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The 3 Week Diet Review – How I lost 34 Pounds with This Program

3 week diet review

I have taken my time to write this to help people who are the way I was some time ago; fat!

People who suffer from all manner of discomfort, people who don’t like the stare they get in in public places, people who don’t like the whispers that grow whenever they walk by a group of people, and people who have lost self-confidence because of their size, this is for you.

If after reading this guide, you feel that the information within The 3 Week Diet Program is suitable for you and will help you to achieve your goals, go for it without hesitating.

You might have doubt about this program in your mind (I did too) because you have tried several others and they didn’t work for you.

Be quick to brush this thought aside and embrace a possibility. This is one sure way to achieve; never give up!

Note:- You can download a sample of the 3 week diet here (Take a look inside before you Buy)

See My pics and Results with this program. Motivate yourself.

My story of how I got to use the 3-week diet program

go onI do not think it has always been so, but as far as I can remember, I had been fat and always tried out almost everything I came across to lose weight.

Left for me, I was never really bothered about my weight, but the many eyes, the tiny whispers that always grew louder whenever they passed me, they made me feel less of myself and I wanted it all to end.

I tried almost everything thing I came across, from pills and supplements I really hate, to lime, ice cold water, green tea and exercises that never gave me results. I searched everywhere for results but all I ever found were sets of funny rules that never changed anything, rules like:

  • Avoid All Sodas, and Especially Diet Soda
  • Be Sure to Eat PLENTY of Organic Vegetables
  • Make Sure You Do Sprint 8 Exercises Once or Twice a Week
  • Avoid Drinking Fruit Juice
  • Eating outside of your home.

Don’t do this, do this and don’t do that was all I ever got.

I searched on YouTube for helpful videos, but I received crap similar to the others.

I was tired, but I couldn’t stop searching for a way that would fetch me results, I couldn’t.

I got the 3 Week diet

About 2 months back, a friend of mine who never takes time off when it comes to making a jest of my size sent a Facebook link to me.

He told me it was a “link to losing weight,” I thought he was playing one of his jokes where he would send me links to images of people way bigger than I was.

I followed the link, however, and it took me to the official site of the 3-week diet.

I was still not buying the whole “3 week diet story”like you would know from my story, this was not the first time I was coming across materials promising heaven on earth results.

“No, I am not going to spend another dime on an over-hyped weight-loss booklet, program, seminar or whatever,” I said to myself.

I did not want to waste my money and time on it especially because I was seeing it almost everywhere and thought it to be another popular way for the “weight-loss money opportunists” to get money from people seeking for results but, I was also tired of all the discomfort my weight brought me.

As always, after my disbelief, I bought it notwithstanding my failed past experiences with similar programs, not like I could give up on trying to lose weight.

Actually what raised my interest on the 3-week diet program was:

  • The fact that it had 60 days Money Back Guarantee – This was practical because results were promised within 21 days and I had a whole 60 days to try it out.
  • It didn’t involve depriving the body of the nutrients it needs, which I’m really scared of – I only needed to change my feeding habit.
  • That unlike several other programs I had come across, it went beyond just stating how to lose weight to really explaining it. It also tells how one can maintain the desired weight, once it is attained.
  • This statement -Research has shown that it takes approximately 21 days for us to develop a new habit. This means 21 days of eating healthy… 21 days of going to the gym… 21 days of doing whatever it is that you want to implement as a habit into your life – caught me.

I didn’t think it was going to be the solution to my weight problem at first, I had tried way too many programs without results to have believed that.

However, since I liked some of the points it dropped I decided to give it a good shot.

I did, and my life never remained the same.

I look younger, feel lighter, and 10x better than I ever did.

Following the 3 Week diet program

“Having followed the plan for close to two weeks, I started to feel different. Actually, I thought I was falling sick because there was this funny feeling I was experiencing, a feeling I wasn’t used to… I was losing weight!

I began the 3 week Diet Program on the 1st day of a new month, I wanted the 21 days to be counted properly so that I could request for my money back should the program not work, without waste of time. The program wasn’t as easy as I thought it will be for me, I’m naturally lazy though:

  • I found taking on the exercise at the beginning very difficult even though it required only 20 I bet you’re not as lazy as I am, and can exercise for 20 minutes.
  • Sticking to the diet plan and reducing my calories was also a bit challenging for me because low calories meant low energy and low energy meant a lazier me.

