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Indochino Review – Are Their Made-to-Measure Suits For You

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What Is Indochino

Are you looking for a custom-made Suit but can’t afford the ones made by high-end stores? Indochino could be the solution to your predicament. 

Indochino is a suits store specializing in giving men custom-made suits at a lower price than other producers in the market. The company’s headquarters is in Vancouver, Canada, with 36 showrooms distributed across North America. 

The brand also has a strong online presence and markets most of its suits and garments there and you can always order your suit or favorite garment and have it delivered to your doorstep. 

Benefits of Buying Indochino Garments

Best Prices

There is no arguing that Indochino has some of the best prices for suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, and other garments. 

When the company was founded, the vision was to fill a market gap for men who wanted to look good at a subsidized price. 

If you’re looking for a cheap yet sharp tuxedo for that upcoming event, then Indochino suits should be on top of the list of considerations. 

Quality Garments

Yes, there’s been a lot of noise online about the quality of the fabric used by Indochino. However, all factors held constant; the company strives to use suitable quality materials such as cotton, polyester, and acrylic to make clothes for their consumers. 

Famous Brand

Over the years that the company has been in the industry, it has climbed the ranks of recognition and become a favorite among many consumers.

Customized Customer Experience 

When you buy from Indochino, you get to customize your suit from top to bottom. And what’s more, you get these services at incredulously low prices. 

Brief History of Indochino

The famous brand that Indochino has grown to be was born in the University of Victoria when two classmates realized that it was too expensive to get a custom-made suit, yet the demand was high. 

Kyle Vucko (22) and Heikal Gani (26) struggled to find suits they loved and could afford. After researching among their peers, they realized that theirs was a common problem. 

The two friends decided to put their education on hold and focus on creating a business. Indochino was established to bring better-priced, made-to-measure suits and garments closer to the vast consumer base. 

Vucko and Gani joined the University’s mentorship program, where they were introduced to local angel investors. They also used the university’s resources to do market research into their business model. 

In 2007, the friends launched Indochino and had since grown the business to become one of the most liked brands by its target consumers. 

The company offers a veritable made to measure experience to every consumer and has continued to replace the off-the-rack mode of male shopping. 

The company currently has 36 showrooms in North America, with its headquarters being in Vancouver, Canada. It also has offices in Dalian, China, and is a source of employment for more than 600 people worldwide. 

Indochino has continued to make innovative and disruptive changes in the retail e-commerce industry and keeps taking up challenges from clients. 

No matter how intricate your suit design is, Indochino will always look for a way to meet your needs. The company seeks to embrace the changes in men’s clothing and moves towards being the best retail store in men’s fashion clothing. 

The company is currently under the reign of CEO Drew Green who has featured in Top 40 under 40 as the CEO of the year. Having led multiple high-growth companies in the past, Drew has the potential to grow the company to unimaginable heights. 

Pros and Cons of Indochino Garments


  • An easy online shopping experience.
  • Innovative colors and designs to choose from.
  • A custom-made and tailored fit for all your garments.
  • A straightforward guide on taking accurate measures at home and avail them online for the Indochino tailors to customize a garment.
  • A thorough, consistent, and customer-oriented designing and manufacturing process.


  • Customers complain of a non-responsive customer service team.
  • Fabrics are not always the best quality, and they sometimes rip.
  • Complains of incorrect sizing despite custom fittings.
  • A prolonged shipping process.

Indochino Fabric Collections


Most Indochino woolen garments are made from 100% Merino wool or other types of Merino wool. The 100% Merino wool suit has super 100s yarn fineness and weighs 310g/m. There is also a variety of patterns and styles and colors to choose from.


The Indochino linen suits are made from 85% wool and 15% linen. They have a super 100s yarn thickness and weigh 245 gsm. 

The company produces this suit in different colors and patterns, meaning that you’re spoilt for choice. The wool and linen mix is perfect and ensures that you can enjoy all the benefits of linen clothing minus the creasing. 


The seersucker garments at Indochino are made from a perfect blend of wool (92%), polyester (5%), and spandex (3%). 

The suit comes with a super 140s yarn fineness and 235 gsm weight. This suit is usually an excellent choice for the summer and is traditionally made from cotton.

