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Hims Review – Is It Really Effective, How It Works & More

Hims Review

Men experience all sorts of issues, from Hair loss to erectile dysfunction. And while the male grooming (think the world’s best aftershave balm) and health industry have come a long way, there are still gaps, especially when accessing products that are supposed to help manage these conditions.

 According to the American Hair Loss Association, more than 95% of men will experience hair loss, for instance, at some point in their lives. 

By the age of 35, two-thirds of men will either experience thinning hair or a receding hairline. Many factors can cause any of these, but the main one is androgenetic alopecia, a male pattern baldness hereditary condition. 

The condition results from dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that causes the hair follicles to shrink until new hair no longer grows. If you are looking for products that can slow down or reverse hair loss, then you must have come across For Hims. The company is focused on offering solutions to skin and hair conditions that men experience. 

At the same time, Hims also covers a growing market of men dealing with sexual dysfunction issues like ED. They also offer solutions in nutrition, physical and mental health exclusively for men. 

The good thing about Hims is that everything is done online and you never have to worry about a physical meeting with a doctor where you are supposed to talk about your sexual issues. The only thing you need to do is to consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner online, who will assess your health situation and prescribe the right product or medication.

After that, your prescription will be sent to you in discreet packaging in a few days. This Hims review is meant to help you determine if they are the right health providers for whatever condition you may have. 

What Is Hims

For Hims is a purely online men’s wellness brand that was created so that men can find not only support but solutions for sensitive issues like erectile dysfunction and hair loss. 

The main goal of Hims is to deal with and combat the stigma surrounding men’s health by making the various solutions not only easily accessible but also affordable. 

With Hims, everything, including the doctor’s consultation, is done online. In 2016, Andrew Dudum, after being confronted by his sister about how he had neglected his health, decided to start the company.

This was after Dudum himself had tried so many products to treat his acne and other skin issues. Hims was started to help men take charge of their health.

The company has grown so much and has built quite a reputation. You can receive a full consultation plus prescription online.

The medical services have been primarily aimed at hair loss, sexual health, skincare, and other issues that may affect men as they age. Hims has now expanded to primary care and online therapy for men. 

Benefits of Using Hims Products

No Waiting

Unlike physical visits at the doctor’s office where you have to wait in line for long, with Hims, your online visit begins the moment you sign up. 

Quality Care

You never have to worry about your doctor’s consultation since all Hims doctors are board-certified and licensed to practice medicine. 

Benefits of Using Hims Products

Low Cost

Depending on the products and care you need, using Hims might save you between 50 to 80% of the money you spent visiting a traditional doctor. It also helps that shipping is free once you have a prescription. 


Men experience so many issues like erectile dysfunction and hair loss that they have difficulty talking about with their peers or even a physical doctor. Hims aims to bridge this gap by ensuring that men have a safe space to discuss their issues. 

The whole thing from the first doctor’s visit is done online in the privacy of your own home. If you get a prescription, your medication and products will be sent to you in discreet packaging. This kind of privacy is what most men crave when it comes to dealing with their health issues. 

How Does Hims Work

Before you can buy any product, the first thing you need is to consult with a doctor. No, you don’t need to physically visit the doctor’s offices as everything is done online, unlike when buying men’s suspenders that have strong metal clips.

The first step is creating a profile and answering some basic health questions depending on what issue you need help in. The questionnaire also includes space to answer health questions regarding anxiety, depression history, and ED as well and products you’ve already tried. 

The questions are meant to assess your overall health so that you can get the proper medical prescription. Once you have submitted the questionnaire, you will receive a response within 24 hours from a licensed medical practitioner. 

The doctor will then take you through your options and if they feel that medication is needed, they will write you a prescription. With a prescription, you can order the medication or hair loss product at a licensed pharmacy or through Hims. 

Other hair products can be obtained without a prescription as long as your subscription is active. If you are approved for any products, you will receive your medication monthly through your subscription. 

