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Best Makeup for Men to Minimize All Your Skin Imperfections

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Best Makeup for Men

What Is Makeup for Men

As the name suggests, Makeup for men refers to cosmetics specifically designed and engineered for men. One great thing about men’s makeup is that the products in this category had come a long way from when they were introduced to the public. It is now possible for you to find makeup and cosmetics engineered specifically for a man’s skin.

Just like when skin toner cleanses your skin and tightens your pores, you can now also find makeup for men that can help you feel more confident about yourself. You might think that wearing makeup is not manly, but the times really have changed and this preconception is not accurate anymore. There was once a time when perfumes and colognes were also just for women, but nowadays, body sprays can help fight body odor in men.

Men have even been wearing makeup for centuries, especially in Eastern cultures. There really is not much difference between makeup for men and those for women. Probably the only major difference is that women tend to gravitate towards holistic and natural ingredients. At the same time, men prefer products that appeal to the scientific side, making them seem more utilitarian. However, this does not apply to everyone. Men can use any kind of makeup they want.

Benefits of Using Makeup for Men

Can Make Patchy Beards Look Full

Makeup can help in filling out bald spots on your patchy beard. There are certain types of makeup that you can use to fill in the patchy places in your beard, making them look fuller. With that, you will start feeling more comfortable and confident wearing your beard.

Hides Embarrassing Blemishes

Are you going on a first date? Or do you have a scheduled meeting tomorrow with your boss for a possible promotion? If you are, then you need to look your best. You can use makeup to make unsightly blemishes on your face, like dark circles under your eyes, chapped lips, or a zit that chose the most inopportune time to show itself. With the help of makeup, you can make all these imperfections go away, at least for the time being.

Makes Scars Disappear

Do you have an unsightly scar from an unfortunate accident from when you were much younger? Or maybe you had bad acne when you were a teenager. Whatever the reason is, you can be sure that there are makeup products out there that can help you make those unsightly scars disappear.

Evens Out Skin Tone

As we age, it is only normal to develop uneven skin tone, especially on the face. Now, even though it is unavoidable, there is definitely something you can do about it. You can now use many makeup types that can help even the color of your skin, effectively hiding age spots and other blemishes.

Short History of Makeup for Men

Although it may seem unusual by today’s standards, men have used cosmetics well before recorded history. In 2010, researchers from the University of Bristol found historical evidence suggesting Neanderthals using a simple form of makeup some 50,000 years ago.

The scientists found seashells used as vessels for crude makeup – yellow and red tinctures mixed with a black reflective substance. They theorized that this cosmetic created a black surface that was undeniably used as cosmetics when it was still fresh.

Further down the line, Egyptian males never let their masculinity prevent them from using makeup. As early as 4000 BC, both male and female Egyptians used eye makeup, most notably the Royal family members.

The ancient Romans took inspiration from the Egyptians, which led to the men becoming quite vain. One of the things that the Romans acquired from the Egyptians is fragrant oils that they often used during hedonistic sexual practices.

Male grooming practices remained popular for some time, but those started to fade during the Victorian era. While it can be argued that the negative side effects of early cosmetics had a hand in the decline of the popularity of men’s makeup, the royals’ persuasion had an even bigger role in it. Queen Victoria I issued a decree that wearing makeup is vulgar and impolite and should only be reserved for prostitutes and male stage actors.

Short History of Makeup for Men

Due to the Catholic church during the Victorian era deeming makeup as “the work of the devil,” it strengthened the purported link between homosexuality and cosmetics, which explains why men wearing makeup were ridiculed. However, as with the nature of sensibilities, the people’s view of makeup changed over the years. Due to modern times being more liberal, it is not uncommon for men to wear makeup.

How does Makeup for Men Work

Makeup for men is not that different from those meant for women. You can expect these products to do what they are meant to do, including hiding imperfections and highlighting your best facial features.

In fact, when you look at most makeup brands, although they are marketed towards women most of the time, you will see no indications on the labels that they are made exclusively for one sex. This means men’s and women’s makeup are basically the same.

Pros and Cons of Using Makeup for Men


  • Can hide unsightly imperfections.
  • Helps scars seem to disappear.
  • Can help bolster one’s self-confidence.
  • People will seem to treat you better.


  • You will need a bit of skill to apply makeup properly. The reason is that men are not usually used to using and wearing this stuff.