However, it creases a lot. Indochino worked on this fabric with its innovative approach to men’s fashion to create a distinctive puckered finish for good ventilation and one that does not wrinkle when worn. 


The twill garments at Indochino are 100% wool and are one of the Indochino permanent clothing lines. The main difference between this fabric and pure wool is its yarn fineness. It comes at super 110s yarn fineness and 270 gsm weight. 

The Twill suits are inspired by the heritage material commonly used for riding and military uniforms. Indochino again uses innovative technology and designs to bridge the gap between the old and the modern. 

The twill suits have a softened feel to bring contemporary tailoring and make them a perfect option to rock in the office.  

Indochino Garment Collections 


Indochino’s suits are among the cheapest suits for the modern man, yet they come in such a wide variety that you will be spoilt for choice. 

Premium Suits

The premium suits go for between $399-$579 and come in different colors. Standard colors are navy, espresso, gray, blue, dark charcoal, indigo, and midnight blue. 

One of the best suits in this category is the Hemsworth Prince of Wales Midnight Blue Suit, which sells for $579. This is the suit you need for any formal event, a great day at the office, or when you want to look sharp.

This suit is made from durable wool and comes with custom-tailored features such as canvassed lapels, lightweight shoulder pads, bull horn buttons, and top-quality collar felts. 

Every well-groomed man should complement this look with nicely trimmed facial hair. Buy the world’s best beard care products or groom your beard using a beard brush for a complete look. 

You can also use premium pomade for men to help you achieve the best look. 

Luxury Suits

Indochino has luxury suits on their catalog that will cost you between $599 to $669. 

This line comes in different colors such as windowpane black, checked black, blue, checked midnight blue, navy, charcoal, herringbone blues, and a light shade of gray. 

The best-seller in this category is the Harrogate Windowpane Light Blue Suit. 

The Harrogate suit draws inspiration from the famous black Indochino suit with a nice touch of a luxurious cashmere blend. This suit will leave you looking all polished and classic with its 95% merino wool and 5% cashmere blend in fabric. 

Tuxedo Suits

For between $539 and $669, get yourself an Indochino tuxedo suit and look as sharp as can be in that corporate function. The suits come in velvet and dinner jacket options with short emerald, black, burgundy, navy, purple, and teal. 

The Highworth Burgundy Dinner Jacket is the best seller in this category. It is a 100% wool jacket that speaks elegance with its rich pop of color. It comes with canvassed lapels, bullhorn buttons, high-quality collar felts, and lightweight shoulder pads. 

Blue Suits

If you’re looking for a nice blue suit at a pocket-friendly price, then Indochino is the place you need to be. The company takes pride in its adventurous blue suits that sell for between $439 and $669. 

The Highbridge Dark Navy Suit is the best seller in this category and comes with a super 150 wool fabric. 

The fabric is warm and soft and gives you a sleek stand out-look at the office or at that corporate party. The outstanding components of this suit are canvassed lapels, bullhorn buttons, best-quality collar felts, and lightweight shoulder pads. 

Grey Suits

The Indochino grey suits give you the strikingly noticeable look you need for between $399 and $669. 

With this look, you look like you stepped right out of a photoshoot in either a light, plaid, check, or herringbone light grey. 

The best-seller in this category is the Highbridge charcoal suit, a 100% wool suit with distinctive lines and coloring. 

Its canvassed design and lapels, lightweight shoulder pads, bullhorn buttons, and high-quality collar felts give the sophistication you need to stand out. 

RJ Collection

You’ll turn heads with this collection if you’re the kind of man who naturally gravitates towards boldness in your clothes. This collection is available in grey, red, burgundy, and striped black. 

With between $399 and $579, you can dominate the streets or the office with any available colors. The fabric is 100% wool and comes with a limited edition of RJ Barrett lining. 

Complement your look with a nice pair of shoes. Monk strap shoes have a snug fit and could be a perfect accessory to your suit. 

Dress Shirts

For only $99, you can order a custom dress shirt from Indochino and get it personalized to your taste. You get to choose from six collar styles and five cuff designs. You can select a trim from the inside of the collar and sleeves, and you can also request a chest pocket if you so wish. 

You can also request the tailor to add a monogram on the chest or the cuff. Indochino also allows you to choose between white-collar or cuffs to create contrast in your garment. 

