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17 Shadow Fade Haircuts That Are Trendy & Professional

Shadow Fade Haircut

Fade haircuts; the chances are that you might have heard of them or at least seen a guy passing by with one. If you look closely, you will start noticing these types of men’s haircuts left and right as they have gone through a massive boom in recent times. In particular, the Shadow Fade haircut is what most men are going for.

Why is that? Simply because it is very stylish looking and is much more appropriate from all those hipster haircuts that men are also into these days. It suits multiple face shapes, can be combined with various facial hairstyles and is very flexible for different occasions. 

All in all, a Shadow Fade haircut is something that you definitely should consider. But to help you understand why there is a whole article on this subject with a few of the most popular variants of this titular haircut. After you are done reading, you will not only want one but will know exactly which type goes best for you. 

What Is a Shadow Fade Haircut

The shadow fade haircut is characterized by a key element – the dark transition from the top to the sides. It involves blending the hair with the hair on the top of your head, where it gets shorter and shorter the further down towards the neckline you go. 

A long top and shorter sides are what you should end up with, while the fade can be low, medium, or high, depending on your preference or style. But the blending has to be perfect for it to work. It is the critical element and only a good barber will create a perfect fade. 

The shadow fade haircut is perfect for professional men who want to be taken seriously. But it is also versatile enough to be incorporated with a lot of other different hairstyles. You might be looking the best with your blowout hairstyle, but if you consider adding in a fade, it might come out even better. 

How to Do Shadow Fade Haircut

We don’t recommend giving yourself a haircut unless you are a pro at it. Barbers still know best. Nevertheless, here is a step-by-step breakdown of making a shadow fade haircut. 

Step 1 – Determine the position of the fade lines

Use some world’s best beard scissors to trim the longer hair from the top of the head. 

Step 2 – Take hair clippers and cut from the bottom

Be sure to cut it gradually and not go overboard. Cut the hair at an angle as you go upwards. Switch to shorter gauges as you fade downwards into the next layer.

Step 3 – Use a comb to get rid of excess hair

Trim the hair neatly around the ears and back. Keep cutting the hair with a shorter gauge to achieve a perfect fade.

Step 4 – Trim the hairline

Do this with the clippers without a comb or use a straight razor. Use an alcohol-based spray product and spray it all over your head to prevent irritation.

17 Most Popular Types of Shadow Fade Haircuts

It works best if we explore each shadow fade haircut individually. We already mentioned that this type of haircut is very versatile and can be combined with many different styles. If you have the right face shape for the Garibaldi beard, you can work in a fade to complement the beard. 

Versatility makes this hair style so popular, so without further ado, here are 17 variations that you can try out. 

Most Popular Types of Shadow Fade Haircuts

Classic Shadow Fade

Going with a classic style is never a mistake. It may be the oldest form, but it is still quite stylish. It goes well on some formal wear or even a suit. It comes with a medium fade on the sides and a medium-deep part created on the sides. 

Comb back the hair on the top to make a quaff. The comb-over is the essential part of this hairstyle and makes it work. Men with rectangular and oval face shapes are most suited for this style. 

Burst Shadow Fade

A burst shadow fade goes exceptionally well on guys with curls. It will help you tame your fizzy curls and highlight them in a specific way. The curls are supposed to be kept on the top of the head, but they are short. 

The side of the head should be layered to give a shadow-like effect. The shadow highlights the curls and makes for a unique hairstyle that will make you stand out among the crowd. 

Shadow Fade With Waves

A shadow fade with waves is an easy hairstyle to create and maintain. One needs to keep the fade on the sides short and the top classy looking. It works best when the sides are kept almost bald. 

Be sure to keep your natural waves intact. The almost bald fade on the sides is what gives your natural waves that dramatic look. Guys with longer wavy hair need to use the right amount of gel to keep it properly stylized. This look goes best for people who have triangle or diamond face shapes. 

High Shadow Fade

A high shadow fade differs from the classic by starting the transition closer to the top of the head. It makes for an impactful fade than the classic one and looks very good on people with round or square faces. 

Once you get the fade, you can stylize the top in various ways. Short hair guys look trendy, while those with longer hair can slick it back. You can even combine the high fade with a long and bushy beard as it perfectly matches it. 

Shadow Temp Fade

A shadow temp fade has the temples coming down gradually to meet the sideburns. The focus here is on the temples, while the top hair should be cut to medium or short length. This style is also ideal for men that have a beard and it can even go well with an afro. 

Low Shadow Skin Fade

A low shadow skin fade works exceptionally well on curly and straight hair. The fade should start at the very bottom around the ears and the neck. As it goes, it should become less apparent and eventually blend with the top. 

It is most suitable for oval, oblong, or diamond-shaped faces. As long as you get an excellent low shadow skin fade, you can keep the top short, curly, straight, sleek, or whichever way you desire, as it is one of the most versatile styles on the list. 

Shadow Fade With Part

Adding a part to a shadow fade is an excellent feature. But a cool-looking side part haircut makes things even more flattering. When adding a fade, it should be kept low and tapered. It can work on oval-faced fellows and round and triangle face types. 

