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Bonobos Review – Comfortable Fit Right Out of the Box

The prep-school clothes gained popularity in the last decade and now it is loved by thousands of men worldwide. It’s a Perfect combination of formal and casual styles. Regular shirts and classy suits are no longer considered cool and stylish. Nowadays, it is time for casual blazers, cool button-ups, and fitting khakis to shine. 

One of the most well-known and successful brands that offer prep-wear clothes is Bonobos. The company started as a small shop with high-quality khaki pants and it grew into a great brand that can satisfy any needs. 

What Is Bonobos

We believe you’ll agree with us if we say that there is nothing worse than pants that don’t fit you well or make you fit uncomfortable. Bonobos for sure agrees with us and it became a starting point for company creation.

The main idea behind the Bonobos brand is that pants should be comfortable and well-fitting; that is why they started to produce khakis with curved waistbands to fit the natural shape of a man’s body. 

Since then, the brand grew significantly and nowadays, they are known not only for their khakis but also for shirts, T-shirts, polos, jeans, sweaters, suits, and a variety of other garments. 

Moreover, the brand is known for its excellent selection of sizes for its garments so anyone can find their perfect fit.

Benefits of Wearing Bonobos Garments

Perfect Fit

Each piece of clothing offered by Bonobos has an incredible variety of sizes, including length options for pants and shorts. It means that you can easily find a garment that fits you like a second skin.


Bonobos have various sizes and a variety of models, colors, shapes, and even patterns. There is for sure something for anyone. 

High Quality

Bonobos use only high-quality material for its clothing, making it durable, comfortable, breathable, and good-looking. 

Excellent Style

Bonobos offer prep-school-style clothing. It’s a perfect combination of casual and smart styles that makes you look cool, fresh and stylish while maintaining a somehow classy look. 

How Do Bonobos Garments Work

A couple of students in 2007 started the brand. Back then, Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly decided that it was time to change the way men buy their pants in online shops. 

The brand changed the concept of pants in the men’s fashion industry when they presented their khakis with curved waistbands. It was more than 10 years ago and now the brand has grown significantly and can offer their fans not only comfy pants. 

Nowadays, the brand can offer an incredible variety of men’s garments, including chinos, jeans, sweaters, suits, polos, swimwear, and lots of other options. Moreover, the brand is focused on sizes and colors vary. Each piece of clothes can be found in numerous sizes, including extended ones.

Pros and Cons of Bonobos


  • All garments by Bonobos are known for their excellent quality.
  • Every piece of clothes has a variety of sizes so you can find your perfect fit.
  • The brand offers a high level of customer service.
  • There are not only various sizes but also models and even colors.
  • The brand offers a broader range of pants’ cuts than other brands.


  • Prices can be too high.
  • Sometimes shipping can take too much time.
  • After Walmart bought the brand, the sales became less frequent.

Bonobos Collection

Pants and Jeans

Pants are precisely the thing that made the brand famous and popular. After being on the market for about 15 years, the brand still maintains the quality of their signature item – pants. Prices for this type of clothes usually start at $99 for an item. 

While at the very beginning, the brand offered only khakis, nowadays, you can find an impressive variety of pants and jeans produced by Bonobos. For example, their stretched-washed chinos are perfect for a business meeting or work-day in the office. Moreover, there is an excellent variety of sizes and colors for all their pants so it won’t be hard to find the ones you like. 

Also, there is an excellent range of stylish and comfy world’s best jeans for men and high-end style relaxation wear. It may sound strange for some of you, but even Bonobos joggers can be great for office and some rather smart occasions. It’s a perfect option for men who want to feel comfy while staying somehow classy. 


Bonobos remain true to its traditions and provide an impressive range of models when it comes to shirts. Some regular tees, stylish polos, patterned dress shirts can make you look cool and fresh. If you have a beard, you can use premium beard wax to finish your cool Bonobos look. 

Every model, as usual, has numerous sizes as well as various colors. You can easily find the one that you like or something unusual to make you look stylish. 

Moreover, there are numerous options for relaxing wear, like banana shirts. It is perfect for some casual occasions.

Shorts and Swim

Bonobos believe that versatility is the most important thing when it comes to shorts. The point is that everyone has their preferences when it comes to shorts’ length and style; that is why the brand is doing its best to offer as many options as possible. 

There are numerous options, including khaki shorts, golf and dress shorts, chino and sweat shorts, and others that will look great with a classic pair of boat shoes or even durable slippers for men. 

Also, when it comes to swims, Bonobos have lots of stylish options that you will appreciate. There are lots of absolutely great models that can make you stand out even during your vacations.


Sweaters and sweatshirts are one other collection that Bonobos offer. This collection is no exception when it comes to the range of sizes, models, and colors. 

Moreover, the brand doesn’t hesitate when it comes to materials. You can get a soft, silky Cashmere sweater that will keep you warm and comfy during cold winters. There are also sweaters made of Merino Wool that are perfect for everyday wear. Wool sweaters are great for icy weather. 

Speaking of styles, you can get crew-neck sweaters, casual sweatshirts, stylish cardigans, classic sweaters, and many other options. Just decide which one suits your style, everyday needs, and desired look. 


Golf clothes can be considered a specialty of Bonobos. The brand offers not only regular Polo shirts and chinos. 

The company actively works with professional golf players to design perfect golf wear. Every point and feature of this collection is well thought-through. The designers considered not only styles but also materials, shapes, and colors. It means that anyone looking for stylish and excellent golf wear can find a perfect option by looking at Bonobos online shop. 

Each piece from this collection is made from stretchable, breathable fabric. The garments are comfy and stylish, so you will look fabulous and feel great wearing them.