Pros and Cons of Hims


  • The online consultation is fast and accessible, and you get to consult with a licensed medical practitioner. 
  • The subscription service is convenient in that you never have to worry about running out of finasteride or minoxidil. 
  • There is little waiting since your online visit begins the moment you create a profile. 
  • When it comes to the quality of care you will receive, it’s no different from visiting a physical facility since Hims doctors are licensed and board-certified. 
  • You end up saving between 50 to 80% of the amount you would have spent at a doctor’s office. 
  • The essence of privacy is something men enjoy especially considering the stigma associated with men’s health issues like ED and hair loss. 


  • The lack of physical appointments means that the healthcare practitioner can’t do a physical exam on your scalp, for instance, if your issue is hair loss. 
  • There is also a limited variety when it comes to products that Hims sell. 
  • Some users have reported occasional long waits for responses regarding products as well as subscriptions. 
  • If you want to use your insurance, the coverage varies depending on the plan and the prescription.

Types of Hims Medications and Products

Types of Hims Medications and Products

Choosing a comfortable cotton undershirt for men, socks that keep your feet dry, or even soft robes for him is easy; men’s healthcare is not so accessible. 

Hims addresses different areas of men’s healthcare, including sexual health, mental health, skincare, hair loss, primary care, general health supplements, and even at-home COVID-19 tests.

Hair Loss

Do you have a receding hairline or have you started balding? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the Hims hair loss treatment might be what you need. 

Rather than waiting until it’s too late, the best thing is to start doing something about it now, at least when you still have some hair left. 

Hims offers both prescription and non-prescription treatments that you can use individually or as a combo. 

Their most potent individual treatments for hair loss are finasteride ($22) and 5% minoxidil solution ($15), both of which have been proven effective in treating male pattern baldness.

Rogaine is the brand name for minoxidil and it is a topical solution that Hims prescribes for men experiencing hair loss. 

The solution is applied once or twice per day, depending on the physician’s directive. On the other hand, finasteride is the active ingredient in Propecia and is sold in pill form. 

Both treatments are available individually, but Hims offers the two as a combined treatment package. Both minoxidil and finasteride work to fight hair loss and you can increase their effectiveness by using them simultaneously.  

Hims also sells other products to fight hair loss, such as their hair shampoo (Shampoo+) formulated with saw palmetto that helps reduce DHT levels on your scalp.

The shampoo goes for $19 if purchased individually and it’s an excellent solution for men who have started experiencing balding since DHT is responsible for this. 

The conditioner for $22 works the same way as the shampoo leaving you feeling clean and fresh. If your hair has started thinning for no reason, Hims offers biotin, a vitamin responsible for thicker hair. The vitamin is available in the gummy form at $16.

Hims offers a non-prescription kit at $30 for promoting healthy hair by fighting hair loss. The kit contains Hims shampoo, biotin gummies, and minoxidil. 

Sexual Health 

Sexual health is one of the topics that men dread when they go to the doctor. The situation is different from choosing an effective hair clay, leather boat shoes, or premium loafers for men.

This is even though 52% of men experience some form of erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. At the same time, 5 to 15% of men aged between 40 and 70 experience total ED. While the risk of ED increases as you age, young men can experience some form of ED or other sexual dysfunctions too.

While the stigma associated with male sexual dysfunction is not the same as that surrounding women’s sexual health, men are still not willing to go to the doctor if they feel wrong. Hims, through their sexual health department, aims at helping men access help in an avenue where they feel safe and not judged. 


Sildenafil is usually the generic form of Viagra and it is one of the best-known solutions for managing ED. 

Sildenafil is a prescription drug that requires a doctor’s consultation first. Some pharmacies sell it over the counter, but you are better off consulting with a doctor first.

This is because ED manifests in so many ways and without knowing it, you might be taking medication for a condition you don’t even have. At Hims, you will first book an appointment with a licensed doctor who will go through your situation and assess whether you are a sildenafil candidate. 

