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25 Hipster Haircuts to Try – For Men Who Follow Trends

What Is a Men’s Hipster Hairstyle

The Hipster hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles for men. Many love it because it is classy and trendy. This specific hairstyle requires men to have short Hair on both sides while having long hair on top. You can make the hair on your side a fade or an undercut.

On the other hand, the long hair requires bold styling, like a pompadour, man bun, slick back, or fringe. You can pair up this hairstyle with a unique hipster beard style, too, like a handlebar mustache, which you can improve even further with the world’s best beard brush.

Top 25 Men’s Hipster Hairstyles

Man Bun

The man bun is a favorite hipster hairstyle of men, particularly those with hair that’s particularly long. An advantage of this hairstyle is that you can easily create it. You only need a hair tie. Just pull back your hair into a bun and use the hair tie to secure it in place.

Half Up Half Down

If you prefer a low-key look while remaining polished, then the half up, half down hairstyle is perfect for you. This is an excellent choice if you are searching for a professional hairstyle. It lets you pull back your hair from your face while retaining a sort of freedom and individuality. Use a hair wax that firms well and you will pull off this cut even better.

Classic Slick Back

Another favorite hipster hairstyle is the classic slick back. It is a simple style that can also showcase a man’s sophisticated and suave look. The classic slick back style is also popular, taking pride in its attractive vintage appeal.

Another advantage of this style is that you can easily create it. You can just put on a premium hair clay, a pomade, or wet gel, then hold your hair securely in place by combing it back repeatedly. It is a versatile hairstyle since you can wear it clean-shaven or have a beard.


You can get the pompadour style by brushing your hair up and back rather than brushing it to the front. You can give a more voluminous look to your brushed hair by using hair care products, including a hair wax, gel, or mousse. You may also buy a quality hair oil and apply it.

One thing that makes the pompadour distinctive is that it features an even and smoother silhouette. It also appears more defined than the quiff hairstyle. If you prefer to add more texture to your hair, you can ruffle it slightly. This can give the classic pompadour a modern twist.

Long Bob and 60s Bubble Flip

This specific version of the hipster hairstyle is perfect for you if you plan to sport the retro-hipster style. In this style, you will be combining a long bob, a hairstyle that’s a bit shorter than the length of your shoulder, and the 60’s bubble flip characterized by flicked-out and rounded ends. It can help you sport a stylish and relaxed vibe. This style looks even better if you also wear a wide-brim hat.

Undercut and Mini Pompadour

Another hipster hairstyle for men that you should consider sporting is the combination of the undercut and the mini pompadour. It will give the hairstyle a modern and sharp take. This combination can leave a remarkable impression whether you choose to wear it textured and loose or slick down the pompadour.

Disconnected Undercut and Slicked Back

You can also go for the disconnected undercut recognized for its versatility. This style features short sides as well as a long top. It does not blend, taper, or fade, too. The result of this style is a masculine and strong look. You can combine it with the slick back style to make it look even more impressive.

Quiff and Slick Back

The timeless and classic nature of the quiff is one reason why many men are fond of wearing the style. What’s great about this style is that it looks suave and flattering. It is also versatile enough to allow you to sport it anywhere, whether it’s for daily wear or a night out.

It also has several versions, one of which is combining it with the slick back. This combination can help you rock the 60s vibe while assuring you of ease of styling. You have to use a comb, hairdryer, and pomade. Consuming hair vitamins for men can also help you bring the best out of this hairstyle and any other haircut for that matter.

Man Bun and Skin Fade

You can also go for the classic hipster style, the man bun that you can freshen up and make it look even more stylish by integrating a skin fade. It can add some edge to the laid-back man bun, allowing you to impress everyone around you. Add a full beard to the style and the result will be even better. You can even complete everything with a sophisticated musky cologne, one that’s guaranteed to capture attention.

High Fade and Slick Back

There is also what we call the high fade and slick back combination. If you already sport a slick back, you can have a more exciting hipster hairstyle by integrating a high fade. With the aid of the high fade, the sleek top part will produce a cool contrast, which can deliver a classic and retro vibe. It is a unique style that brings out a more masculine and mature look.

Long Wavy Hair

The long wavy hair can also be sported by anyone who wishes for a laidback look. It can help you bring out the 70s rock vibe while also showcasing messy curly hair. If you have thinning hair, then using hair loss shampoo can always help restore growth. This can increase your chance of enjoying the long and wavy hairstyle.

The good thing about this style is that it allows you to choose from a side or center part. Just consider the shape of your face and let your hair’s natural texture work wonders in bringing the best out of this low-maintenance style.

