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Best Bay Rum Aftershaves That’ll Truly Soothe Your Skin

What Is a Bay Rum Aftershave

Bay rum refers to a kind of aftershave lotion and cologne. This product results from combining spices, Jamaican rum, and bay leaves taken from the West Indies. The Bay Rum Aftershave is easy to distinguish because it features a sweet and spicy woody scent.

It can, therefore, boost the confidence of men, especially when they are around women. You can also use this product as a fragrance when utilizing a quality shaving soap. It also works well as a general astringent and underarm deodorant.

Short History of Bay Rum

The use of bay rum started a long time ago, around the 16th century, when the Virgin Islands, along with the seas it owns, was ruled by sailors. During that period, rugged-looking and bearded sailors had to be in the sea waves for a long time (several months approximately). This means they have to sail for an extended period without bathing, resulting in some odor problems.

The problem with odor caused some sailors to search for a solution. This prompted them to discover the bay tree leaves in the West Indies recognized for their pleasant scent. The sailors also found out that crushing the leaves then rubbing those on their skin can help mask their stench. It was a significant help for sailors who had to stay on the ship for a long time.

On land, there were also a few slaves who discovered rum while producing sugar from molasses. It was the by-product of the production of sugar that people on the land also used as alcohol. A sailor asked for the recipe then distilled it. This prompted the creation of another variation, which is a lot stronger than the bay leaves alone.

Eventually, they discovered the process of extracting essential oils from the bay leaf, leading to the birth of bay rum. This eventually spread out to the West Indies and the remaining parts of the world, prompting the birth of other unique recipes with cinnamon, citrus, and cloves, among many other spices.

Benefits of Using a Bay Rum Aftershave

Similar to other beard care products, like a premium beard oil and the world’s best shaving bowl, the use of a bay Rum Aftershave has plenty of incredible benefits – among the most significant ones are the following:

Carries Moisturizing Qualities

Along with using a strong hold beard balm, the bay rum aftershave can help moisturize your facial hair and the skin under and surrounding it. The moisturizing qualities of this aftershave make it effective in lowering the risk of razor burn outbreak or wrinkling.

Can Fight Skin Infections After Shaving

This is possible because of the antifungal and antibacterial properties that form part of the bay rum. It can relieve skin infections that may occur once you finish shaving, even if you try a razor for sensitive skin. Aside from that, bay rum can seal pores, ensuring that the bacteria will not penetrate your skin.

Improves Your Confidence

You can use the bay rum aftershave to raise your confidence. It would make you feel like you also dress well since it has a fragrance that smells good. This aftershave helps spice up and enliven your spirits.

How Does a Bay Rum Aftershave Work

The bay rum aftershave works by giving you a lovely scent after a shave. It also performs other functions, like soothing your skin, healing skin infections, cuts, rashes, and irritations by shaving, preventing acne, and tightening the skin.

Pros and Cons of Using Bay Rum Aftershave


  • Boosts confidence with its charming scent.
  • Relieves and fights skin infections from shaving.
  • Tightens the skin while preventing acne.
  • Moisturizes and softens the skin.
  • Can seal pores, thereby preventing bacteria from penetrating in the first place.


  • Some bay rum aftershaves have a burning sensation during first use.

Types of Aftershaves

Depending on what your preference is when it comes to aftershaves, you can choose from the following forms:

  • Cream
  • Balm
  • Gel
  • Lotion

Regardless of which one among the four you have chosen, you can expect them to work effectively as an antiseptic. They can soothe, moisturize, and rejuvenate irritated and dry skin after you shave your facial hair using any shaving equipment, like a durable cartridge razor.

You can also find bay rum aftershaves in any of the mentioned forms. Fortunately, the effect of this aftershave is more prolonged, which means it would not be necessary to wipe it right after application and use.

Features of Bay Rum Aftershave


The price of the bay rum aftershave can be determined based on the specific ingredients that form part of it. It is highly likely for this product to be expensive if you get it from a reputable brand as it also indicates that quality ingredients are used. If you are on a tight budget, then you can also find low-priced ones. Just make sure that they do not contain harsh chemicals while still being low in quality.


When searching for a quality bay rum aftershave, you must check out its most essential feature: the scent. In most cases, this aftershave boasts of its woody or earthy aroma. It is kind of intense, though; it will fade after a while. Some bay rum aftershaves also have mild scents that tend to last longer.


The bottle used in a bay rum aftershave should also be included in the things to consider before buying. You have to make sure that the packaging and bottle of this product are sturdy, similar to when trying to search for the most popular beard shampoo. It is also beneficial to pick a travel-friendly bottle. If possible, choose a pump and spray bottle if you want one that you can comfortably use.

How to Choose the Best Bay Rum Aftershave

Skin Type

Consider your skin type before buying a bay rum aftershave. If you have oily skin, then go for an alcohol-based one as it helps control the production of excess oil. It can dry out the skin, too.

For those with dry skin, though, an aftershave with low or zero alcohol content is a much better option. Choose those with moisturizing agents, too, like coconut oil, Aloe Vera, and glycerin.

Personal Style

You also have to think about your style before making your choice. Remember that aftershave is still a cosmetic and skincare product, so it must perfectly suit your style. Go for a scent that you genuinely like and that can last for as long as you want. It helps to ask yourself first what specific scent you want from this aftershave.

Find out whether you want to use a straight-up bay rum or one that you can mix with another. Determine your preferred strength and the length of time you want the aftershave to last. Use all these details in determining which one among your options will work for you.


The fragrance is another vital consideration, but note that you also have to think about the length of time it will last in addition to the scent. Also, note that perfumes and fragrances differ depending on the person using them as each man has unique body chemistry and skin type.

