Tight shoulders-especially along the trapezius muscular tissue team, which begins at the neck as well as encompasses the mid-back-carries extra Tension compared to anywhere else in the whole body. And while your Shoulder tension is usually connected to anxiety, that’s just a tiny piece of the puzzle.

According to Darragh Dunleavy, of Trinity Health in Charleston, S.C., your tight shoulders and tight neck may be telling you something on a physical, energetic, and also an emotional level. For those of you with chronic stress in this part of the body, it may be time making some changes.

Shoulder Discomfort and also a Tight Neck: The Physical Causes

Dunleavy states that in her 26 years of bodywork experience in addition to greater than a decade of mentor yoga exercise, she’s located shoulder pain as well as tension to be one of the most common complaint amongst her clients. She contends that much of the tension stems from our way of living selections like sitting at a workdesk all day as well as scrolling through our smartphones, driving, as well as the method we sleep.