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American Kids, Dumber Than Dirt

The next generation might just be the biggest pile of idiots in US history.

At least, if we're to believe what a San Francisco high school teacher reported in an article I read the other day.

For one, he laments the vast decline in overall intellectual acumen among students over the years.

The astonishing spread of lazy slackerhood.

The excess smart phone and TV exposure.

Kids these days are overprotected. Wussified. Don't spend enough time outdoors. Don't get any real exercise.

Stuff down Taco Bell Double-Supremo Burritos while scrolling their brains into mush on their cell phone screens.

Of the estimated 6,000 high school students the SF teacher has taught in his career, only a small fraction now make it to his grade with a functioning understanding of written English.

Don't know how to form a sentence.

Can't write an intelligible paragraph.

Recently, after giving an assignment that required drawing lines, he realized that not a single student actually knew how to use a ruler.

American kids, Dumber than dirt? Sure sounds like it...

Fortunately though, there's a cure for being a moron - whether you're young or old.

I call it The University on Wheels.

Here's how it works:

Instead of playing Angry Birds on your iPhone to pass the time whenever you're traveling somewhere by car, bus or subway, you will use that time to improve thyself.

I used to religiously read training books, listen to podcasts, watch seminars ever since I got introduced to this idea back in 2009 or 2010 (can't remember which).

That's how I was able to average 50 books per year by guys like Boyle, Poliquin, Zatsiorsky or Francis, most of which I finished while commuting to work or school. And obtained an education in sports performance training no college could ever match.

I also did the same thing when I went into sales before jumping into training athletes full-time.

I read dozens of books by world-class sales trainers, listened to their audio interviews, viewed their seminar recordings on YouTube.

Putting their information and advice into practice, I rose from newbie to highest grossing salesman in my second full month at my new sales job. There were months when I was the company's #1 salesman in the entire country.

Anyone could have replicated what I did. But they chose not to. They were too busy making excuses for their lack of sales performance or simply didn't care enough to make a change.

The point in all this?

Don't rely on the educational system to provide you with an education.

They'll give a shiny diploma when you graduate, alright.

(A piece of paper that comes with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt)

But that doesn't mean you're equipped to succeed in the REAL WORLD.


Get. Your. Learn. Awwwwn.

Whether you want to learn how to play the guitar, speak Japanese, code websites, shoot movies, build a business -- you can do all that at a very low cost from the comfort of your own home, car, or when using public transportation, all thanks to the Internet.

So much fantastic information out there for a few bucks it's astonishing. It truly is the greatest time to be alive in human history.

And if you're too lazy to take advantage of the countless opportunities available around you 24/7 via a $20/month Internet connection, YOU are dumber than dirt.

So pause Candy Crush.

Log out of Facebook.

Then come edumacate thyself on all things hockey strength and conditioning at:

Yunus Barisik

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American Kids, Dumber Than Dirt


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