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Gillette Fusion 5 Review – Does This Popular Razor Deliver

Gillette Fusion 5 Review

What Is Gillette Fusion 5

The Gillette Fusion 5 is one of the most famous products offered by Gillette. The reason behind its popularity is its top-notch quality. It raises the bar as far as 5-blade razors are concerned, which is why it is also the perfect choice for those who would like to start using a razor for sensitive skin.

This razor blade is designed so that it can help remove stubble and beard hair from men’s faces. Many also consider it one of the best razor blades currently available in the market, so it is safe to say that it is also part of those high-quality skincare products you can use.

The main focus of this razor is to give you the kind of smoothness, comfort, and closeness provided by a 5-bladed razor but without the super-advanced and wild features as well as complications often present in razors that belong to the higher end of the spectrum.

Benefits of Using Gillette Fusion 5

Provides Closer and Quicker Shave

The reason behind this is that this razor has 5 thin blades. Such a number of blades aid in ensuring that your shave will be closer and quicker. Combined with the wider lubrication strip featured in the Gillette Fusion 5, it can also give you a much smoother shave.

Easy to Grip

The Gillette Fusion 5 is also beneficial in the sense that it is designed in such a way that you can easily grip it. It promotes ease in shaving as it can lessen the uncomfortable feeling that may be brought on by other disposable razor with quality blades.

Flexible Razor Head

Just like when you try a cartridge razor of impressive quality, you will also love using the Gillette Fusion 5. The reason is the presence of its flexible razor head brought on by its FlexBall technology. This flexibility is what makes the razor head capable of sliding along the curves of your face without putting your skin at risk of being cut and pulled.

How Does Gillette Fusion 5 Work

The Gillette Fusion 5 can be expected to work by its more advanced features compared to the original blade of Fusion. It features 5 blades. However, it is highly different from the others because it is lighter in weight while being thinner. It also works with the help of its extended lubricating strip, which provides additional protection on your face, thereby lowering the risk of irritation.

Pros and Cons of Gillette Fusion 5

Pros and Cons of Gillette Fusion 5


  • Offers a more complete, smoother, and quicker shave.
  • Features a lubricating strip, which provides more protection to your face, especially in terms of cuts and irritation.
  • Easy and comfortable to grip.
  • Features a flexible razor head,
  • Needs only minimal pressure when cutting the hair,


  • More expensive compared to razors with single blades,

Types of Gillette Fusion 5 Razors

Similar to when you are searching for the world’s best shaving cream or the most effective premium aftershave, it is also crucial to select the correct type of razor. In the case of Gillette Fusion 5, here are the different types that you can choose from.

Fusion 5

The Fusion 5 was released by Gillette in 2010, around 4 years after the brand introduced its first cartridge razor with 5 blades, the Fusion. The Fusion 5 features thinner blades and finer sharp surfaces.

The sharpest of all are the first four blades that can create a significant amount of cut without the risk of creating plenty of friction. You can find the fifth blade atop, which results in a cleaner cut. It can create the closest possible cut with the help of its thin blades with even spacing.

Fusion 5 ProGlide

The Fusion 5 ProGlide is another version of this razor from Gillette. It is an improved version of the older models. Similar to the other models, this razor features 5 sharp blades and a lubrication strip that’s wide enough. It also uses the FlexBall technology, which helps ensure that the razor will reach even hard-to-reach spots. It is also what helps the razor follow the curves of your face.

Fusion 5 ProGlide Shield

Fusion 5 ProGlide Shield

Also called the ProShield, the Fusion 5 ProGlide Shield from razor is made so that it can provide users with a comfortable shave while still having plenty of great features. One of these is the battery-powered vibration, which you can use to shave with ease. One thing that makes this type distinctive is its color. It is the yellow razor you can find in the Fusion lineup.

You can also find the lubrication areas on their top and bottom. It has five blades and a precision trimmer, which you can find at the back part of its head. An endearing feature of this razor is the middle support present for its blades. It ensures that pressure from the central part of your razor will have no risk of pushing in the blades far without the support of a bar.

Fusion 5 ProGlide Chill

The ProGlide Chill is quite the same as the ProShield in the sense that you can find its lubrication on the top and the bottom of your razor. This results in a smoother shave. It also got its name ProGlide as it has a handle capable of pivoting from all sides, specifically the left and the right. You can also find a microcomb positioned just before the blade. It is distinctive in the sense that it also has a cooling sensation that its distinctive lubrication provides. It is also easy to recognize, thanks to its blue color.