I broke the rules a few times but as time went on, I got better with the plan and before I knew it, 3 weeks were up.

It was now time for me to weigh myself. However, before the 3weeks were up, I was already noticing drastic changes.

My clothes were loose, my face looked slimmer, and I got more smiles from people that passed by on the streets rather than annoying whispers and gazes.

So, I climbed the scales to count the blessings the 3 week diet program had graced me with.

Tears rolled down my eyes when I looked down at the scale reading even though I knew I was losing weight earlier by just looking in the mirror, I guess it was the numbers.

For the first time as far as I can remember, I was weighing below 240 lbs.

It seemed like magic to me, to have dropped from 245lbs. the morning I started the program to 229lbs. 3 weeks later on the scale.

The 3 week diet program worked for me. I believe it would work for you, though you might not reach the 20-pound mark if you are as lazy as I am when it comes to exercises.

Just so you know, you can repeat the 3 week diet program as many times as you want to, it works! I did the second round and I lost another 18 pounds.

Now, I leave a very comfortable and happy life, I go everywhere I want to without a second thought, I get more respect and I make friends easily.

I’m happy I made a decision to use the 3 week diet, I could have easily let it slide by believing it was just like every other program I had come by.

If you have a weight you are not comfortable with, why don’t you give this program a try? You have 3 weeks to get results and 60-day no-question-money back-guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

What is the 3-week diet program?

what is 3 week dietThe 3-week diet is a program structured in a way that will bring about weight loss within a very short period of time, a period of time short enough to let you see progress, hence keeping you motivated.

Everyone knows that losing weight requires dieting and exercise yet actually losing the weight seems like a herculean task.

What makes it difficult to lose weight even with the “know how” is lack of quick visible results and this is where the 3 week diet program stands out from its likes.

Because it is structured to show results within a short period of time, you can notice weight loss within the first 7 days. Knowing that it works never fails to be a motivation, it never fails to keep you going until you reach your weight goal.

The program can be repeated over and over again after each completion, and with each repetition, the creator of the program states that 15 – 23 pounds will be lost.

I lost 16 pounds in my first round and about 18 on my second.Maybe I didn’t reach the 23-pound mark because of not completing the 20 minutes exercises and neglecting the supplements aspect of the program (I personally don’t like supplements) however, you are sure of losing within 15-19 pounds per run of the program.

What is Contained in the 3 weeks diet?

To be very honest, there is a lot of important information we all looking to lose weight are unaware of and this makes burning fat really difficult for us.

I mean, how can you fight something you don’t know about?

By just reading the program, you will be surprised by the things just sitting around that you never knew.

I have tried to tell you as much as I can, in fact, just the introduction manual would open your eyes to reality (Read it here). After seeing what information is contained in the free introduction manual, you can only imagine what to expect on the actual 3 week diet plan.

The 3 week diet plan is divided into about three (3) sections that are geared towards helping you obtain results in ways that are easy, practical and will definitely provide you with timely results.

These three sections are:

1. Diet

3 week diet book

This section of the 3 week diet plan contains all about diet.

In itself, it is made up of three (3) phases that are designed to help you lose fat and not “weight.”

Each of these three (3) phases are designed to last a week long.

From this section, you will learn that in cutting size either weight (lean body mass) or fat can be burnt. You will also learn the difference between losing fat and weight, and that while losing weight is not healthy, 90% of the time people looking to cut size cut lean body mass.

This section informs you on what to, what not to, and when to eat. Some of the things you might find here might seem a bit off, and you might be tempted to drop it, but don’t!

I would say it was one of the most difficult aspects of the program for me because it required that I cut down on my carbs which mean low energy.

What nonsense? – I asked myself if I was cut short of my energy source, where then was I supposed to use for the 20 minutes exercise.

I got to understand everything, later on, it’s all in the diet plan.

One other valuable lesson you will learn from this section is how to calculate your BMR, which is a number of calories you need to consume each day to maintain your current weight.

2. Workout Manual 

3 week diet exercise

This section of the plan involves short exercises that are structured to ensure that fat is burnt very fast.

Exercises like pushups and squats (resistance training) are what you would be seeing very often here.

Each exercise session is structured to last between 20-30 minutes and I really loved this fact.

Even though I’m naturally lazy when it comes to exercising and like to give excuses, I had no reason whatsoever to skip the exercises because telling myself I didn’t have 20-30 minutes every day was a lie too big for me to handle.