Types of Makeup Products for Men


A primer comes in cream, gel, or liquid formula. You use it to fill in tiny creases, acne scars, large pores, and other skin imperfections, making them less visible.

BB/CC Cream

This product is a combination of foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen. It is, therefore, an all-in-one product. Think of it as a lightweight and moisturizing sunscreen. If you are always in a hurry, but you need to put on a bit of makeup to conceal light blemishes, you need to use either BB or CC cream.


As the name suggests, a concealer hides the noticeable imperfections on your face. You can use it to make pimples seem like they magically disappear. A high-quality concealer is also helpful in covering the dark circles around your eyes.

Blotting Sheets

These are small bits of paper that you can use to blot out the excess oil from your face. You will also find them useful in setting your makeup.

Brow Gel

You use this product to make your brows look fuller if you have sparse eyebrows. Even thick eyebrows require some work to keep them tidy and neat, so you will need a brow gel to keep every hair in place. Also, you can use this product to fill in the patchy parts of your beard if you have one.

Types of Makeup Products for Men

Lip Balm

It is also advisable for you to have a lip balm or two in your collection. You can use it to treat and cover up dry and/or cracked lips. It is also helpful when you are hungover and dehydrated after an entire night of partying. It would be best for you to pick a lip balm that contains a sun protection factor if you spend most of your time outdoors.

Color Corrector

This product serves as an effective solution for evening out the skin tone on your face. For instance, the older you get, the more skin discoloration you will have. If that is the case, then covering your dark spots using a dark spots corrector is highly advisable.

Foundation/Face Powder

You can also use a foundation to create an even-toned base on top of which you will apply the rest of your makeup.

Tinted Moisturizer

It is also advisable for you to invest in a high-quality tinted moisturizer. You will find this product useful in case you do not want to use other makeup. It is a cream moisturizer that also works in evening out your skin tone.


Another product in your men’s makeup collection that you can surely use regularly is eyeshadow. It is a big help every time you want to give depth and dimension to your eyes. A little bit of this product applied to your eyelids will give the illusion of you having a fuller brow.


This cosmetic is usually found in the form of pens or markers for easier application. You can use eyeliners to improve the profile of your eyes. Even a bit of eyeliner and eyeshadow can really make your eyes pop out.

Ingredients to Look for in Makeup for Men

Shopping for men’s makeup needs to be done with careful consideration of all your options. You also have to review all your choices to ensure that you make a wise buy. Note that you will be applying these products to your skin, so it would help find out first which ones are safe and effective. In that case, ensure that they have the following ingredients:

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is often present in concealers as it prevents the cosmetic from clogging up the skin’s pores. This ingredient is also a good addition to men’s makeup as it dissolves the dirt trapped inside the pores, thereby unclogging them and preventing inflammation.

The problem is that salicylic acid is not that good for those with sensitive skin as it may lead to slight irritation. If that is the case for your skin, consider getting products containing soothing ingredients like aloe vera.

Hyaluronic Acid

Unlike salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid does not dissolve dirt on the skin. What it does, instead, is keep moisture trapped in the cells of your skin. This is an active hydrating chemical that is the primary ingredient of many moisturizers and moisturizing products.

You can find hyaluronic acid, usually in concealers and tinted moisturizing creams. It is always good to use this ingredient, especially if you are prone to dry skin.


Antioxidants are ingredients that you commonly find in beauty products. Their role is to reduce the amounts of free radicals in your body, thus allowing your skin cells to function as intended. Moreover, antioxidants have hydrating qualities that come as a result of keeping your skin cells intact.

Ingredients to Look for in Makeup for Men

Aloe Vera

You can find aloe vera in almost all kinds of beauty products and for a good reason. This component has soothing capabilities. It means that it is an anti-inflammatory compound that is also effective in keeping your skin moisturized. Just like antioxidants, it is never a bad thing to find aloe vera in your cosmetic products.


Not only is chamomile a good relaxing tea, but it is also a soothing compound present in many cosmetic products. If you have sensitive skin, you may like products containing chamomile because it will not irritate or damage your skin.

Zinc Oxide

The thing about zinc oxide is that you will only find it used in tinted moisturizers. It is not only because the mineral itself is a bit opaque but also due to its excellent sunscreen protection. Zinc oxide can block a huge amount of UV rays, which is the main reason why people get sunburned.

If you have pale skin that is easily sunburned, it would be a great idea to buy a moisturizer containing zinc oxide.

