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22 FuckBoy Haircuts for Bad Guys Who Want to Look Hot

FuckBoy Haircuts

If you proclaim yourself to be a Fuckboy and want to look the part, then there are several cool haircuts for you to experiment with. You can find out how to complete your look using several hairstyles and how you can go about getting and styling them.

What Is a FuckBoy Haircut

Despite what you might think, fuckboys do not always have wild and messy hair. Many hairstyles can be pretty clean, well thought, polished and sleek. This can add to the whole experience of presenting yourself as a charming and available person.

In this sense, what is the most common kind of Fuckboy Haircut out there? Generally, having haircuts with styled and long tops and cut-back sides can count as a fuckboy haircut, but there’s a lot more than you can do even with this.

To figure out the kind of haircut that you think will suit you best, you can go through this guide that we have compiled for you.

How to Ask for a FuckBoy Haircut

Step 1 – Do your research

Make sure you know what kind of haircut you want so that you can go up to your barber or hairstylist and explain it to them quickly. Make sure you carry a reference picture on your phone to avoid leaving any room for error.

Step 2 – Ask your barber

In case you are unsure about the exact kind of haircut you want or what kind of style will suit you best with the kind of hair that you have, you can ask your barber for advice so that they can make the process simpler for you.

In this sense, whether you want hairstyles ideal for your full hair or even hairstyles ideal for balding men, your barber or hairstylist will be able to give you some valuable advice

Step 3 – Ask for short sides

Generally, a fuckboy haircut involves shaved or shorter sides along with a long and styled top. Make sure you mention this to your barber while explaining the cut to them. You can do this simply by telling them that you want a particular kind of fade.

Following this, your barber will begin to shave or trim the back and the sides using several professional tools, including powerful hair clippers.

Step 4 – Sit back and wait

Now that your barber or stylist understands what you want, you can sit back, wait and enjoy the process as they trim your sides and style the top of your hair to give you the perfect fuckboy haircut.

While they are at it, you can also ask them to trim the beard to complete the look.

While getting this kind of haircut will cost you a bit more money than a simple cut, it can be a good investment if you are committed to the look.

How to Style the FuckBoy Haircut 

How to Style the FuckBoy Haircut

Step 1 – Make preparations

You should get your hair ready for styling by giving it a good washing and letting it dry out a bit while still leaving it a bit damp. Figure out the exact look you want to go for with the same amount of care that you would use for opting for the world’s best Vaseline hair tonic.

Make sure your top section has the desired length of hair to style well.

Preparing your hair also includes keeping it healthy enough to style in the first place. There are several benefits of using a conditioner for men to reduce damage. Preventing hair damage by applying a DHT blocker is also something you can consider.

Step 2 – Use a comb or brush

Using either a comb or brush, you can style your hair up, down, back or to either side, depending on your preferences. This can add a good amount of shape to your hair while also allowing you to experiment with it in many ways.

Keeping your style tidy and in place is something else you can achieve through this step.

Step 3 – Dry the hair

You can use a hairdryer if you want to give some additional volume to your hair. It can help you bring the overall look together for an ultimately well-styled result.

Step 4 – Finishing touches

Use a comb with fine teeth or simply your fingers to clean up the look. Just as you would go through a skincare routine by using quality products, you should go through your styling routine by using high-quality products such as premium hair wax, clay and pomade, among others.

22 Most Popular Types of FuckBoy Haircuts and Styles

There are various kinds of fuckboy haircuts and styles for you to consider. If you have any doubts or want more options, you can go through the following list and make your choice.

Whether you are considering getting a crew cut or even wondering how to get the desired bleached hairstyle, this list can offer options for everyone.


A fade is essentially having a gradient or a taper in your hair, with the top section being longer while the rest (back and sides) fade into shorter and shorter hair. This is a pretty popular choice when it comes to fuckboy haircuts.

Why it remains so popular can be attributed to the fact that you can style your top in multiple ways while also having the choice to leave it long, medium or short.


Nothing like an excellent ol’ man-bun to attract people towards you. It can give off that perfect kind of uniqueness and charm, especially if you combine it with a nice beard.

Of course, you will need a good length of hair to sport a bun in the first place. You can either leave the length uniform overall or trim or shorten the sides to enhance the look.

Faux Hawk

If you’re not feeling adventurous enough to try out a mohawk, then consider a faux hawk that is less theatrical yet as appealing and fun. Instead of shaving off the sides and back completely, a faux hawk adds a fade or taper while leaving the top section slightly longer.

You can then style the top into spikes or slick it up or back.

Undercut Hairstyle

Undercuts are similar to fades, making it easy to confuse the two. Undercuts, however, involve the sides and back having an even (yet relatively short) length instead of gradually fading out into shorter lengths.

The top is long enough to style however you want, although slicking it back is quite popular. These cuts can look fabulous no matter what kind of hair you have.

Comb Over

A comb-over is another popular look, particularly if you want to make that receding hairline look more natural and charming. Even without that, however, a comb-over can be a great way to style your top section while leaving your sides with a fade.

Comb one side of the hair over to the other and keep it in place using hair product.



A quiff can be an excellent way to convey to people that you are full of charm and are willing to take risks. Essentially, a quiff focuses the top of your hair to the front, giving you pretty laid-back and chill vibes.

Depending on your preferences, you can either go for a fade or leave the rest of your hair as it is.

Slicked Back Hair

Nothing screams fuckboy more than having slicked-back hair. No matter the length of your side and back hair, slicking the top of your hair back can present you as a certified fuckboy.

This can also add some excellent shape and volume to your hair. Make sure you use products like wax or pomade to help you maintain this style for your night out.

