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Supply Razor – Detailed Experts Review of All the Features

What Is a Supply Razor

Today’s commercials have almost succeeded in brainwashing the male population. Men around the world are convinced into two things:

  • Your Razor must have as many blades as possible
  • It must be expensive, or it won’t work

Lies, deceptions. Meet Supply Razor, a modern take on the classical single-blade razor. We gathered all there is to know about this superior product. By the time you finish reading the article, you might find yourself throwing all your old razors away. We understand. This might be the new world’s best adjustable safety razor. But read all the info first.

Benefits of Using a Supply Razor

Have you ever watched videos displaying old barbershops and envied their equipment? However, you were discouraged by the design and robustness of the razors? Well, Supply razors are old razors in a new suit. Their thick injector-style blades will provide you with one smooth shave. The modern design will allow you to control every millisecond and millimeter of the process. Choosing your preferable shaping tool for your beard to grow as you want is all you have to do. 

How Do Supply Razors Work

If you want your share of a market dominated by big names (like Gilette), you must offer value to your buyers. Supply razors, although single-bladed, offer three different settings:

  • Comfortable – Standard, every day’s shave for experienced men. 
  • Sensitive – For sensitive skin and shorter hair. Beginner-friendly.
  • Ultra-Close- For a thick, healthy beard.

You don’t need 3, 4, or 5 blades for your shaving. That’s just marketing talk. You need one proper blade, especially when it comes with three settings. Single blades have always been superior, but handling them required some skill. Now, you have all the good sides of classical razors in a modern, easy-to-use product.

Short History of Supply Razors

Patric and Jennifer Coddou, a couple from Texas, had an idea. They dreamt of a better razor after the annoying experience both had with most products on the market. So, they founded a Supply company. Small and family-owned, dedicated to doing things the right way and without false promises. 

The company was featured on Shark Tank and gathered all the public’s sympathies. And not just sympathies. They also gathered $300.000 for the future development of the ground-breaking single-blade razor. 

You know your idea is exceptional when you get $300K for a blade razor. But, of course, that’s not all. The company also sells all the other products for men grooming. From shaving bowls to travel cases, trays and everything else. All their products are made cruelty-free and directly tested by Patric and Jennifer.

Pros and Cons of Using Supply Razors


  • Easy shaving, even for first-timers.
  • Blades are easy to change.
  • Guaranteed durability.
  • Perfect for every skin type.
  • It will save you money in the long run.


  • The initial investment is a bit higher.
  • Although women can use these blades, too, the brand is more men-centered.

Types of Supply Co. Shaving and Skincare Products

Single Edge 2.0 Razor

New and improved version of the original Supply razor. The minimalistic design and top quality remained the same. You can order this product in five colors:

  • Classic matte
  • Mirror polish
  • Matte black
  • Jet black
  • Stainless steel

The stainless steel version will cost you $145. The other four are made from zinc alloy and PVD chrome. The alloy version cost from $75 to $95.

Of course, there are always some discounts and promo codes around, so you might even get a better price. 

Single Edge Starter Set

The best starter pack. If you have any doubts about the product, this pack will convince you. As a bonus, you get three months’ worth of blades – 8 of them. If that is not enough, we recommend you optimize the usage of beard vitamins. Your beard is becoming too strong. 

Skincare Essentials Starters Set

If you want to pamper your beard, you can get this set for only $125. Besides standard blades, you will also get:

  • Ultra Lather shaving cream
  • Healing Post Shave
  • Silvertip Synthetic Shave Brush

All you need for the perfect shave, in one set. This is your favorite option, especially as a gift to your loved ones. Of course, you can purchase every part of this set separately, but it will cost you much more. Let’s see what you will get.

Ultra Lather Shaving Cream

Good things come in small packages. This red glass bottle hides delicate shaving cream for the best shaving experience. Jojoba oil, shea butter and kaolin clay are the main active ingredients. You can order this cream in three versions:

  • Coastal scent
  • Crisp scent
  • Calm scent

It’s always hard to choose between shaving gel and cream. But this is a great cream, no doubt. 

Healing Post Shave

Another small red bottle, this time with a pump. Healing Post Shave is a spray for your skin after shaving. Zero alcohol inside, only the good, natural ingredients. Witch hazel for tighter skin, aloe vera for moisture and vegetable glycerine for better absorption. Nothing better than aftershave that refreshes your skin.

Silvertip Synthetic Shave Brush

Supply’s take on classical shave brushes. This lovely little fellow has an acrylic handle and synthetic hair. The Supply company has high cruelty-free standards, so no animals are harmed. The design is marvelous, and it is hard to believe this is not a classical wooden/horn brush with animal hair on the top. 

Skincare Essentials Starter Set

Face Wash

Feel Good Face Wash is dedicated to making you feel better, besides cleaning your facial skin. Again, just natural ingredients here. Aloe vera and coconut-based cleansers are the main ingredients of this thick cream. There is no water inside, so even a small package will last you for months. 


