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Best Beard Fillers That’ll Make Your Thin Beard Look Fuller

Growing a great Beard takes time and using the right beard products. However, due to genes, medical issues, and other factors, not everyone can grow a full beard.

Sometimes your beard will grow in patches. You may also experience bald spots that make your beard look unkempt.

When that happens, Beard Fillers can step in as quick fixes. They make your beard look thicker and less patchy. It is a painless and quick method of hiding a patchy beard while adding volume to the weaker areas of your beard.

Using a beard filler, however, is a temporary fix to a patchy beard and bald spots. If you want a more permanent solution, you will have to try other premium beard care products for patchy and balding beards. 

What Are Beard Fillers

Beard fillers are a temporary solution to patchy or balding beards. They are used to add volume to your beard and cover up bald spots on your facial hair. 

Unfortunately, beard fillers don’t make your beard thicker. The whole thing is a visual trick to make it seem like you have a thicker mane.

They are great for when you are going for a date, an interview, or any other important event where your beard has to look impeccable. 

There are different kinds of beard fillers and they all work differently. What you need to note, though, is that beard fillers are other from beard dyes. 

Beard fillers are categorized into beard pens, beard pencils, and beard-building fibers. For a more natural look, you’re better off using only one or two kinds of beard fillers at a go. 

However, some men do combine all three and the results could look tremendous or unnatural. It all depends on the person doing it and their experience using beard fillers. 

Benefits of Using Beard Fillers

Adds Volume to Your Beard

If you grow a thin and surprisingly soft beard, it can be hard rocking a full luscious mane as you would like. 

While using the world’s best beard oil can make your beard look fuller, a beard filler would be an ideal choice. Beard fillers, when used well, add volume to your beard, making it look less thin. 

Hides Patches in the Beard 

Beard growth is affected by so many things, but the big one is genetics. There is nothing you can do about genetics. 

If your beard grows in patches, it can end up looking unkempt and untidy. Using beard fillers will help hide the patchy spots to make your beard look fuller.

Helps Manage a Balding Beard

Sometimes your beard may start balding due to a medical condition or genes. When that happens, you end up with bald spots on your facial hair that don’t look pretty.

Beard fillers are temporary solutions to help you manage a balding beard until you find a more permanent solution. 

How Does Beard Filler Work

There are different types of beard fillers. To determine how they will mean looking into each one of them. A beard pen resembles a mascara brush. It works by coloring into the beard hairs to make a beard appear thicker.

A beard pencil is made of beeswax and a blend of different colors. Such pencils work as contouring pencils to fill patchy and bald spots on the beard.

The pencil creates sharp edges on the cheek lines to make the beard look full and thick. Beard fibers are more complex.

Initially, they were used to cover thinning hair on the scalp. The presence of keratin fibers, however, made them effective on beard hairs. 

Pros and Cons of Using Beard Fillers


  • They cover bald and patchy spots on the beard to make your beard look more pleasing.
  • They can be used to add volume to a thinning beard for a quick fix.
  • They also come in handy when managing different beard problems like patches. 
  • When used well, a beard can appear naturally full and thick.
  • They are cheaper ways of managing beard patches and balding. 


  • Using more than one beard filler at a go will give you an unnatural look.
  • Beard fillers are only temporary solutions to your beard problems. If you want something permanent, use natural beard growth remedies like minoxidil. 

Types of Beard Fillers

Beard Pens 

A beard pen resembles the mascara brush used by women. It is filled with different colored waxes in either black or dark brown. A beard pen is used to brush the patches to make the beard appear fuller. 

For the best results, there is no harm in combining a beard pen and beard pencil. 

Beard Pencils

Beard pencils are wax pencils made of beeswax and a blend of different colors. They come in light brown, dark brown, black, or taupe. 

A beard pencil is used as a contouring pencil to draw in the patches on the skin. The pencil is also used to create sharp edges on the cheek lines for a fuller and thicker-looking beard. 

Beard Building Fibers

The original idea behind beard-building fibers was to help cover thinning hair on the scalp. The presence of keratin fibers was found to be equally effective on facial hair. 

Beard building fibers work differently from beard pencils and pens. They use static charge to release tint hair fibers that stick to the existing hair strands. The result is a fuller and thicker-looking beard. 

Blending Brush Hybrids

Blending brush hybrids are beard pencils with a two-sided design. This design makes it possible to color and blend the wax into your facial hair. 

How to Choose the Best Beard Filler

Beard Size

The beard filler works by making your beard appear fuller or thicker. As such, a beard filler is used to resolve patchy and bald spot problems on the beard.

Your beard size will determine the type of beard filler that you use. If you can grow a full beard but have a lot of bald spots and patches, go for a beard pen.

If your beard is thicker with fewer bald spots, use beard-building fibers since they will stick to the beard. 


Beard fillers come in the form of powders, waxes, and dyes. They’re meant to settle on the beard to make it appear fuller and thicker. As such, choose a waterproof beard filler. This way, it won’t sweep away or rub off as you go on about your day. 


