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9 Shaggy Hairstyles for Men Who Want an Easygoing Look

Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

In a modern world where fashion trends are constantly changing, people are always searching to find the best ways to keep track of it. If you want to rock your new Charlie Hunnam look, the thing you must take care of is, of course, your Hair. There are numerous hairstyles that men can apply to look more attractive to the opposite gender and express the best version of themselves. So, we will try to provide you with all the necessary details about shaggy hairstyles for men so you can impress others with your appearance. Now, let’s jump to the core and see what we have prepared for you.

What Is a Shaggy Haircut

Naturally, the first thing you should know about this type of hair is what it represents and what it is. Luckily, we will help you on that one. 

The shag hairstyle is a men’s hairdo that has been layered to make a quick chaotic look. It can be interpreted as a hair relaxer in how it influences men themselves while having such a hairstyle. Extraordinary for all hair types, there are numerous shaggy hairdos for men to explore different avenues regarding.

Shaggy hairdos are generally well known among men because of their adaptability. For example, you shouldn’t need to worry about having this type of hair is growing sideburns. Why? Because the hairdresser will make sure to cover every part of your hair, with it included. 

It doesn’t make any difference whether your hair is short, long, or medium; there’s an ideal shag trim for each hair length and face shape. When trimming shaggy hair for folks, the primary accentuation is on making a progression of progressively longer layers as you progress down the head from the top to the neck region.

For the best results, generally commonsense to see an extraordinary beautician will give you an ideal shaggy trim dependent on hair length and face shape rather than doing it without anyone else’s help. However, the thought is to provide you with a shaggy and somewhat untidy look to ensure it’s likewise attractive and complimenting.

How to Cut Men’s Shaggy Hair 

Even the worlds’ best mustache comb or the one specifically designed for your hair won’t be helpful enough if you don’t know how your shaggy hair should be cut. So, let’s check out our brief step-by-step guide about it so you can get rid of such worries.

Step 1 – Trimming of the shag

The first step you can utilize to make your hair outstanding is to trim a shag. What does it imply? A shag trim can be a fantastic method for adding volume and surface to short, medium, and long hair. This low-support hairdo for folks is frequently simple to style and offers a manly, loosened-up vibe.

Step 2 – Include light items 

The second part of cutting your shaggy hair and bringing it to perfection should include light items. While styling shaggy hair, you should involve light hold items with a matte finish for a finished and regular look. 

Step 3 – Create numerous longer layers

Growing a beard faster and thicker and the hair can be achieved by creating several layers of them and putting them in a single piece. The principle accentuation is on progressively longer layers as you progress down the head from the top to the neck region.

How to Style Men’s Shaggy Hair 

How to Style Men’s Shaggy Hair

Step 1 – Use standard tools

Many people neglect common tools like comb, gel, brushes, etc. Do you know that a shaper is one of the essential beard grooming tools, for example? Well, you can use the ones for your hair too. You can accomplish shaggy energy by styling your hair up to flaunt a finished and layered look. To achieve this impact, you want a decent brush, brush, gel, and different items and a ton of testing to do before you accomplish the best look.

Step 2 – Keep the consistency

Your hair should be respected like your best friend’s. So, to style it, you must be consistent in its maintenance. You can use a premium beard relaxer and apply it to hair, for instance. Many types of them are compatible with both men’s beards and hair. It will make it smoother than ever before. 

Step 3 – Adjust your hairstyle 

The last step that will surely help you style your shaggy hair is adjusting its look with your current age. If you have a slow-growing beard, you wouldn’t want bushy and messy hair, right? You might have to change your shaggy style depending on your age. If you are somewhat more seasoned, you can adjust the hope to keep it both current and age-suitable.

Step 4 – Use a light-hold styling product

Assuming that you need a cool low-upkeep haircut for men, the ideal way to style shaggy hair is to utilize a light-hold styling item to make the surface and let your locks usually fall. You can likewise use a solid matte grease, wax, or earth to get a finished, regular look that accentuates style.

9 Most Popular Types of Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

Shaggy Style With Beard

Facial hair growth can add a masculine and rough touch to a shaggy hairdo. Full facial hair growth can counterbalance the vibrant energy of shaggy hair, giving folks a more professional and restless look. A conditioner takes care of your beard and skin, but that is something that many men don’t realize. So, don’t be like them and use them to keep both your beard, hair, and face skin smooth and fresh. 

You can develop long, full facial hair with quality consideration items or keep up with thick, short beard growth by utilizing a top-of-the-line trimmer. The outcome is a messy shag hairstyle on top that adjusts your hot facial hairstyle.

Skater Boy Shaggy Style

Shaggy skater haircuts for young men have forever been well known and in vogue, offering a simple style that looks incredible. The kid’s shaggy hairstyle is layered trimmed with longer hair on top and more limited tightened sides. A few people favor getting a blur on the sides and back for contrast, while others need length and layers all around for a smooth completion. 