Multi-Purpose Moisturizer is simply food for your skin and helps in achieving a thicker beard. This powerful combo of natural ingredients has anti-aging effects and makes your skin more resistant to temperature and infections. No oil inside, just nature.  Green tea extract, shea butter, Siberian ginseng and many more.

Eye Cream

Age Defense Eye Cream is made for that sensitive spot around your eyes. The place where small nets of wrinkles appear. Three main ingredients – peptides, caffeine and hyaluronic acid – reduce the dark circles around your eyes and help your skin regenerate naturally. 

Features of Supply Razors


These razors have a simple, sleek and modern design—no tacky details. The large screw adds a retro touch. The alloy razor is made using zinc die-casting and coating in PVD chrome. Stainless steel versions are made using Metal Injection Molding – a method used in medical applications and aerospace.


Three levels of settings make life easier for everyone. Choose between Sensitive, Comfortable and Ultra Close, depending on what you are trying to achieve. However, the level of aggression cannot be changed on the go. You need to switch settings using the screw, which can sometimes be annoying. 


Supply uses injector blades – an invention 100 years old (Schick). These blades are very thick and also very durable. The Supply company even has its blade brand, but you can use any compatible brand if you wish. 


You need a steady grip to hold this razor. The 100 grams weight is not light. The Supply razor has a satisfying, steady grip that won’t be compromised by water or soap. That said, this grip and this blade make Supply razor the ultimate razor for head shaving


Like any Kickstarter-based product, this razor started with a more than high price. However, bear in mind that only the initial investment is expensive. This razor will return your investment in the second year and become the cheapest top-quality razor in your life.


A 100 years guarantee. Can you ask for more? Of course, that doesn’t mean you can harras your razor with a hammer. It means the Supply company guarantees your razor will last you for 100 years, with no defects in materials and workmanship. Keep it clean and dry, and it can be a start of a new family tradition.

How to Use Supply Razor Single Edge 2.0 

Step 1Insert the key in the head of the razor

Push the slider towards the razor. Your blade is injected, and you can start shaving.

Step 2 – Place the head of the razor against your cheek

The desired angle is 10-15 degrees.

Step 3 – Start with short, light strokes

Let the head of the razor slide gently against your cheeks. Rotate the handle and let the blade make first contact with your facial hair.

How to Maintain Supply Razor

Step 1 – Put your razor under lukewarm water

This will wash out any hairs or residue. Sometimes even high-quality shaving soap can leave traces on your razor. 

Step 2 – Use mild dish soap and a soft brush

For an even deeper clean, you can dip your razor in rubbing alcohol now and then. Dry the razor thoroughly to avoid any water build-up.

If you want to sterilize your razor, you can use Barbicide or similar products.

Supply Razor Competitors and Alternatives


Bevel offers battery-powered razors, skincare products and moisturizing gels. Unlike Supply, Bevel also has a line of products for women.


Merkur offers razors more applicable for wet shaving. Hence, although they are in the same niche, their target customers are quite different. Merkur blades cannot give the same close shave experience as Supply.

One Blade

One Blade has some similarities with Supply. Both companies offer single blades that reduce irritation and enable precise shaving.  However, One Blade has cheaper options, starting at just $19.95. 

The thing that sets Supply razors from their competition is superior design and durable materials. The steel version was a pioneer on the market, but it had a high price. The alloy version is cheaper than the competition flagships yet offers the same perks as the steel version. 

Supply Razor vs Disposable Cartridge Razors

Occam’s razor teaches us that the simplest solution is often the best. Single-blade razor is always better than disposable ones. Supply razor has much more close contact with your skin and enables a smooth, subtle shaving experience. Not to mention that disposable cartridge razors can cost up to 5x more each year and produce tons of plastic. Yes, even the premium disposable razor companies add to the pile of plastic.

I think we all know what is the better choice here. 

Do’s and Don’ts With a Supply Razor


  • Give yourself some time. Switching to a single blade can be a shock.
  • Buy only from listed sellers. Otherwise, your warranty is void. 
  • Wash your Supply razor after every use.


  • Don’t hesitate to buy any other brand of blades if they are better. Injection blades are compatible.
  • Don’t forget to dry the razor after every cleaning.

FAQ About Supply Razor

Where can I buy a Supply razor?

You can buy a Supply razor directly from the manufacturers or one of their retail partners. 

How long do Supply razors last?

Supply razors have a lifetime guarantee. Hence, they will most certainly outlive you. 

Is Supply razor good for sensitive skin?

Supply razors are suitable for every skin type. For sensitive skin, we recommend using the Sensitive option. 

Can you shave against the grain with a Supply razor?

It is possible but not recommended, as it might trigger a razor burn or skin irritation. 

How do you avoid razor bumps when using a Supply razor?

Don’t use damaged blades. Prepare your face before shaving, shave in the same direction hair grows, and keep your razor clean. 


Let’s cut to the chase

You can always give up and find a cartridge razor model that suits you if the single blade is not your cup of tea. But with Supply razors, you can kiss those nasty post-shave irritation goodbye. This star product will not only provide you with a seamless shaving experience every day for years. No, my friend. It will also save you tons of money and help save the environment. 

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Supply Razor – Detailed Experts Review of All the Features


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