High-quality bay rum aftershaves tend to develop various fragrances through essential oils. Note, though, that those aftershaves tend to dissipate quickly when applied on dry skin. With that in mind, it is advisable to use the aftershave only on oily body parts, like your temple. You can also apply it to the back part of your ears.


You also have to check and assess the sillage. It refers to the amount of fragrance you tend to leave behind every time you walk into a room. It is like the trail left behind by the plane. Note that the sillage differs from one scent or fragrance to another. Note that even if many love an aftershave with plenty of sillages, it is still unsuitable for everyone.


It is also crucial to check all the ingredients that are included in the bay rum aftershave. Initially, those who manufactured this product got bay rum by extracting it from the bay leaves found in the West Indies.

Presently, you can find many companies that use synthetic chemicals to mimic the original bay leaf’s fragrance there. Make sure to spend time checking the ingredients on the product’s bottle. This is a way of confirming whether actual bay leaves or synthetic chemicals were used.

It is also necessary to check the rum. It is highly recommended to go for a product that uses Jamaican rum. It should not also be grain or SD-40 alcohol. If your skin is sensitive, making it prone to irritation, make sure to use ingredients that blend essential oils, purified water, plant extracts, and alcohol.

Seals in the Moisture

Even if you do not consider your skin dry, it is still important for you to find a bay rum aftershave guaranteed to seal in moisture. Avoid those with SD-40 or grain alcohol, as those may only lead to skin dryness. Pick an aftershave with moisturizing properties, like Vitamin C, glycerin, hazel extracts, and aloe vera. That way, you will have the assurance that it can retain moisture.

Budget and Brand

Make sure to consider your budget, too. Find out how much you are willing to spend for the bay rum aftershave and stick to it. Pick a genuinely reputable brand that is recognized for providing quality aftershaves without harsh chemicals that meet your budget.

How to Use a Bay Rum Aftershave

Step 1 – Prepare your skin

You can prepare by applying a gentle daily cleanser and washing your face. Shave as you usually do – if possible, with high-quality shaving cream and a professional shaving brush.

Rinse your face after shaving or trimming your facial hair. Get a clean towel to pat your face dry.

Step 2 – Get a small amount of the aftershave

After that, apply it to the parts of our face that you have shaved. Make sure to cover every part touched by the razor.

Step 3 – Allow aftershave to get absorbed by your skin

Do not rinse it. Applying this aftershave works in closing your pores and offering protection against skin irritation.

Bay Rum Aftershave vs Regular Aftershave

When comparing the bay rum aftershave and the regular ones, it is safe to say that both have a similar purpose. However, they also differ in the ingredients used in manufacturing them. Bay rum contains two primary ingredients – rum and bay leaf. Meanwhile, regular aftershaves contain more chemicals. Regular ones also have a couple of subcategories – the alcohol-based and water-based ones.

Aside from that, the two can also be distinguished because of their smell. You will instantly notice the bay rum because of its strong scent or aroma characterized as earthy, spicy, or woody.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to bay rum aftershaves, it would be better to spend a bit more to make sure that what you are getting is superior in terms of quality. Choose an aftershave you can afford, which also contains excellent quality ingredients. Also, ask yourself whether spending more on a particular product is worth it. You have to assess the contents, the size of the bottle, and the overall quality of the product to find out if it is worth paying a higher price for.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Bay Rum Aftershave


  • Test the bay rum aftershave on your skin first before buying. Apply a bit of it on your skin as a test. This will let you know if it is good for you and does not cause any allergic reaction.
  • Know your skin type. This will help you determine which among the aftershaves is appropriate for you.
  • Check all the ingredients before buying. This is important in determining whether or not there is something in its content that you are allergic to.


  • Do not continue using the product if you experience skin rashes, itchiness, and blistering.
  • Do not buy an aftershave with high alcohol content. It is because it may result in skin dryness. Avoid those containing harsh chemicals, too.

FAQ About Bay Rum Aftershave

What is bay rum good for?

The bay rum works well as an aftershave lotion. It also has other uses, like serving as a cologne, astringent, shaving soap fragrance, and deodorant.

What does bay rum aftershave smell like?

The main ingredients used in the bay rum aftershave have scents that, when combined, make the product smell distinctively woody, spicy, and sweet. The island flavor of this product also makes it a fantastic summertime scent. Many also consider the smell as masculine.

Does bay rum smell like rum?

Yes, it smells the same as how the bay rum should. The reason is that it makes use of bay oil as a means of achieving its trademark fragrance. Note that it is also combined with other ingredients that produce the product’s final scent.

Can I use aftershave as cologne?

Yes, the bay rum aftershave also works well as a cologne. Note that the strength of this product is not as intense as perfume, so you can’t expect it to last long.

How do I make my aftershave last longer?

If you decide to use bay rum aftershave, then note that one of its downsides is that it does not last that long. This is also true, especially if you consider that the aftershave has the lightest scent compared to perfumes. That said, the only thing you can do to make its scent stay on you longer is to reapply it every 3 to 4 hours.

Why does aftershave smell different on different people?

The reason is that you have to apply the aftershave to your body, which will influence the natural scent of your skin. There are differences since each person has unique body chemistry, which may also have a different reaction to the actual makeup of the applied aftershave.


Aside from using special beard scissors, razors, and other beard grooming products, it also helps invest in a quality aftershave. Pick the bay rum aftershave as it is a versatile product with plenty of uses and effectively soothing your skin while carrying a charming scent that you and everyone around will love. 

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Best Bay Rum Aftershaves That’ll Truly Soothe Your Skin


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