device, which can easily reach various parts of your face, like below your nose.

Battery Life

It can also benefit you to invest in an electric shaver with long battery life. Most of these devices now come in cordless versions. A rechargeable battery also powers them up. Several of them use lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. This shaver can operate at around 40 to 60 minutes when fully charged. It would also be better to go for this type of battery as it tends to discharge slowly, making it last for many years.

Quick Charging

The quick charging ability of the electric shaver can also contribute a lot to improving the device’s performance. This is especially true if you constantly travel or have a hectic schedule. Most shavers can get a full charge in around an hour.

They can also offer multiple shaves depending on the power of the battery. If you are a busy person who can’t afford to waste a lot of time charging the device, go for one that you can charge in just five minutes and can already handle one shave.

Adjustable Setting for Sensitive Skin

The adjustability of the settings of an electric shaver is also of extreme importance for users who have sensitive skin. Whether shaving before or after showering, you can significantly benefit from a shaver with fully adjustable settings.

The fact that you can adjust the settings means that you can set it so that you can lower your risk of skin irritation. Find one with adjustable settings. It should let you lower the blade’s rotational shaves so that you can enjoy a gentler and less aggressive shave.


Make sure that you also consider the price when deciding on the electric shaver to buy. Since you have sensitive skin, avoid going for the cheapest razor. It would still be best to pay a bit more to get a hold of a well-engineered and quality shaver that’s durable enough that it can provide you with plenty of comfortable and smooth shaves for a long time.

How to Use an Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Step 1 – Prepare your skin

Note that one of the grooming mistakes to avoid when using an electric shaver is not preparing your skin beforehand. If you plan to do dry shaving, ensure that your shaver and facial hair are completely dry before the task.

When it comes to wet shaving, the best way to prepare would be using lukewarm water to wash your facial hair or beard. This should help open up your pores and prevent your hair from lying flat on your skin. Exfoliating before shaving is also a great way to prepare your skin.

Step 2 – Put on a pre-shave oil

Pre-shave oil can help diminish the appearance of razor burn or the possibility of skin irritation, so it would be best to apply it to your face before the actual shaving process.

How to Use an Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Step 3 – Begin shaving

Once the necessary preparations are done, you can start shaving. A wise tip is to shave against the grain. This direction should allow you to have a comfortable and smooth shave. Adjust the stroke’s direction if hair patches are growing in another direction.

Step 4 – Rinse your face

After shaving, you can use cold water to rinse your face then put on a soothing aftershave balm. As much as possible, use an aftershave balm that does not have alcohol to prevent irritating your sensitive skin.

How to Maintain Your Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Step 1 – Clean your electric shaver 

Let it fully air dry, too, before you put back its shaving head.

Step 2 – Lubricate the blades and foil

Do this more often if you constantly clean the shaver with soap and water.

Step 3 – Discharge the battery thoroughly once a month

This is necessary for prolonging the life of your battery.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to electric shavers for sensitive skin, it can significantly benefit you if you choose one that’s costlier. Go for a more expensive shaver if it means that what you will be getting is a high-quality one that delivers an incredible performance when shaving. Remember that your skin is sensitive, so you need a shaver that can do its job without unwanted effects.

Do’s and Don’ts With an Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin


  • Use a pre-shave lotion before performing a dry shave. This product can contribute a lot to improving your comfort level when shaving. It can also assure you of a close shave.
  • Trim beforehand. Note that you can get better results if you trim long hair, mustache, and sideburns before using your electric shaver to begin shaving. The built-in trimmer can assure you of more detailed work. It also helps in cutting and shaving effectively and closely.
  • Shave sensitive areas first. These include the skin close to your ears, neck, and Adam’s apple. These parts are more sensitive compared to other facial areas. You have to deal with them first as electric shavers tend to heat up. If you wait before gliding it on the areas, it will be pretty tricky and you may even experience skin irritation.


  • Do not put on too much pressure on your skin. The strokes should be as short, controlled, and slow as possible. Gently guide the shaver and apply only minimal pressure to avoid discomfort and irritation.
  • Do not forget to apply oil to the blade. This should promote smooth and free movements of the blade.

FAQ About Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin

FAQ About Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin

Do electric shavers cut as close as manual razors?

Yes. The electric shavers assure users of a closer cut than the manual razors with blades that may only damage and scrape your face. You have the assurance of a close shave from an electric shaver because of its ultra-sharp blades designed in a way that they can cut facial hair close to your skin while still protecting it.

Do electric shavers cause less irritation?

Yes. This is especially true if you go for an electric shaver specifically designed for people whose skin types are sensitive. By using an electric shaver over the manual one, you can receive a guarantee of less irritation, plus you will also be less prone to cuts, nicks, rashes, acne, and razor burns after shaving.

Should a shaving cream be used with electric shavers?

It is not mandatory to use a shaving cream if you decide to shave with an electric shaver. However, it would be best if you choose to give it a go. Just make sure that you pick the right kind of shaving cream – one that is compatible with your shaver. By using shaving cream, you can get rid of discomfort. This product also helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your shaving, which is why using it can genuinely benefit you.

Which of the two types of electric shavers is better for sensitive skin?

A foil shaver seems to work better than the rotary if you have sensitive and delicate skin. This is particularly useful if you are prone to razor burns. The reason is that it is gentler on your skin compared to the rotary shaver.

Can electric shavers be used on a head or other body parts?

Yes, most modern electric shavers allow you to use them in other body parts, like your head, apart from your mustache and beard. It is helpful in the precise manscaping of body parts, including the topmost part of your head, back of your neck, hairline, and sideburns, among others.

Do electric shavers cause ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs will be less minimal if you use the right electric shaver. You can also prevent that problem by making it a regular habit to exfoliate your skin. Also, an electric shaver does not shave as close while promoting a straight and clean cut means you can prevent the hair from curling back to your skin. This can, therefore, significantly lower the risk of the hair becoming ingrown.

Can electric shavers cut the skin?

Yes, there are still instances when the electric shaver will cause nicks, cuts, and burns. However, the risk of these issues happening is still low. The cuts are also very minimal. You can easily avoid it by ensuring that you do not press too hard when using the shaver.

Is a razor or electric shaver better for sensitive skin?

The electric shaver will always be a better choice than a manual razor when dealing with sensitive skin. The reason is that it is primarily made to be less harsh on your skin. In addition, most of these electric shavers already feature adjustable settings, so you can set them in such a way that you can prevent post-shaving issues that are common for those with sensitive skin.

Are Braun shavers good for sensitive skin?

Yes. Braun is famous for creating high-quality electric shavers and razors, so you have an assurance that their shavers also work great for sensitive skin. Their electric shavers and razors are even perfect for both dry and wet shaving. They deliver an incredible shaving performance without the rashes, redness, and other forms of irritation that may result from shaving.


Finding the best electric shaver for sensitive skin should be your top priority if you want to have a smooth and pain-free experience when shaving. Once you have made your choice, do the necessary preparations before shaving and use the correct technique. That way, you can get your desired shaving results minus the unwanted and annoying effects. 

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