If a doctor prescribes sildenafil, you can buy it as a one-time purchase option that contains a few pills, although there is also the monthly subscription option that you can opt for. 

Sildenafil works by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis to enhance circulation, which means holding an erection for long. Like every other drug, sildenafil has side effects that your doctor will talk to you about. Sildenafil, unlike other ED medications, is taken on an as-needed basis, usually 4 hours before sex. 

The effects last for two to four hours and if you still have an erection after 5 hours, you should consider going to the emergency room. 

Hims Sildenafil Sexual Health Product


Viagra is a brand name for sildenafil and it is an excellent option if you don’t want to take the generic drug, just like the luxurious option for men’s underwear could be silk boxers. Hims offers a pack with two tablets that require a prescription from a doctor. Viagra works just like sildenafil and should also be taken as needed. 


Tadalafil is the generic form of Cialis and it is a popular ED treatment. Just like with Viagra and sildenafil, a doctor’s consultation is needed before a prescription is issued. 

On the Hims website, Tadalafil is available as a packet of two 5 mg pills, although a monthly subscription could be arranged. Tadalafil works like other ED medications, with the only difference being that the effects last for up to 36 hours. So, how do you use Tadalafil? You are supposed to take Tadalafil once a day. 


Cialis is the brand name for Tadalafil if you don’t want to take the generic drug and it is one of the best treatments for ED that can also be used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.

When taken, Cialis helps relax the blood vessels in the penis for a longer-lasting erection. Cialis should be taken once a day and the drug starts working within half an hour.

The results last for up to 36 hours, earning it the name “the weekend pill.” Cialis should be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription and should not be purchased over the counter. 


Stendra is a newer drug in the market that claims to work faster than other ED medications in as little as 15 minutes. Avanafil is the active ingredient in Stendra and like Viagra and sildenafil, it should be taken on an as-needed basis. 

It’s not clear how many pills you get when you order through Hims, but a sample pack contains two 100 mg tablets. A doctor will go through your condition during your online doctor’s visit and issue a prescription if they think you need the drug.

While Stendra doesn’t increase your sexual desire, it helps increase blood flow to the penis so that you can achieve stronger erections that last.

Sertraline for Premature Ejaculation

Sertraline is the generic form of the drug Zoloft and it is recommended for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Hims offers a sample pack containing two 50 mg tablets that work quickly, like Stendra. 

The active ingredient in Sertraline is Avanafil which increases blood flow to the penis for a firmer erection and should help you avoid pre-ejaculation. Since Sertraline works within a short time, it should also be taken when needed. 

Premature Ejaculation Spray

If you don’t want to take pills for premature ejaculation, Hims has a spray option. The spray is sold in an 18-ounce bottle that contains about 40 sprays. The spray is meant to help prevent premature ejaculation during sex but contains a different active ingredient from the Sertraline pills. 

The active ingredient is Lidocaine, a topical anesthetic cream that is supposed to stop the positive sensation experienced before ejaculation lasts longer. You need to use the spray at least 15 minutes before sex.  

Mental Health

If you often struggle with mental health conditions like anxiety, stress, or depression, Hims offers complete evaluations and prescribes the proper medication. The mental health drugs Hims sells include Duloxetine, Paroxetine, Sertraline, Bupropion XL, Escitalopram, Citalopram, Fluoxetine, and Venlafaxine. 


Hims Skincare Products

As you age, you will start experiencing issues with your skin and now more than ever you need the proper care. Hims offers many skincare products that include acne creams, anti-aging creams, wrinkle cream, Vitamin C serum, moisturizers, and a complete anti-aging kit. 

Acne creams are meant to decrease inflammation that results from acne while stopping acne from developing. 

Hims Acne Cream goes for $19. Before you can buy the cream, though, you need a prescription from the doctor and the cream you will be getting is a prescription-strength cream with antibiotics and retinoids. Hims anti-aging cream will cost you $19 and helps reduce the fine lines associated with aging skin while making the skin look firmer. 