Natural Oils

Most cosmetic products contain natural oils, especially the ones that are in liquid and cream form. Aside from being carrier oils, the natural oils can also help make it easier to apply the makeup evenly.

However, if you have oily skin, you should stay away from makeup products with heavy natural oils as they could make your condition worse. The only possible exception would be concealers, as they also contain salicylic acid that somewhat cancels out the oils.

How to Choose the Best Makeup for Men


You need to make sure that you are choosing makeup that does not harm your skin. First, check the ingredients list for anything that you may be allergic to. If possible, only choose those products labeled as hypoallergenic.

Skin Type

Not all cosmetic products are safe for all skin types. For instance, if you have oily skin, then avoid using heavy cosmetics based on dense oils. Moreover, if you have wrinkly skin, you need to choose concealers wisely. The wrong concealer type will make your wrinkles even more noticeable instead of covering them up.


Regardless of your skin type, you should choose non-comedogenic products all the time if possible. Non-comedogenic means that the product will not clog the pores of your skin, which is the main cause of acne breakouts.


This means that you need to take into consideration your skin tone when choosing makeup. If you choose the makeup that is a few shades lighter, then your skin will not look natural once you apply the product. If you are trying to hide blemishes, the makeup you use should be as close to your skin tone as possible. If you buy the wrong shade, then you will be highlighting the blemishes instead.

How to Apply Makeup to Cover Hangover

How to Apply Makeup to Cover Hangover

Step 1 – Prepare your face

Wash your face thoroughly using a premium face wash for men. Makeup will stay on clean skin better, so you should wash your face using a proper facial wash and then dry your face gently using a soft towel.

Step 2 Apply moisturizer

Put a dime-sized amount of moisturizer in your palm and apply it evenly all over your face. This is important since most makeup products dry up the skin.

Step 3 Apply a thin layer of foundation

If you have a hangover, then aside from your reddish eyes, your skin will look a bit pale because you are essentially dehydrated. Use a foundation that is the same as your natural skin tone. It could also be something that is one shade lighter than your skin.

Step 4 – Cover imperfections

Use a concealer to blend out the dark circles around your eyes and the redness around your nose. Place a couple of dots of the concealer and then blend it out using a makeup sponge or just the tips of your ring fingers.

Step 5 Use lip gloss

Your lips might be dry and chapped because you have a hangover, so you will need to use a bit of lip gloss to make them look normal again. Ideally, you should use a colorless lip gloss or a lightly tinted one.

How to Apply Makeup to Cover Acne

Step 1 Wash your face thoroughly

You need to wash as much of the dirt and grime off your face so that the makeup will adhere to the skin better. After washing, apply skin toner on your face as it works in tightening your pores and skin.

Step 2 Apply moisturizer

You will be using a concealer later and it dries up your skin fast, so you will need a bit of the best oil-free moisturizer for men to counteract this. A dime-sized amount of moisturizer should be enough for your entire face.

Step 3 Directly apply concealer

If you are acne-prone, you might not want to use the foundation as it will clog your pores. Get a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone, instead, and place a bit of it on and around the pimple. After that, you can blend it out gently.

Step 4 – Set the concealer

Get a bit of tissue paper, fold it in half, and use it to press against the concealer. It will help set the concealer in place and blot off any excess oil from the product.

How to Apply Makeup to Cover Lack of Sleep

Step 1 – Clean your face

Wash your face thoroughly. As said earlier, makeup will stick better when the skin is clean.

Step 2 – Use moisturizer

You will be using a concealer later, so you will need to use a moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying. Moreover, your skin is dehydrated a bit because of your lack of sleep.

Step 3 – Apply foundation

Use a foundation that is as close to your skin tone or at least a shade lighter. The foundation will lighten up the dark circles around your eyes, so you don’t need to use too much concealer.

Step 4 – Apply concealer

Place a couple of dots of foundation underneath your eyes. Just a bit of concealer can go a long way and remember to blend it as much as possible. You should not be able to tell where the concealer ends and your skin begins.

How to Apply Everyday Makeup for Men

Step 1 – Wash your face

Clean your face thoroughly. Applying makeup over a dirty and oily face is a good way to incite an acne breakout. Clean your face using a gentle cleanser and then use a soft towel to pat it dry.

Step 2 – Apply facial toner

The toner will close the pores on your skin, thus preventing dirt and other debris from clogging them and causing acne.