Fusion 5 ProGlide Power

ProGlide Power is known as part of Gillette’s top-of-the-line products that belong to its Power series. The razors in the Power series hold ProGlide features, such as the additional lubrication. There is also a Flexball movement capable of going from the left and right to promote easy and smooth shaving.

Fusion 5 ProGlide Shield Power

This one also belongs to the Fusion 5 Power series. It is also a 5-bladed razor that features a Flexball that has a left and right pivot. You will also notice additional lubrication in this model, as well as a powered handle capable of vibrating as you turn it on.

Features of Gillette Fusion 5 Razor

Whatever variation or type of Gillette Fusion 5 Razor you choose, take note that it is highly likely for it to work better by matching it with an exclusive shaving bowl. Ensuring that you also have a pair of durable beard scissors on hand is also a significant advantage just in case you need this tool.

Aside from the supplies mentioned, the Gillette Fusion 5 razor works to the advantage of its users with the aid of its unique and distinctive features, including the following:


In terms of design, one thing that makes Gillette Fusion 5 stand out is its spring-like pivoting action. It is what makes the razor lock every time you flip it around so you can use the precision trimmer. It also has a few distinctive differences in terms of design compared to other razors.

For one, it has a skin guard that appears more spread out compared to the original Fusion. This may be why the Fusion 5 can give you a smoother shave overall.


The handle of the Fusion 5 is also one of the many unique features that it takes pride in. It is proven to have high-quality and dedicated handles. The ones at the base are also known to be ergonomic. Moreover, the handles have sturdy and stable grips that promote ease when used in the shower. You can also take advantage of its power handle, which you can expect to vibrate when assisting you to cut even those tough hair strands.


Features of Gillette Fusion 5 Razor

The blades of the Fusion 5 are also among the razor’s winning features. As you may have already known by now, the razor has five blades recognized for being genuinely sharp and precise.

Aside from the five blades, the Fusion 5 also provides upgraded blade stabilizers that you can find at the cartridge’s middle and end portions. This can lessen the risk of hair-pulling. Moreover, the blades are beneficial because of their upgraded sharpness and the coating without any resistance.

Lubrication Strip

Another incredible feature of the Gillette Fusion 5 is the lubrication strip. It is a big help in moving the blades smoothly across your skin. It can help cut your hair closely. The good thing about the lubricating strips in the Fusion 5 is that their colors fade, which means you can detect right away if they are already dull and require replacement. With these strips integrated into the razor, you have an assurance that there will be minimal friction as the blade crosses your skin.

Precision Trimmer

The Gillette Fusion 5 also has a precision trimmer. You can use it to cut hair even in those places that you can hardly access using a full-size head, such as on the sideburn and beneath your nose. Expect the trimmer to be slim while having the ability to fit in tight areas. That way, you can enjoy a great shave while having a lower risk of contorting your face and repositioning the razor several times.


One fact about the Gillette Fusion 5 is that it is pretty expensive. Yes, this razor can guarantee users an excellent shave that they may need to spend more on this product than the others. This makes it kind of costly for those who have thick and full beards that require shaving daily. However, if you only need to shave occasionally, you may gain a more favorable advantage in this razor.

How to Use Gillette Fusion 5

Step 1 – Use a mild cleanser to wash your face

You may also exfoliate your skin so you can enjoy a much closer shave. Make sure to maintain the dampness of your skin, then put on some shaving soap or cream.

Step 2 – Examine for dull blades

In case there are, replacing the cartridge is a must. If you don’t, your skin is at risk of being cut, infected, and irritated.

Step 3 – Using light strokes to shave your sideburns

To do that, you should shave with the grain first before you go against it. Repeat this step on your chin and cheeks.

Step 4 – Shave excess hair beneath your nose

After shaving, put on an aftershave lotion. Choosing a face moisturizer for men according to your skin type may also be necessary for keeping your skin moisturized.

How to Clean Gillette Fusion 5

How to Clean Gillette Fusion 5

Step 1 – Rinse your Gillette Fusion 5

Shake it after washing. This should help in quickly removing debris from the razor blades.

Step 2 – Clean and store

Once completely dry and clean, store it in the right place, preferably the razor holder.

