I admit that I’m not a naturally or comfortably enthusiastic dancer – unless it’s a Christmas celebration or wedding party where situation it’s hard to obtain me to stop. And also for the security and well-being of fellow visitors it is necessary that I do! For me a one day Salsa program was going to be an experience stuffed with dreadful possibilities.

I come close to with uneasiness, yet just possibly it would unlock a hitherto inactive talent …

It is never too late to learn

Ironically the only word in that title which really did not fret me was Salsa. ‘One Day’ suggested an overwhelming and also impressive period, ‘Intensive’ meant extremely focused and instead serious, whilst ‘Rapido’ invoked photos of blurring maneuvering and also agitated tuition.

None of these issues were lessened by the factor I was there to begin with. My pal, and also WatchFit Expert Contributor, Ina Gutowska had actually welcomed me as her Partner.

Her protestation that she ‘d never ever done salsa as well as a result ‘I’ll be simply like you’, did not convince. Possibly she hadn’t done salsa yet this individual instructor as well as gymnast was formally educated in ballet to hip hop. Exactly how in the world was she going to be ‘simply like me’?