Appropriate for different kinds, young men with shaggy hair should utilize a light-hold ocean salt splash and let their locks usually fall. Daintily apply a medium-hold cream for extra styling and control and style the hair into place.

Medium-Length Shaggy Hairstyle

Medium-length hair functions admirably with shaggy hairdos to make an in-vogue wispy look. Well-known to high school folks and youngsters, this softly layered style has a lot of volume, development, and stream.

As the ideal harmony among short and long hair, medium shaggy hairstyles are effortlessly stylish when brushed aside, separated down the center, or left untidy and loose. Explore different avenues regarding this beguiling cut by applying some styling items and permitting your layered secures to fall set up usually.

Shaggy With Bangs

Shaggy With Bangs

An excellent method for shaking men’s shag hairdos is to put an accentuation on your bangs that are delicately covering your brow. In addition to the fact that these styles highlight your eyes, it also has an energetic effect. It makes your facial structure more conspicuous, too, as it adds more construction to your face.

Short And Curly Shag

If you want to grow out yeard to the desired length, one particular type of shaggy hairstyle that will fit perfectly is a short and curly shag. Men with wavy hair frequently don’t understand that they are so fortunate to have the option to wear a brief yet voluminous hairdo. Underline your twists utilizing mousse or styling gel to guarantee they stay wonderful for the day. A shaggy hairdo for folks like this is an extreme lady’s man.

Messy Shag

Untidy shaggy haircuts are a characteristic fit and result in a new look that oozes certainty. With the right layered hairstyle, men can pull off a tasteful muddled look that styles pleasantly absent a lot of work. To accomplish untidy or shaggy hair, utilize a light hold styling item to dishevel your locks determined to make a bedhead look. When styled appropriately, folks can appreciate additional volume and stream for an attractive style. 

Untidy or shaggy hair men consistently look appealing, and you can get on board with that temporary fad as well. Rather than brushing your medium-length locks, you can utilize a smidgen of gel or mousse to dishevel hair and make the bed head impact. Furthermore, your hair will get more volume quickly.

Full Shaggy Hairdo

Shag haircuts are about reasonableness and straightforwardness. The objective is to give the idea that you didn’t buckle down on your hair; however, it looks magnificent.

Regardless of whether you have normally wavy or wavy hair, you can, in any case, accomplish the shaggy hair men look. Delicately dishevel your hair a tad, brush the greater part of your bangs aside. Your task is finished then and you are ready to shine.

Shaggy Side Sweeper

Shaggy doesn’t mean your hair should be chaotic. Assuming that you love tasteful and refined styles from the bottom of your heart, this is the one. Add another aspect to your look with the side sweeper style. It is similar to the mullet style, which can sometimes confuse people unfamiliar with hairstyles. So, be careful and try not to mix these shaggy hairs up. 

Longer Shaggy Hairstyle

Regarding extensive styles, long shaggy hair is a cool men’s haircut that will look elegant and provocative. Ideal for thick straight hair, longer shag haircuts offer a layered look with a restless rockstar vibe. While long hair requires more upkeep and styling, the outcomes can merit the additional work.

You’ll need legitimate hair care, beginning with a quality cleanser and conditioner. Apply an ocean salt shower on moist hair for styling to get a solid and regular look. You can likewise utilize a styling cream to control that will limit frizz. Keep the look muddled and streaming or search through everything except erupted out.

FAQ About Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

FAQ About Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

How do men get shaggy hair?

Shag hairstyles can be short, medium or longer length-it is altogether dependent upon how long you need your style to be. Usually, your shag hairstyle will be layered and add some pleasant volume and profundity, making it ideal for folks with diminishing hair.

Is shaggy good for thin hair?

Shag trims can chip away at almost any hair surface or type. They can lift slim hair since they will give the presence of more whole, more volumized hair, particularly assuming you request obtuse closures. Overall, it is recommended not to have thin hair, but it is not impossible to get a shaggy hairstyle even if you possess it. 

What is a modern shaggy haircut?

Hairstyles that are trending and famous at a particular moment are considered modern ones. The shag hairstyle is very rock ‘n’ roll, relaxed, chaotic, and outwardly easy. The run of the mill includes a shag hairdo incorporating rough finishes, layers around the crown, and bunches of the surface. The advanced shag is rough and has loads of surface; however, it doesn’t make you seem as though you are in an ’80s hair metal band.


To look into shaggy-haired men, you presumably get dazzled by a wide scope of haircuts seen previously. Pick the one you like the most, visit your hairdresser, and get the hairstyle you have always wanted. Try not to stand by; get gorgeous hair today.

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9 Shaggy Hairstyles for Men Who Want an Easygoing Look


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