The 3 week diet work out is broken down into two separate workouts so as to make it possible to do it. One of the workouts is designed for people who would rather workout at home (me) and the other is designed to be carried out at a gym.

If like me, you would like to do the workouts from the comfort of your home free of piercing eyes, all you need is a set of dumb bells and a workout bench. These are really affordable and you can get them online.

I was a little skeptical about the fact the plan instructed women to carry out resistance training, I thought it was meant to build muscles and my only intention was to lose weight and not to look all Arnold.

However, after carrying out some research on the internet, I discovered that it wasn’t so bad for a woman to do resistance training. I found out that the only way it would build muscles in women was if they took steroids, or took consumed lots of calories. Once again, I didn’t have any excuse to be lazy, got accustomed to the exercises.

While results will still be obtained if you face the diet alone and ignore the workouts, following the exercise program as well will help you burn fat so much faster.

3. Mindset and Motivational Manual

3 week diet mind and motivation

I found this section of the manual very helpful though I was tempted to skip it.

You might, just like I thought, ask what a “mindset and motivational” manual has to do with weight loss, especially when diet and exercise are part of your game.

Well, the mental part of losing weight plays a big role in weight loss as a whole.

This section of the plan was what helped me keep up with the diet those times I wanted to compromise. With the 20 seconds technique it provides, I was able to win the battle of cravings for stuff I was not supposed to eat during the 21-day period.

I found this technique really helpful and I have made it a habit. Be sure to not skip this section if you decide to get the 3 week diet plan, it will sustain you.

The sections I listed above are just a tip of an iceberg compared to unending stream information that is contained in the 3 week diet plan. I would assure you of great results if it rested on just reading the plan, but it depends on your commitment. It has all the info you need, getting it would help you lose as much weight as you want to if you are committed.

My Results after My First Round of using the 3 Week Diet

Enough of the talk, here are pictures that show the way I was before and after I had an encounter with the 3 week diet. Like I stated earlier, I lost 16 lbs. in my first round and 18 lbs. in the second round of running this program.

Here are some of my pictures:

my 3 week diet pics

Download A sample Copy of the Program.

I would like you to know that for me, results go far beyond appearance, I consider the mental, health and other benefits that followed suit. Some of these benefits include more confidence, a clearer skin, respect, a healthier, more energetic life; fitting into nice dresses I never dreamt of, and a better social life.

Today, I can boldly say that losing weight is the best thing that has happened to me.

I walk the streets bold, I join social gathering without a second thought.

Though I still get people staring at me, I Know it’s for a reason opposite to what it was in the past. The difference in the stares is the smiles that accompany them.

I get so excited most times, I don’t know how to respond because it is all new to me.

If I can lose weight you can too. The times of going about in search of solutions are long past, the 3 week diet is a plan that works. Stop wasting time and elongating your time of great results go and get this diet! Besides you have nothing to lose but fat, with the 60 days no-questions money back guarantee.

I don’t sell this diet plan personally. If you feel that the 3 week diet can help you and you are ready to put your mind to it, you can get it from the actual makers here:

I wish you all good luck in your goals and pray that a day comes when you will tell your own stories and post your own “Before” and “After” pictures alongside.

Here are some more motivation for you – 3 Week Diet Success Stories

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3 week diet review by natasa3 week diet review by shelaMarcus weight lossPossible Pros and Cons of the 3 Week Diet


personally, what I do not like about following the 3 week diet plan is:

  • The Hunger and Low Energy associated with it: I know this as an important aspect of the program however, I found staying hungry and running my activities on low energy very challenging. I knew the results I wanted to see so I decided to stick to the plan. If you are really tired of being fat with the determination to lose weight, I don’t think the hunger and all is anything too big for you to fight. If lazy me could, then you can!
  • The exercising equipment: I didn’t have the dumb bells and workout bench that is needed in carrying out some of the exercises, I had to buy them. Getting them wasn’t too difficult though, I go them on eBay.
  • No Videos: I would have been more than glad to see a video with all the exercises demonstrated. It would have made following the exercising fun and entertaining, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. However, the exercises are well described and one can easily follow. Here is a single page describing an exercise:

workout 3 week diet

The image shows a man doing the exercise but a woman can do it as well. From my research, just like I said earlier, I discovered that women who do these exercise would not become muscular except they take in steroids or consume lots of calories.

However, from the image, you can see that the descriptions are very easy to follow.