Beard fillers are not expensive. However, if you are on a budget, beard fillers still don’t warrant you spending a lot of money. After all, a beard filler is something temporary to hide beard patches and balding spots.


Beard fillers come in different color variants. These range from dark brown, light brown, black, and taupe. 

Some beard fillers come in two variations, while others have three color variants. What you want is a beard filler whose color matches that of your beard for a more natural look. 


Beard fillers work differently, but most of them last for a day or three. Keratin fibers, for instance, will last for a day, while a beard pencil can last up to three days.

Decide on how long you want your beard filler to last. If you are buying a beard filler to cover up bald spots for a date, you only need something that will last a day. 

How to Use Beard Pens

Step 1 – Roll off the cap

Begin by rolling off the cap at the end of the beard pen so that you can expose the brush.

Step 2 – Stroke the pen brush into the beard

Using a downward motion, stroke the brush into your beard. When doing so, make sure that the color sticks to the beard hairs making sure not to smudge the skin.

Step 3 – Brush the beard

Like when using a handmade beard comb, finish off with a mini brush using the beard pen for a more natural look. 

How to Use Beard Pencils 

Step 1 – Roll off the cap

Just like with the beard pen, open the cap to expose the waxy end of the pencil. 

Step 2 – Contour the cheek lines

Just like a straight razor will give you a close shave, gently contour the cheek lines and the most noticeable patchy and bald spots. 

Step 3 – Finish the look with a beard pen or hair fibers

Using a beard pencil will get better results if you combine it with hair fibers or a beard pen. 

How to Use Beard Building Fibers 

Step 1 – Apply beard oil or moisturizer

Start by applying a small amount of beard oil or moisturizer to your beard. When doing so, ensure that you’re choosing the beard moisturizer that best suits your needs

Step 2 – Start spraying your beard

Add the spray nozzle to your bottle of keratin fibers and then begin spraying your beard. The correct way to do so is to spray the fibers from a distance of 7 to 8 inches. Spray until your beard looks fuller and natural. 

Step 3 – Apply a hold spay

Keratin fibers last for a day at most. To ensure they stay in place, use a coating of fiber hold spray on your beard. 

Don’t forget to wash your beard. Don’t forget about the effects of a natural beard soap or even the healing properties of toner for men. This will help you better manage your beard between beard filler applications. 

How to Use Blending Brush Hybrids 

Step 1 – Roll off the cap

Start by rolling off the cap to expose the double-sided ends of the beard pencil.

Step 2 – ‘Paint’ your cheek lines and bald spots

Just like you would when using a standard beard pencil, gently ‘paint’ the cheek lines and the more prominent bald spots.

Step 3 – Finish off with a mini comb

Finish off by combing the beard using the brush end of the pencil to blend the color into your facial hair. When using beard fillers, don’t neglect your beard by forgetting to use the right products. 

For one, go for a face wash that effectively fights oily skin, especially if you want your beard fillers to last longer. Don’t also neglect using a beard balm that eliminates beard dandruff for a better and more natural-looking beard. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

As mentioned earlier, beard fillers don’t need you to spend a lot of bucks. They come in the form of waxes, powders, and dyes. How effective a beard filler is will depend on the type of beard filler.

In some way, more spending does mean more quality. If you want a beard filler that will make your beard look natural, avoid cheap beard fillers. 

At the same time, while beard fillers don’t last as long, premium beard fillers stay up to three days or even longer. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Beard Fillers


  • Do buy beard fillers that are waterproof to avoid them brushing off afterward.
  • Do buy beard fillers that match your beard color for a natural look. 
  • Do consider more permanent beard growth solutions in the end rather than relying on beard fillers all the time.


  • Do not overdo with a beard filler if you want your beard to look as natural as possible.
  • Do not use more than one beard filler at a go, especially if you have no experience using beard fillers.

FAQs About Beard Fillers

How long does a beard pen last?

How long a beard pen will last depends on the type. Some beard pens last a day, while the premium ones last up to three days or more. 

Are there any side effects of using beard filler?

Sometimes, you may experience itchiness, dryness, or a slight burning sensation. 

Do beard fillers work?

The short answer is yes. When used right, beard fillers do their job quite well – making your beard appear fuller and thicker. We, however, have to stress that they are only temporary solutions to beard growth issues. 

What do barbers use to fill in beards?

Most barbers use beard pencils made from beard oil and beeswax. Your barber will use a beard pencil whose color is as close to your beard color as possible. 


Growing a full and luscious mane is almost every man’s dream. That takes time and patience, though. In a bid to develop a great beard, you may notice that your beard grows in patches. You may also have unexplainable bald spots. If you don’t want to invest in expensive beard growth remedies, beard fillers can help. Beard fillers work by filling patches and bald spots on your facial hair. This results in facial hair that is fuller and thicker-looking. You can choose between beard pens, pencils, or beard-building fibers. It all comes down to your preference. 

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Best Beard Fillers That’ll Make Your Thin Beard Look Fuller


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