Step 3 – Use a light foundation

Apply a thin layer of foundation on your face. It should be just enough to even out the skin tone.

Step 4 – Add concealer

Use a concealer to hide blemishes. If you have any acne, scars, or a discolored patch of skin, you will need a bit of concealer to hide them.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to cosmetic products, you must buy the best ones that you can afford. Keep in mind that you will be using these products on your face, so you should not risk causing serious damage to your skin. You do not have to choose the most expensive brands of makeup. Just look for the middle-ground between quality and price.

Do’s and Don’ts With Makeup for Men


  • Do use it sparingly. Unless you really want to stand out from the crowd, you should use makeup as sparingly as possible. Even most women like that “no makeup” look where your only aim is to make your blemishes disappear.
  • Do wash your face before applying makeup. Not only does makeup stick better on clean skin, but washing the face before applying makeup can also prevent serious acne breakouts.


  • Don’t forget to use a moisturizer. Makeup will undeniably dry the skin underneath, so you need to apply moisturizer beforehand to mitigate the dryness.
  • Don’t let makeup stay on your face for more than 24 hours. It would be best for you to remove any makeup you have on your face when you come home or as soon as you do not need to wear it.

Quick Tips to Apply Makeup Like a Professional

Mix It Up

Don’t just use one product. Mix it up and use a combination of makeup. For instance, to hide acne and pimple scars, you should use a bit of foundation and concealer or a good BB cream to make your face look clear and blemish-free.

Less Is More

Unless you plan on looking like David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust days, you should use makeup sparingly. Only apply makeup to make most of your imperfections not as noticeable. When it comes to men’s makeup, less is more. Applying too much makeup will only make you look unnatural.


Use a makeup sponge to blend the makeup into your base foundation. Ideally, you should not tell where one makeup ends and where another begins and a good sponge can help you achieve that.

Hide the Signs

When using makeup, especially for men, you should hide all evidence when using the products. You should use makeup to cover up blemishes and even out the tone of your skin. For instance, if you will be using a foundation, make sure that you will put some on your neck. There is nothing worse than having your face look shades lighter than your neck.

Keep It Simple

Quick Tips to Apply Makeup Like a Professional

Do you really need to wear mascara? Why are your lips so red? When it comes to men’s makeup, it is in your best interest to keep it simple. Do not use too many products.

Fake a Full Beard

If you are trying to grow a full beard, but it turns up being patchy in certain places, then you can use makeup to make it seem thicker and fuller. One way to do this is to use a brow liner to fill in the spots where facial hair is sparse or thinning. From afar and even up close, no one will be able to tell that you do not have a majestic, full beard.

Do Pre-Makeup Prep Work

The key to applying makeup well is to prepare the skin beforehand. After washing the face, apply skin toner all over, including the neck. After that, apply a moisturizing cream to keep your skin from drying.

FAQ About Makeup for Men

Is it okay for guys to wear makeup?

Times have changed and society no longer considers it “girly” for a man to wear a bit of makeup. In fact, applying anti-aging cream daily is highly recommended. However, you should use makeup to a minimum. Strive just to hide skin imperfections.

What percentage of males wear makeup?

Men wearing makeup is still not that commonplace. There is only around 1% of the entire $465 billion makeup market, making up the male demographic.

What makeup should guys wear?

Since most men just want to hide skin imperfections, the usual products they tend to use include foundation (or BB cream), concealer, and lip gloss/balm. Make sure to have them within easy access so you can take advantage of them.

What kind of makeup can be combined?

Usually, men would use a combination of foundation/BB cream and concealer. It would be enough to bring out your best look and remove your skin imperfections.

When should I apply makeup?

If your skin is mostly clear, then a bit of BB cream should suffice for daily use. However, if you have that unexpected acne breakout, it would be much better to have a concealer as you can use it to cover up the problem.

How long should makeup last?

Most makeups these days claim that they can last more than 24 hours. However, people shouldn’t wear it that long. Moreover, you should hydrate your skin with face masks occasionally if you use makeup daily.

When should makeup come off?

Ideally, makeup should come off when you no longer need to wear it, like right after you come home from work. At the very least, remove your makeup before you go to bed.


The stigma of men wearing makeup is slowly deteriorating, with more male population members starting to use makeup in their daily routines. If you want to look your very best every day, you should look into using a bit of makeup. If people don’t notice you are wearing makeup at all, then you know you did well.

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Best Makeup for Men to Minimize All Your Skin Imperfections


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