Modern Bowl Cut

A bowl cut as a fuckboy haircut? It sounds fake, although adding a modern spin can spruce it up to no extent. Add a nice fade to the cut and style the top section of your hair up or back to spice things up.

Make sure you specify this detail to your barber or hairstylist.

Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour can give you a bad boy appeal instantly. While it might sound a bit dated, you can modernize this haircut by leaving your sides and back slightly (or entirely) short while leaving the top long enough to slick it back and emphasize it.

This is the perfect look if you want to add some volume to your hair, although it can require plenty of time and effort to maintain.

Close-Cropped Style

The close-cropped style can be pretty straightforward yet as attractive as the other hairstyles on this list. It involves cutting your hair relatively short (which can also save you the effort of styling it each time).

If you want, you can retain a bit of length at the top to add some depth to the cut.


If you happen to have long and textured hair, then dreadlocks can be an excellent option for you. You can either leave them long or style them into a bun or even into a fade if that works well for you.

This hairstyle for black men can add texture, volume and magnetism.


Long Undercut

If you already have pretty long hair, then you can retain the length at the top while adding a fade or taper to your sides and back to add some layering and depth to your hair.

This way, you can then style your long top hair to the side to add to your appeal.

Disconnected Undercut

A disconnected undercut brings in a stark distinction between the top section of your hair and the rest of it. Usually, there is a clear point at which your top and your sides or back separate.

The top section is long and styled to the side, top, back or front.

Spiked Hair

Having spiked hair is another fuckboy haircut staple that you can opt for. In particular, fades at the sides and spiked hair at the top can complete the look smoothly, or you can leave the sides as they are and spike your hair towards the front.

This haircut can work for various hair lengths.

Short Sides Long Top

By leaving your sides short and the top long, you can appeal to many people, mainly if you manage to style the top well. You can decide on a suitable length for your sides as well.

Slicking your top hair back or to the side can be a good idea here if you want to emphasize your face.


It might seem strange, but buzz cuts can be a great way to attract people to you, especially if you pull it off with a good beard and an aura of confidence.

A buzz cut usually involves cutting all parts of your hair concisely. You can even add some depth here by opting for a slight fade. This cut can also be remarkably low maintenance.

Side Swept Long Bang

A side-swept long bang is exactly what it sounds like. It involved leaving a section of your top hair long and deftly sweeping it to the side while leaving the sides either short or of the same length.

Paired with a good amount of facial hair and a full mustache can considerably enhance the look.

Don Draper Style

Don Draper, the well-known Mad Men character and verified fuckboy, can help you combine both business and pleasure. The fact that the hairstyle is named after him speaks volumes.

Characteristics of this haircut? Short sides and a long top slicked neatly to one side or the back and voila!

Crew Cut

A crew cut is another neat and clean look that you can consider for your lifestyle. It involves cutting all parts of your hair pretty short, particularly the sides and the back. You can retain a certain length at the top to style it in your way.

Comb Over

A comb-over is a great fuckboy haircut for you to consider, especially with the possibilities that it can create for you. Add a fade to the sides and the back, decide on the length of your top hair and then comb the top over to one side or even to the front or back.

Short Curls

There’s nothing like some short curls to attract people towards you, giving off a charming and nice yet playful vibe. If you have natural curls, this works even better since you do not have to style them each time.

You can also add a fade to spruce up the look even more.

Flat Top

Consider a flat top if you genuinely think you can pull it off. The sides have a classic fade, while the top is kept high and flat to create a distinctive and quirky look.

This can mainly work if you have naturally thick hair that can hold its shape.

Best Hairstyle Products for Men With Fuckboy Haircuts

When it comes to your fuckboy haircut, caring for and maintaining it can seem like a hassle. However, you can make your job much easier by buying some of the best hairstyle products out there, including:

  • Pomade
  • Cream
  • Wax
  • Gel
  • Clay

Best Hairstyle Products for Men With Fuckboy Haircuts

You should do a bit of research here before buying the first product you see. There are a few things to account for here, such as:

  • Your hairstyle
  • Your hair texture
  • Your hair health
  • The ingredients in the product
  • Convenience while application and washing
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Ratings and reviews

Once you decide on a product, make sure you go through all the instructions correctly not to face any issues while applying them to your hair. Do not hesitate to ask for some help in case of any doubts.

FAQ About FuckBoy Haircuts

How do you get a FuckBoy haircut?

You can get a fuckboy haircut by deciding the kind of cut you want for yourself (using the list provided above), taking a picture of it to your barber, asking them for the correct type of cut or even asking them some advice.

Once they understand, you can sit back and relax.

Which one FuckBoy haircut is the most popular?

Honestly, there’s no single answer to this since it usually depends on what you are going for. Generally, however, fades are pretty popular since you can try out a range of styles with them.

Undercuts with the top hair styled back is another popular choice.

How to choose the best FuckBoy haircut for me?

You should account for a few factors to choose the best fuckboy haircut for yourself, such as:

  • The shape of your face
  • The texture of your hair
  • The length of your hair
  • General health of your hair

Based on these, you can decide since some haircuts are bound to look better on certain kinds of people compared to others. Ultimately, however, make sure you opt for something that you wish to embody, making you feel comfortable and stylish.


This guide was all about fuckboy haircuts and their many kinds. We hope that the things mentioned here gave you a better idea about these haircuts, including how to ask for one and how to style one.

Based on your preferences, you can now pick a style that works for you and let your stylist know what you want so that you can ooze out charm and confidence.

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22 FuckBoy Haircuts for Bad Guys Who Want to Look Hot


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