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Get More of What You Want With Less Effort

Today I’ll show you how to get more of what you want with less effort.

And that of course, also means less stress.

Each day we have 176,439,079 choices to make (give or take a couple, hah).

Some of those choices will make us money, grow our confidence, and move our lives forward.

But most of those choices just waste our time and money. And this stresses us the fuck out! hah.

"I just wasted $xxx.xx and all those hours of work. Shit!"

Personally, I hate spending time on anything that isn’t necessary.

I want to have things done so I can enjoy my free time. I don't want to stress about unfinished business.

I want to do the things I enjoy most.

Things like taking naps and going on hikes! haha

Or better yet…going on a hike, eating pizza afterward, then coming home, watching some MMA (and eating more pizza).

Now that's a good day!

I’m sure you’d like to have tons of free time, without stress or guilt, right?

Well you can. Here's what you do:

Use my “LIMO” Technique.

LIMO stands for Least In Max Out.

In other words, invest your time on things that take the LEAST effort but get you MAXIMUM results.

So when you're training in the gym, focus on the technique, or training methods, that give you the maximum benefit.

Instead of spending weeks, months, or years Perfecting techniques that will rarely be used...

Spend time on the things you'll use often and will have the biggest impact in a fight.

For example, I've known a few Fighters who spend a Huge amount of time trying to perfect the superman Punch.

It's a cool looking move and it works some of the time. But all the hours spent perfecting that one punch could have instead be spent on things that like developing a killer jab-straight, perfecting their guard, honing their clinch work, increasing their cardio, explosive power, agility, etc. Those are the types of things that have a HUGE impact in a fight.

Get amazing at the things that matter most and you'll get further, faster.

So use the LIMO technique any time you're unsure of what to focus on.

Remember, LIMO always gets you more, right now, with less work and less stress.

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This post first appeared on Kickass Sponsorship Advice For Amateur And Pro MMA Fighters, please read the originial post: here

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Get More of What You Want With Less Effort


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