Gillette Fusion vs Gillette Fusion 5 Razors

The Fusion and the Fusion 5 are two of the frontrunners of the Gillette brand. The two varieties are similar in the sense that they both have a 5-blade design. This works in spreading the blades evenly, thereby reducing minimal sagging.

You will also like the precision trimmer of both as it gives you the chance to reach those spots that are pretty difficult to get into, such as the ones beneath your nose. The two razors also feature a lubricating strip to keep your face moist and a skin guard to help remove any excess shaving foam while stretching your skin tautly so you can enjoy a closer shave.

As for the differences, the most prominent of which would be the thinner blades in the Fusion 5, which guarantees a more precise and comfortable shave, the Fusion 5 also boasts of its low-resistance coating, which minimizes irritation.

Gillette Mach3 vs Gillette Fusion 5 Razors

Another razor that’s comparable with the Gillette Fusion is the Mach 3. One difference between the two is the number of blades used. Mach 3 only uses three anti-friction blades as a means of giving you a precise and comfortable shave.

It also features an advanced micro-fin skin guard that helps stretch your skin and prepare the cutting of the hair. Moreover, Mach 3 has a lubrication strip, which glides to your hair, thereby keeping your skin protected from possible redness.

The Gillette Fusion 5 is a better option than the Mach 3 if you prefer to utilize the latest shaving. With the five anti-friction blades it holds, you can lessen the pressure for each blade, which means you can avoid shaving irritation, which is a common problem with MACH3.

It also has an ergonomic handle for better control as you do each shave. Aside from that, you will surely be able to use the lubrication strip, precision trimmer, and flexball technology, especially when planning to gain complete flexibility when handling your facial contours.

Do’s and Don’ts With Gillette Fusion 5


  • Use shaving cream. To make the most out of shaving using the Gillette Fusion 5, use products that will surely give you the results you want – among which are the perfect shaving cream warmers.
  • Clean the Gillette Fusion 5. Do not forget to clean all the parts of this razor. This is especially true when handling the fins.
  • Store the razor at the appropriate place. The storage area should also be safe for it. If you could get a hold of a holder for the razor, make sure to take advantage of that when storing yours.


  • Do not forget to use aftershave. Use it every time you finish shaving with the Gillette Fusion 5. It will guarantee a smoother and cleaner result.

FAQ About Gillette Fusion 5 

FAQ About Gillette Fusion 5 Razors

How long does a Gillette Fusion 5 blade last?

This will depend on the Fusion 5 variety or type you have chosen. In most cases, though, the blade can give you up to one month of shaves. If you want the lubricating strip to become even longer-lasting, then storing your razor face-up or in the provided organizer tray is necessary. It should also be away from damp areas so that it will last longer.

What’s better – the Fusion 5 or the ProGlide?

The answer will differ as everyone has different preferences in terms of the razor they use. Note that the Fusion 5 and the ProGlide belong to the Gillette Fusion family, which is why many are familiar with the design.

Still, there is a difference in the design – one of which is the body contour. With the aid of a highly flexible comfort guard, the two of them can follow your facial contours. This makes you feel more comfortable while lowering your risk of irritation.

Overall, many consider the ProGlide as better in terms of popularity, probably because of the design for the razor. However, if you are looking for functionality, then the Fusion 5 is a much better choice.

Do all Gillette Fusion blades fit?

Yes. Note, though, that every power cartridge is interchangeable with only a base manual cartridge. Also, note that the fusion cartridge can fit every fusion handle in terms of the Fusion series.

Is the Gillette Fusion 5 waterproof?

No. Over time, it will experience wear and tear due to the constant exposure to water. Try increasing its lifespan by ensuring that you tap it and wipe it clean after every use.

Why does the Gillette Fusion 5 vibrate?

The ability of the Gillette Fusion 5 to vibrate is one of its most endearing features. It has a battery-powered handle, which tends to vibrate the blade cartridge. What’s great about this is that it allows your whiskers to stand up while preparing them for cutting.


Overall, the Gillette Fusion 5 has plenty of positive reviews from its users. It has several incredible features that make it truly functional. With the help of the excellent features incorporated into the Gillette Fusion 5, it is safe to say that it is undoubtedly an incredible investment for any user. 

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Gillette Fusion 5 Review – Does This Popular Razor Deliver


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