Hims also sells the Goodnight Wrinkle Cream for $24. The cream is formulated with caffeine which helps the skin regenerate when sleeping. 

Their Everyday Moisturizer costs $18 and it helps keep the skin hydrated to counteract the effects of aging while ensuring that your skin doesn’t get too oily during the day.  

Primary Care

Primary care is somewhat of a new venture for Hims. For a consultation, you only need to pay $39 and it’s done entirely online. While the cost is more than what you would pay at a physical doctor’s office if you had insurance, the discretion of an online consultation is worth every dime in the end. 

The first step involves filing a brief online questionnaire so that the doctor can have an overview of your health condition. After you’ve filled the questionnaire, Hims will connect you with a healthcare practitioner in your state who will get back to you in about 24 hours. 

With this practitioner, you will discuss all your symptoms plus any concerns you may have with and if they feel that you need a prescription after the initial evaluation, they will write you one. 

The healthcare provider will then send this prescription to a pharmacy near you, where you will pick it up at your convenience. While your primary care visit will not be insurance-covered, your insurance can cover the cost of the medication prescribed. 

Some of the health issues that primary care addresses include dermatological problems, common infections like UTIs and sinus infections, allergies, cold or flu infections, digestive issues like stomach discomforts, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating, headaches, and prescription refills. 

Cold Sores and Oral Herpes

Hims offers cold sore treatments through their Cold Sores Kit. However, you need to have a doctor’s consultation first, after which the doctor will prescribe an FDA-approved drug to treat the sores. 

Valacyclovir, whose generic drug is Valtrex, is an antiviral suppressive used to treat herpes (HSV-1) and it happens to be approved by the FDA for treatment of the same.

Valacyclovir is sold in pill form and it has been proven to reduce the severity and duration of cold sores if taken within the first 24 hours of them appearing. If you, however, suffer from regular outbreaks, more aggressive treatment will be recommended.

General Health Supplements

The general health supplements that Hims offers are meant to help prevent chronic illnesses, improve immune function and fight off old age fatigue.  

Collagen protein powder is one such supplement that you can get at $27. The supplement helps in muscle recovery while helping you look youthful. To prevent colds and flu, Hims will prescribe immunity gummy vitamins that will cost you only $19. 

For those who suffer from sleep issues, sleepy gummy bears can help and cost $19, while biotin gummy vitamins sold at $16 are meant to promote thicker hair, stronger nails, and youthful skin. 

At-Home COVID-19 Saliva Test

Hims is currently offering an at-home COVID-19 saliva test that RUCDR Infinite Biologics has designed. The test kit is expensive, costing as much as $150, but worth considering the implications of COVID-19.

To take this test, rather than a swab, you only need to spit into a tube which is good news considering how invasive and uncomfortable a nasopharyngeal swab test is. The test, however, will only work if you are symptomatic, which means that it won’t work if you are already infected.  

The test is more efficient since you are taking it from the comfort of your own home to reduce your risk of exposing yourself and exposing others to the virus if you were to travel to a physical testing facility. 

Hims vs Competitors

Hims vs Competitors

Hims vs Roman

Roman, just like Hims, sells personal wellness products, something that is done entirely online. The products include ED treatments, skincare products, vitamins and supplements, and mental health products. 

Just like with Hims, your journey begins when you create a profile. Online consultation with a licensed health provider then follows. Roman also sells finasteride and minoxidil as individual treatments or combos. 

The monthly cost of each is $20 and $16 respectively. The combination plan that involves both medications will cost you $35 every month.  

Hims vs Lemonaid

Lemonaid is among the most comprehensive online health providers. They sell all manner of products from migraine to UTI medication. They also specialize in high blood pressure medication, treatment of mental health conditions, and thyroid disease management. 

Lemonaid, unlike Hims and Roman, doesn’t sell their medication online. They offer telehealth visits, after which the health practitioner will send the prescription to a pharmacy near you. 