You are also allowed to choose between a standard folded placket or a seamless French one. You can complement your dress shirts with popular types of undershirts for men


With $79, you can get yourself a pair of chinos from Indochino. Note that this is cheaper than Hockerty, so you’ll be getting the best deal in the market. 

Chinos have fewer customization options like the styles of the front and back pockets, the hem, button color, pleats, and whether to include a pleat or not. 

Blazers and Pants

With the same approach to customization as a full suit, you can also get a single blazer for $300 or a pair of trousers for $160. You can get more comfortable with your Indochino pants by wearing silk boxers


If you are looking for a fantastic tuxedo to wear for that dinner you’ve been invited to, then Indochino should be the first place you look. 

Although their tuxedos go for $999, they are often on sale, and you can get them for half the usual selling price. Very few online made-to-measure retailers make the kind of tuxedos that Indochino makes. 

The customization process for the tuxedos is more like that of the suits but has greater selections that are more relevant to tuxedos. 

Accessories Section

You can accessorize your look with items from Indochino such as ties, pocket squares, tie clips, cufflinks, collar pins, and stays. They help to give you the crisp, sharp look you want with Indochino garments. 

You can also lookup some comfortable suspenders for men to help you accessorize your Indochino suits. 

How to Order Custom-Fitted Clothing From Indochino 

Indochino is primarily an online suit manufacturer, but it has 36 showrooms across North America where you can order your suits. However, ordering their suits online is as simple as buying slippers on the internet. Here’s how. 

Step 1 – Visit the online shop

Visit the Indochino online shop and filter the color, pattern, and price of your suit. The tab in the upper left helps alternate between the model and the fabric you want.

Step 2 – Use the models to choose a look

You can use the models on the site to look at how your suit would look on you. You’ll see two buttons labeled ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Customize Now’ on the left tab. 

If you opt to buy immediately, you will be redirected to the checkout option. However, if you prefer to customize your suit, you’ll be redirected to the next step. 

Step 3 – Pick your favorite lapel style

Choose from the notch, notch slim, peak, and peak wide. The notch is the most versatile of the lapels. 

Step 4 – Customize the jacket vents

You can choose from two options or none. One vent is more common in North America, while double vents are standard in Europe. Tuxedo jackets are non-vented. 

Step 5 – Pick a button style

If you are an average size man, two buttons are ideal for most suits. However, if you’re taller, you can go for the three buttoned suits. Recently, Indochino has one button and double-breasted suits on their menu. 

After that, you are free to choose your ideal pocket design. The most common pockets are traditional flaps. 

Step 6 – Pick the lining for your jacket

Choose a color and print that you’ll be comfortable showing off when your jacket is open and then select your monogram. Also, choose if you want pleats in your pants or not. 

Step 7 – Check out

Use any coupon or discount codes you have for Indochino garments, and click on the checkout button on the far right. 

Dos and Don’ts With Indochino Garments


  • Do clean your garments with cold water.
  • Do flat iron your garments.
  • Do make your specifications before placing an order.


  • Don’t use hot water to clean your Indochino garments.
  • Don’t use bleach on your Indochino garments.
  • Don’t give inaccurate measurements when fitting your suits.

FAQ About Indochino

Should I order an Indochino suit online or in-store?

You can order an Indochino suit either online or from the 36 stores across North America. 

Is Indochino good for big guys?

Indochino is suitable for any body type as long as you give accurate measurements to the tailors. 

Where are Indochino suits made?

The suits are made in Dalian, China. 

Are Indochino suits good quality?

Although there have been complaints from several customers on the quality of fabrics used by Indochino, the company strives to use the best material in the market and make perfect blends with their innovative approach to men’s clothing.

Do Indochino suits have Shatnez?

No, Indochino suits do not have Shatnez currently. 

Is Indochino custom-made?

Yes, all Indochino garments are custom-made. 


Indochino stands out as one of the best and fastest growing online retail shops for men’s garments. The company uses innovation to produce unique and affordable clothes. If you want to stand out at a pocket-friendly price, then this is the shop you need to visit. If you wish your significant half to look good with Indochino suits, buy a portable manicure set for him to keep himself well-groomed. 

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Indochino Review – Are Their Made-to-Measure Suits For You


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