Drop Fade and Slick Back

Another way to add variety to the classic fade is to sport the drop fade. In this hairstyle, you will be forming a curved line using your hair arcing from the temples down to your neck’s base. It will then drop behind your ear, which is the reason behind its name.

The drop fade is unanticipated, making it more pleasing to the eyes than the other fades. It also works in elevating your entire look. You can make your look even more unique and cooler by sporting it with a full beard and a slick back style.

Quiff and Silver Hair

If you have silver and gray hair, then worry no more as there is a specific way for you to rock it still impressively. One style that’s right for silver and gray hair is the quiff, which also falls under the best men’s hipster hairstyles.

The quiff is cool and ageless and works effectively in ensuring that you have hair that looks fuller and thicker. It also brings the best out of the color of your hair.

As much as possible, put on some mousse or gel, then blow dry your hair to increase its texture and volume even further. A Vaseline hair tonic could be helpful for this style, too.

Bro Flow

Another hipster hairstyle for men that’s worthwhile to try is the bro flow. This carefree and cool look is ideal for those who have hair that’s medium-length while preferring a low-maintenance style.

For the bro flow to work well for your hair, you may need to put on a light hold pomade or texturizing spray. Just a bit of this product can produce more texture and movement for your hair.

One thing to note about the bro flow, though, is that it could have a different effect on your hair’s natural style. This means that the bro flow will look different if your hair is straight, wavy, or curly.

Any style looks great, though. For instance, the straighter one will give you a sleeker and more polished appearance. Meanwhile, the curly or wavy bro flow can be sported if you want to showcase some masculinity and ruggedness.  

Quiff and Long Hair

The quiff is not only designed for those with short hair. It also looks good on those who have long locks. If you intend to get this hipster hairstyle combination, then keep in mind that your hair is heavier since it is long.

In that case, you have to use a hairdryer and apply stronger styling hair products to prevent the quiff from collapsing. It is also advisable to smooth back your hair then tuck it behind your ears to add a bit of variation to the usual quiff.

Comb Back and Long Hair

Another hipster hairstyle that seems to work suitably well for your long hair is the comb back. The comb back is a slick back for those who are still unfamiliar but a modern version of it. The comb back features a natural and matte finish rather than the wet and sleek look that you will most likely see from a slick back.

It would be great to combine the comb back and long hair since this style does not require styling products that may only weigh down your hair. You also have an assurance that it will not end up looking greasy and oily.

If you choose to style your long hair with a comb back, ensure that you retain a lot of volume instead of just allowing it to fall flat. Your goal is to make it appear healthier, fuller, and thicker.

Short Back and Sides and Slick Back

You can also go for the short back and sides as it is a simple yet highly versatile and iconic haircut. It works perfectly for you if you prefer a hairstyle that’s a bit flattering – one that you can sport wherever you decide to go.

It is simple also means that it does not require too much styling. It is also suitable for almost all occasions. You can have a more modern and updated version of this iconic style by integrating a slick back on the top portion of your hair.

Comb Over and Short Waves

If your hair is short and wavy, you can style it with a comb-over to give it a hipster or an old-school look. The comb-over will have a different effect on your short waves.

It can still give you that groomed and neat look, but this style is more on the casual side. It is also not that rigid. The comb-over and short waves also work well if you have a goatee, short beard, or chinstrap beard.

Long Hair and Comb Over

The comb-over is also a perfect fit for long hair. Its asymmetric and side-parted style seems to work well for guys who have heart, square, and diamond facial shapes. When planning to sport this style, remember that volume is the major contributor to getting your desired results.

Avoid making your hair lie excessively flat; otherwise, the result will look messy while lacking balance. Add more texture and movement by applying a matte product to it.

Wet Hairstyle

Of course, this article about the best men’s hipster hairstyles will never be complete without including the wet hairstyle, an 80s trend that has recently regained popularity.

This is a cool and sleek hairstyle that requires the use of finishing sprays, gels, or any other high-shine hair product guaranteed to deliver a glossy output. The wet hairstyle is also very versatile in that it suits every type of hair. If you want a more updated version of this style, go for a damp hairstyle that’s long and messy.

Undercut and Side Part and Waves

You can also attain the hipster look by sporting a vintage haircut that has a modern variation – an example is the undercut and side part designed for those who have waves.

You can gain inspiration from the side-parted and undercut hairstyles that got popular during the earlier parts of the 20th century. This one has a more modern variation, though – with the presence of structured waves. The waves work in adding a more polished and deliberate feel to your look.

Mid Fade and Quiff

This specific style is perfect for you if your face is round. The mid fade can update the traditional quiff with a more modern touch. It can make the style look young and fresh while still looking professional and polished.

This means you will never have problems wearing this hairstyle in the workplace. The fact that this style requires sweeping your hair from your forehead to form the quiff also indicates that it would be great to pair it up with your statement sunglasses.