If, for instance, you are experiencing hair loss, you will need to answer a few questions and then send photos of your hair from different angles. Before a prescription is issued, you will need to pay a $25 consultation fee.

Hims vs Keeps

Keeps, unlike Hims, is not as comprehensive but serves as an online healthcare provider specializing in reversing hair loss and preventing it. However, their approach is similar: they sell minoxidil and finasteride as individual treatments or as a combination package. 

They have introductory rates that you can take advantage of for three months of finasteride supply for $50 and $75 after the three months. For minoxidil, the rate is $20 for the first three months and $30 every three months after that.

If you opt for the combination package, you will get the two products at $70 for the first three months and $105 every three months afterward. 

FAQ About Hims

What are the side effects of Hims?

When it comes to Hims, the side effects will depend on the medication you are on. For instance, if you take finasteride, you may experience side effects like anxiety, breast tenderness, testicular pain, rashes, depression, and neurological issues such as mental fogginess. 

Your doctor will talk to you about the potential side effects but make sure that you ask as many questions as possible during your online visit. If you experience any severe side effects from any medication, make sure you tell your doctor or go to the emergency room. 

Is Hims for me?

If you treasure privacy and the convenience of getting medication without leaving the comfort of your home and are willing to spend a little extra for such benefits, then Hims is the right choice for you. If you would rather have a doctor examine you physically, then you are better off visiting the doctor’s office. 

How does Hims medical review work?

FAQ About Hims

The first thing you need to do is create an online profile indicating your medical history, general health, symptoms, and lifestyle so that the doctor can evaluate you and prescribe the right course of treatment. As a patient, you will be asked to upload a copy of a government-issued identity card like a driver’s license before linking your credit card. 

Don’t worry; the system is secure and encrypted, so all your information is safe and not shared with third parties. Once you have entered the correct information, you will be connected to a licensed doctor who will conduct an online consultation. 

During the consultation, the doctor will talk to you about your diagnosis, symptoms and take you through the possible treatment options. If your diagnosis requires a prescription, the doctor will write you one and then your medication will be shipped to you in discreet packaging in a few days.

How long does it take to ship Hims?

Once your order has been finalized, your medication should reach you within 5 to 7 business days. Once your order has been shipped, an email will be sent to you that you can use to track your package. Note that currently, Hims doesn’t offer expedited shipping or custom shipping options. 

Is Hims FDA approved?

Hims is approved by the FDA for all the products that they sell, according to their website. Please note that this doesn’t mean that you may not experience side effects with some drugs. 

Are Hims’ products and services legit?

Hims is FDA approved, which means that their services and products are legit. As an online health provider, Hims does well by offering a doctor’s consultation before a prescription is issued. 

This is important, especially for ED treatments, since some pharmacies offer ED drugs without a valid prescription. Hims doesn’t offer over-the-counter drugs without a prescription and all the drugs they sell are FDA-approved. 

Do I need a prescription for Hims products?

This will depend on the product. Some treatments require a prescription, while others do not. Please note that an online doctor’s visit is mandatory even without a prescription, equating to a prescription. 


Are you experiencing hair loss or a receding hairline? Is your hair thinning and you don’t know what to do? Maybe you always have a hard time getting and maintaining an erection and suffer from premature ejaculation. Or perhaps you have skin issues that are out of your control. All these issues can be hard and sometimes embarrassing to talk about, even with your peers.

Hims is an online medical provider created by someone who understands the struggles men go through trying to manage some of these conditions. With Hims, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home. A doctor’s consultation is done online with a licensed health care provider who will write you a prescription if they deem that necessary.

Your medication will then be shipped to you in discreet packaging in 5 to 7 business days. All this is done without having to endure those awkward minutes in a doctor’s office trying to explain that everything is not okay in the bedroom. Well, what can I say? It’s just a good time to be a man!

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Hims Review – Is It Really Effective, How It Works & More


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