Be sure to accent the part with a comb when styling your hair. It is best to dry it up and use a brush to comb it and add some product or gel to keep it up. 

Low Shadow Fade With Brushed Hair Back

To create this hairstyle, you have to start by growing your hair a bit. The barber will create a fade for you, but you can then decide how to brush the hair back. You don’t have to make the fade bald, but you can if you like. 

The brushed back hair is key here and you can make it with some pomade and stylize it appropriately. It can also look good if you brush it to the side. Works best for people with heart, round, or square faces. 

High Skin Temple Fade

The high fade should be kept along with the temples. You can opt to keep some or lots of hair on the top of the head and work your way from there. Those with dense hair should keep some on the top as a high skin temple fade will perfectly highlight the mane. 

Shadow Fade With Surgical Part

A surgical part combines well with a shadow fade. If you haven’t seen one in person, you are sure to fall in love with it at first glance with this exquisite but wild hairstyle. 

You need to make a standard shadow fade and keep the top long. Add a surgical cup on the side and you are good to go. It works even better if you have an afro on top. 

Mid-Shadow Fade

Mid-Shadow Fade

A mid shadow fade works well if you add a curly top. People with curly hair will have their curls more emphasized if the top of their heads remains in curls. But keep them short and not go too wild with them. 

The mid shadow fade complements the top more than a classic, burst, or high fade. It also looks good on oval or round-faced men. 

Shadow Fade With Line Up

A shadow fade with a lineup is an exciting style that can fit well on both long or short hair on top. It works exceptionally well with long afro hair. Add a beard to contrast the line-up and create a unique style for yourself. 

Box Shadow Fade

A box-shadow fade hairstyle looks best on people with long face types. The straight lines of a box fade emphasize the lines of the face and look good. It can be combined with a stylish suit and look good on any person. But avoid the bard with this one. 

Shadow Pompadour Fade

The pompadour fade has recently become a more popular and attractive men’s hairstyle. So instead of a regular cut, ask your barber for a shadow fade along with some edgy lines on the sides. The sharp lines make this haircut perfect for people with triangular, oval, or rectangular faces. 

To prepare, you need to grow your hair and keep the top long. Once you fade the sides, you need to pomp up the top and keep it perfect. The downside of this hairstyle is that you need to stylize it, again and again, every day. But it looks flawless once you set it right, particularly when you combine it with a beard. You can’t find professional hairstyles and corporate beard types more than with a shadow pompadour fade. 

Shadow Fade Step

A shadow fade step is the new look of the year. But it is not an as easy one to make as you can’t leave your hair in unskilled hands if you want this style to work. The hair on the top and the steps must be trimmed to perfection and must be proportioned and kept at a specific length. 

Once the top is trimmed, a shadow fade is added to the sides giving the entire style its shape and feel. People with oval or diamond faces will surely enjoy and benefit from this style the most. 

Back Shadow Fade

The back shadow fade is a beautiful style but requires high skill from your barber. The shadow fade is made at the back of the neck and nape at a medium cut. The top hair will be brushed towards the front of your head. 

If the hairstyle is managed to perfection, you will end up with a very chic look. But keep in mind that it is not easy to maintain and requires a lot of patience. You will need to stylize it daily to keep everything together. 

Wavy Hair Comb-Over

The comb-over hairstyle works when a barber uses the comb to cut the fade. The fade is supposed to blend evenly with the top that should be kept at medium length. But instead of using a traditional comb-over, use a wavy hair one. 

A comb-over creates an elegant look. But a wavy one will add some fierceness and excitement that you never knew you had. 

FAQ About Shadow Fade Haircuts

FAQ About Shadow Fade Haircuts

To help you learn more about shadow fade haircuts and which unprofessional hairstyles you should avoid, consult our FAQ section below. 

Is it easy to do a shadow fade haircut?

It is easy for a barber who has had a lot of practice and gained a lot of experience. Those barbers that have never tried it before should be avoided as you don’t want to end up with horrible hair. Also, even though it can be easy to do, better not do it by yourself and find a suitable barber to trim it for you. 

Why are fade haircuts so popular?

Fade haircuts are popular because they are versatile and combine with any other hairstyle, facial hair style, or clothing. If you combine them with different hairstyles, you will get a unique look. Also, they are easy to make, and many barbers have become prolific in making them. 

What is the difference between a fade and a shadow fade?

A fade has the shortest length of the fade shaved down, sometimes down to the skin. At the same time, a shadow fade is made with clippers without a guard, which results in short stubbles at the bottom. 

What is the difference between a mid fade and a low fade?

A mid fade is created where a taper transitioning from long to shorter hair occurs near the temples. While in a low fade, the taper from long to short hair starts lower to the head, approximately just above the ears. 


If you are interested in having one of the coolest hairstyles of the year with dandruff-free hair, then a shadow fade is something for you. You can go various ways as this is the most versatile hairstyle that one can go with. You can go long, mid, or short, whatever pleases you. Also, depending on your face shape type, there is a possibility of mixing things up. 

Combine the look with some nice clothing and you are good to go. 

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17 Shadow Fade Haircuts That Are Trendy & Professional


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