The reason I love this plan is that:

  • It is New: When compared to all the programs I went through in my search for a system that works, the 3 week diet stands out. Several other programs happen to all have the same information just tweaked a little, but the 3 week diet contains totally new info, most of which I never came across until I bought the plan.
  • The 60 days money back guarantee: With other programs I bought in my quest for weight loss, I had no option but to buy it whether it was going towork or not, my money was gone. I loved it when with the 3 week diet plan, I had the opportunity to get my money back if it didn’t work.
  • It is Complete: I love the fact that it has all you need to lose weight contained in it. It has both the diet and the exercise aspect in one piece so I didn’t have to buy two programs but one. It is a complete system that works.
  • It can be done at Home: With how fat I was, I couldn’t imagine myself in a gym with prying eyes around. I really like the fact that exercises were structured for people like me who prefer to work out at home.

These are all the pros and cons I could think of. There were no reasons strong enough for me to let the 3 week diet program slide, I was totally aware of where I was and knew where I needed to be, I knew the results I wanted.

If you are determined to lose weight and you don’t consider the cons of this program much of a challenge, it would work for you and you can get it here:

FAQs on The 3 Week Diet Program

Ever since I lost 34 lbs., a lot of people who knew me before and seeking to lose weight ask me a lot of questions about the 3 Week Diet Program. I have compiled these questions and given an answer to them all to help you understand all about the program at a glance. If after going through this you still have some questions, feel free to use ask me using the comment section and I will answer it as soon as I can. You can also see answers to questions asked by other individuals on the 3 Week Diet official site here:

Is this Review Real?

Yes, it is real as day. I struggled for years on end trying to lose weight and I am very familiar with the stigma, the whispers, the watching eyes, the shame and the general pain being overweight causes. I only feel helping those who are presently the way I was, is the right thing to do.

What is the Week Diet?

The 3-week diet is a program structured in a way that will bring about weight loss within a very short period of time, a period of time short enough to let you see progress, hence keeping you motivated. It is basically a 21-day program of dieting and exercise you have never come across. Weight loss is sure with this program.

Does this Program work and would it work for me?

This program worked for me, I was able to lose 34 lbs. in 6 weeks! If you take the program serious and keep to the dos and don’ts, I’m sure it will work for you too.

Will I lose up to the 23 pounds the programs say I would?

I lost 16 lbs. the first time I followed the 3 Week Program and about 18 lbs. the second time even though I wasn’t too consistent with the diet and especially the workout. I believe if you follow the program religiously you lose anything within 15 lbs. to 20 Lbs. It all depends on your input.

What next after I complete the 3 Week Diet Program?

The program can be repeated a number of times to shed more fat until you reach your weight goal. This program unlike most other ones out there teaches how you can maintain the weight goal of your dreams with what it calls the “3 Pound Rule” once you have obtained it.

The 3-pound rule involves weighing yourself every morning to know your present weight. It recommends that you begin the 3 Week diet all over again the day you discover you are 3 pounds over your goal weight until you fall back to it.

Can I follow this program if I’m pregnant?

Please don’t! It is not advisable, wait till you have had the baby. This is because of the serious dieting and exercises you will have to go through.

Does the 3 Week Diet Program work for both men and women alike?

I believe the program will work for both men and women. We are all trying to burn the very same fat.

Is the Money Back Guarantee for Real?

I never had a reason to ask for a refund because the 3 Week Diet Program worked for me. However, the site actually promises to refund you within 60 days from the purchase day, if you ask. You only need to email them.

Should you Buy the 3 Week Diet program?

When people ask me if they should buy the 3 Week Diet Program, I say to them – serious or unserious, if you are overweight you should buy the program. I tell even those who tell me outright that they are so unserious they would be unserious with the program to buy it because they have the 60 days money back guarantee. But why waste your time when you have a problem? You might get your money back, but time lost will never be regained!

IF you are overweight and you don’t like it, you don’t have to stay that way. The 3 Week Diet Program worked for me, it sure can work for you too. You might have tried hundredweight-loss programs that failed, I tried too, but you can’t stop trying.With the 60-day money back guarantee your money is safe, only time might be spent and it is worth the try. If you feel the program is suitable for you, you can get a copy of the 3 Week Diet at their site here:

I wish you all the best, good luck.

Reviewed by,

Jenny Rose

North Carolina, USA

This post first appeared on Fitness Jockey, please read the originial post: here

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The 3 Week Diet Review – How I lost 34 Pounds with This Program


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