Pompadour and Undercut

You will not also regret your decision to wear a combination of a pompadour and an undercut. Combining the classic pomp’s dramatic flair with the unique and edgy undercut allows you to mix it.

The combination helps form a kind of cool contrast guaranteed to attract attention. It is, therefore, safe to say that this style is good for you if you want to leave a good impression and a positive statement. Just make sure to create a lot of volume on your pomp and maintain the neatness and short length of your undercut.

Wavy Brush Back

If you have long and wavy hair, you will be glad to know that it provides you with many choices when it comes to styling. However, consider going for the wavy brush back if you prefer simplicity while still showcasing elegance and class. This specific style is good for you in such a case as you will look more sophisticated and mature.

Medium Length Hair and Fringe

Your medium-length hair will also have a twist and hold a hipster vibe by adding a fringe into it. It can help balance your facial features while giving an assurance that your medium-length hair will look more flattering on you. It also provides enough shine to provide you with a greasy and rugged feel.

How to Get Men’s Hipster Hairstyle

Step 1Research different choices

Consider your preference and the natural texture of your hair and your facial shape. Ensure that your chosen style fits you perfectly and expresses your personality.

Step 2 – Pick a suitable haircut 

The good news is that you can get a hipster hairstyle whether you have short, medium, or long hair. You can even choose some hairstyle for balding men with a hipster vibe. If you deal with hair fall, you can select a half-shaven hipster hairstyle so you can look your best while showcasing a funky appeal.

Step 3 – Try all the hair options 

Try experimenting with proportion, volume, and texture so you can create the best hipster hairstyle that’s right for you.

Step 4 – It’s time to visit a barber 

Once you know exactly what you want, visit a barber and relay this information. You need the expertise of a good and professional barber to help you get the men’s hipster hairstyle that you want.

How to Style Men’s Hipster Hairstyles

Step 1- Combine styles 

Know the hairstyles that provide a modern twist to the haircuts popularized in the 1920s to 1950s. This combination is what constitutes the men’s hipster hairstyle.

Step 2 – Focus on getting short hair on both sides 

This describes a hipster haircut, so this is what you should try to achieve when trying to style your hair that way. Your choices for the hair on both sides include a fade, like a high, low, or mid-skin fade. You can also choose an undercut for the side.

Step 3 – Choose a bold styling for the top

This is characterized by longer hair. In this case, you can choose the pomp, man bun, comb over, quiff, slick back, textured brush back, or fringe.

Step 4 – Pair your new hairstyle up with a beard

Once you get your desired hipster hairstyle, consider pairing it up with a unique hipster beard. In that case, you can have a handlebar mustache.

Hair Products for Men’s Hipster Hairstyles

Hair Pomade

This can give your hair a high shine. It also works for all hair types.

High-Quality Beard Kit

The kit has to contain everything needed in caring for and grooming your beard. That way, you will have an easier time pairing your beard style with your chosen hipster hairstyle. If possible, invest in a hair removal cream for men, too.

Beard and Mustache Elixir

This should help make your facial hair look thicker and fuller while promoting faster growth.

Mustache Comb

This product aims to make your beard look appealing while giving it a healthy glow.

Texturizing Spray 

An advantage of this hair product is that it can add volume to each strand.

FAQ About Men’s Hipster Hairstyle

What defines a hipster?

A hipster can be described as a non-traditional person who thinks independently. Those who belong under this category have a strong belief in progressive politics. They also tend to dress based on trends. Many also describe hipsters as unusually interested in and knowledgeable of unconventional and new patterns, like in fashion.

What is the hipster haircut called?

The hipster haircut is the modified version of a classic or timeless style with a contemporary touch or spin. Examples of this haircut are the comb over, pompadour, undercut, fade, and quiff. To make this individual and unique hairstyle even more creative, men who sport it presently also pair it up with cool and unique beard styles.

How do you cut your desired hipster haircut?

The hipster haircut has plenty of variations. In most cases, though, it has this typical trait of sporting short sides and backs. It also often features a fade while being several inches long on top. To get your desired hipster haircut, it would be best to bring a picture of the style you want once you visit your barber.

Is long hair the only style for hipsters?

Having long hair falls under the hipster hairstyle. Note that long hair is not the only cut you can have if you are aiming for the hipster style. If your hair is naturally long, it would be best to wear them freely and loosely. Other hipster hairstyles that you can sport if you have long hair are the slicked back, half bun, and the man bun.


You have plenty of options if you plan to go after the men’s hipster hairstyle. You have to find out which among the styles laid out to you fits your valid preferences perfectly and helps you express your true self.

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25 Hipster Haircuts to Try – For Men Who Follow Trends


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