As usual, there are numerous sizes and patterns for each piece of clothing offered in this collection.


When it comes to outwear, you will for sure will be surprised by the variety of options offered by Bonobos. There are numerous jackets, vests, blazers, and cardigans. 

All outerwear is perfectly fitted and smartly designed. In other words, there is an option for any occasion, taste, and person despite your preferences and size. 

Also, such variety allows you to choose your perfect outerwear depending on the weather in your area. Jackets and cardigans are great for cold weather, while vests are ideal for slightly chilling days. 

This collection also includes a variety of classy or more casual jackets. Some options are great for smart events, business meetings, and just for every day. Each option has a wide range of sizes, so you can quickly get the one that fits you the best. 

Suits and Blazers

Formal suits are one of the collections that Bonobos is incredibly proud of. The collection includes not only regular suits but also Blazers, dress pants, and even tuxedos. Moreover, the brand offers flexibility as you can mix different suit parts to create your unique look.

Bonobos is proud of its wrinkle-resistant suits. It’s a great option as there is no need to iron your suit every time you want to wear it. Each suite is made of a high-quality fabric like Italian wool. Moreover, all materials are breathable, durable, and comfortable.

Each suit is offered in a wide range of colors that look stunning. Also, as usual, there is an impressive variety of sizes. All suits and tuxedos are perfectly tailored and suit different occasions starting with business meetings and ending with weddings. Just don’t forget to use hair pomade with a strong hold to finish your stylish, smart look. Also, you can make a more sophisticated style using a beard comb.

Moreover, the collection contains various stylish and comfy blazers with numerous colors, patterns, and sizes.


Bonobos ensured that they could provide their customer with everything they needed to create a stylish look, including various accessories. The brand offers high-quality socks, trendy belts, and cool pocket squares.

There are various sizes and colors but keep in mind that black socks would be a reliable option.

Also, the brand offers a variety of underwear which is excellent. Each piece is made of high-quality fabric and designed to make you feel comfortable. 

Extended Sizes

When it comes to extended sizes, it is not like a separate collection as all of the above collections have extended sizes for numerous included models.

If you go to the official Bonobos store and check all their collections, you can see that there are extended sizes options for each of them. It means that you can find extended sizes for pants, shirts, shorts and swims, blazers, suits, and even accessories. 

Features of Bonobos Products


Every piece of clothes produced by Bonobos is known for its excellent Golf style. While comfy and somehow casual, Bonobos clothes are known for their elegant, sharp style that makes you look crisp and cool. Bonobos’ prep-school style looks smart but still fresh and light that makes you feel comfy in any situation.

Considering the wide range of products, you can easily make numerous looks with just several pieces making them more or less smart depending on your occasion. 


As mentioned before, Bonobos stands out among other brands due to its impressive variety of sizes. For example, their Highland Tour Golf Pants are offered with four tailored, slim, athletic, and straight cuts. Moreover, it even has odd waist sizes as well as 5 length options. Each option is well-shown on the brand’s website to get a clear understanding of how your new clothes will look on you. It is excellent as it helps you understand what you can expect from your pants or shirt even before purchasing it. 


Excellent performance is another great thing about Bonobos. The brand mainly uses 88% of polyester fabric and 12% of elastomer, making it very stretchy and comfy. Moreover, every piece of clothes is well-designed so you can feel comfortable wearing them. Whether you are going to wear your garments to the office or when going for a walk or to play golf, you can be sure that you will feel comfortable and free to make what you want. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Bonobos Garments


  • Shop for Bonobos garments on the brand’s official website.
  • Check size specifications before making an order.
  • Take proper care of your clothes.
  • Check all color and size options carefully to find your perfect fit.


  • Never forget to check the label with the cleaning recommendations.
  • Don’t forget to follow the requirement listed on the label.
  • Don’t forget to use proper chemicals when cleaning your garments.

Bonobos vs Competitors

Bonobos for sure has a wide range of competitors such as Reebok, Hill City, Tommy John, and many others. All these brands offer high-quality prep-school-style garments. However, only Bonobos offers such an impressive variety of sizes for their clothes that makes it easier to find your perfect fit. It is essential for people who have extended or unusual sizes.

FAQ About Bonobos

Are Bonobos suits good quality?

Believe us; you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of Bonobos suits. They fit well and the fabric is perfect and comfy. 

Where is Bonobos clothing made?

Bonobos is a US brand of clothes and all their garments are made in the USA.

Do Bonobos shrink?

If you follow the instructions on the label when cleaning, Bonobos clothes will remain their initial size without shrinking after washing. 

Do Bonobos shirts run large?

It actually depends on the specifics of your shirt. For example, their slime-size shirts tend to be smaller than slim-size shirts offered by some other brands. At the same time, classic shirts are a bit larger than classic shirts produced by other similar brands. 

Is Bonobos an ethical brand?

Absolutely yes. The brand supports various ethical practices. 

Is Bonobos owned by Walmart?

Yes. Walmart purchased Bonobos in 2017 and starting that moment, Walmart ran the brand. 

How do Bonobos fit?

Bonobos is for sure known for its garments that fit perfectly for almost anyone. The brand has a wide range of sizes, so you can easily find your perfect fit. 


Bonobos is an excellent brand of prep-school style garments that are stylish, comfy, and high-quality. Moreover, the brand is known for its variety of sizes that fit anyone. 

While a perfect combination of smart and casual styles, Bonobos clothes are an excellent option for active men who look for great clothes for different occasions. It’s for sure worth your attention!

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Bonobos Review – Comfortable Fit Right Out of the Box


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